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  1. It may not be what you're looking for, but I think it is: go to your "Profile," then click on "See my activity," and then scroll down on the left to "Posts," and it should get you want you want.
  2. The private message said, "I'm sending you a public message," thus closing the circle and starting a paradoxical black hole.
  3. The cards look great, and I'm really excited to use them! You may want to include brief instructions on how to use the Hero Designer files in conjunction with the cards. I spent a significant portion of time trying to figure out how to load the templates from the "Templates" folder, only to realize that they weren't actually HD templates that could be loaded. Loading a character was all it took, and then selecting a character type from the "Templates" folder, but it would probably be helpful for some folks who aren't experienced with Hero Designer to have these sorts of instruction
  4. The main reason I ask is because I don't need 3 packs, but if that's required, or if the $10 add-on is required, I'd happily pay that to get the stretch goals.
  5. Quick question: in order to qualify for the stretch goals, are we required to back at a specific level, or the additional $10 add-on?
  6. This looks amazing! One suggestion I have is to make a colored rim around the edge of the cards corresponding to their category. It would make them quicker to identify with minimal shuffling while stacked in the deck. I love this idea and have been looking forward to it for a while. And if if it goes well, maybe do a Fantasy Hero deck. . . .
  7. Any chance that Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems gets another printing?

  8. This is great news! Make sure you announce when the KS is live so we can remember to fund it!
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