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  1. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. I only wish my German was ever as good as your english. Both you and the Baron are obviously very fluent in it. Thanks for correcting me, nothing like a native to give us the correct answer.
  2. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. Es tut mir lied, mein duetsch ist nicht so gut mehr. Bin ich eine ganzen fauler sack fur die umlaut furgessen. Und die scharfes s auch. And that probably wasn't all that great either...see what 20 years will do to you.
  3. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. Finally somewhere that my meager command of the German language will come in handy. Four years stationed there will do that for you. How 'bout the following (incorporating other's ideas) 1. The Defender - Der Verteidiger 2. Firedancer - Feuertanzerin 3. White Witch - Weissenhexen 4. Magni - Norse God of Might (Thor's son) 5. Nighthunter - Nachtjager 6. The Archer - Der Bogenschutze They may not all be perfect but should be close...
  4. Re: Name That Band Hero! Nope, Californian born and bred....Triumph and April Wine were just a couple of the bands that got me started with Metal...I didn't have the faintest clue...so I cheated....anyone else know it??
  5. Re: Name That Band Hero! And now for a couple no self respecting Metal Head should ever miss... A group of Heroes from Laguna California LAGUNA SUNRISE Cornucopia - A gadgeteer who can whip up just about anything FX - An Illusionist Supernaut - You guessed it...The Brick Snowblind - A Cold/Ice projector And their arch enemies... WAR PIGS This is where it is really easy folks... Electric Funeral - A Shocking Electricity Projector Hand of Doom - The Brick Iron Man - A Power Armored Brick/EP...Hmmm why does that sound familiar Rat Salad - A young man who c
  6. Re: Name That Band Hero! Not a problem. Since we are talking about my youth...How 'bout. BAD BOYS Crash and Burn - Twin Brothers one's a Brick the other a fiery Energy Projector Fast Train - The resident Speedster Time - A Chronomancer and the leader of the group Cat's Claw - A Werecat Wow I feel like I'm in High School again...time to dig out the vinyl.
  7. Re: Name That Band Hero! I think I am giving away my age...but, Triumph
  8. Re: Name That Band Hero! Not exactly my taste...but, Hank Williams...so why do I know it???
  9. Re: Name That Band Hero! Right you are...
  10. Re: Name That Band Hero! Geez...I'm feeling like I'm on Ignore mode...this is an all Female Hardcore band KITTIE... And this one is a British band from the late '80s...RAVEN How 'bout these guys...? Have they been done? ROTTEN APPLE Junkhead - Screwball mentalist who induces euphoria in his victims Sickman - Can transmit infectious diseases with a touch Sunshine - A fiery energy projector with a shiny disposition Grind - Brick with a bad attitude Them - A duplicator who always speaks in the third person
  11. Re: Name That Band Hero! L7....Pretty Awesome chick band... In the same vein... DAUGHTERS DOWN (Female supervillain group) Choke - Martial Artist specializing in grappling Paperdoll - Metamorph who can mimic other's appearance Sugar - Speedster who can aid her friend's speed Pain - Brick who loves to hurt her enemies Oracle - Mentalist/Precog and leader of the group Raven - Flying villainess with claws
  12. Re: Name That Band Hero! Currently one of my faves...Godsmack!
  13. Re: Super pitcher According to the rules, you do strength damage when throwing something up to the objects Def + Body. Given a 15 Str. Pitcher...3d6. I actually came up with a chart that helped emphasize this (factoring in velocity and mass of the object). Of course there is nothing saying that you can't add in a ranged martial art or extra strength for throwing.
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