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I have been submitting a bunch of Superheroic Heromachine Drawings over on the Champions board and have a ton of images I created for my Hudson City Chaos Campaign for Dark Champions.  I thought I would post them here if ya'll don't mind.  As with the previous thread if I post an homage that steps on the toes of anyone's intellectual property just let me know and I will immediately remove it.


First, some of the PCs from my face to face game that started over a decade ago.




Purgatory, Stone, Edge, Barracuda, Badger and Codex




The game lasted for nearly eight years and eventually Barracuda died in the game and was replaced by Badger.  Later we added a couple of new characters to Vengeance when Edge left for Japan.


Doc and Slash



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Here are my PCs for the PBEM that started it all back in 2003.  I ran threads for Talion and Ace but the campaign ended before I could get Hair-Trigger going.


Ace, Talion and Hair-Trigger




A couple years back I resurrected the campaign for an online VTT game and the following were the PCs.  I ended up having a hard time finding players for such a gritty game and chose to run a Supers game instead.  It didn't even last long enough for them to have an actual group name.


Commando, The Shield, Vee, Faceless, Tracer, Spectre and Helliquin



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Since the Dark Champions game is so gritty and dark, when you find so few too play, have you ever had to run solo missions for players or do you create NPC vigilantes to balance it out?  

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I have done both in the past.  Codex, Barracuda and Badger from my Face to Face game were NPCs as was Tracer from the VTT game.  Solo games are fun if the player is truly engaged but it is a lot of work as the GM.  As for NPCs it becomes a chore to keep them both interesting yet ignorant of the larger picture.  Either they end up too quiet and clueless or too vocal and knowledgeable.  In the end I found that to attract players you have to run something that appeals to the masses and four color comic book heroes seems to do that now.

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Here are a couple of action shots that I did "just for fun" and some pics of the local biker kuttes and an HCPD badge.


Ace letting loose and Hair-Trigger leaps into action




Satanic Skulls and Forbidden Kuttes and HCPD Badge



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I cannot speak for the rest of you obviously but for my DC campaign I loved the character writeups in "Predators".  The one major failing in the book, IMHO, was the artwork.  I just couldn't imagine showing those pictures to my players.  So, of course, I created them in Heromachine.  The next couple of posts I have included my rework of the characters in those pages.  I didn't get to them all but there are quite a few in my collection.


El Azteca, El Escorpion, La Vispa, El Tarantula and El Garra








Caligula and Hotspur




More to come. . .

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Wow, no comments.  I guess I forgot how dead the Dark Champions boards have become.  Here are a few more from Predators.


Charlemagne and Caber












Randolph Starr, Starrlight and Starrbright







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I started working up all of The Arsenal but haven't quite gotten them all finished yet.  Here is Arsenal and his Lieutenants.


Arsenal, Gatling, Heatseeker, Magnum, Troubleshooter and Widowmaker



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