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  1. flight gassess form speed
  2. One of the APGs has the 100% Damage Reduction
  3. looks like the APG picked Build her using the Miniscule size template, then buy a limited form of Growth to allow her to get bigger. so 56 points for the +8 DCV and +8 to stealth then 4 levels of 'get back to human size' for 12 points* modified by Adv/limits then 20 points back for the size Complication (F/G)
  4. It is a full page on size and the implications for the use of Growth and Shrinking. not a lot of fluff so i'm not sure how much I should post As shown in the Small Size Templates and in the Shrinking Power, being smaller than normal doesn’t automatically reduce a character’s STR, CON, PRE, defenses, BODY, STUN, or Running. The negative effects it has, as indicated in the mandatory Physical Complication, are being ⅛ mass, a halving of Reach, and suffering +6m of Knockback (distance only) per halving of height. Therefore, in most cases, all that a level of Growth needs to do for a small character is double his height, double his Reach, and add -6m of Knockback Resistance. Since that’s all Growth provides, each level should only cost 3 Character Points. Once a small character reaches normal human size this way, if he wants to Grow further he has to buy normal Growth at the costs listed in the table on 6E1 229.
  5. have you looked at the Adv players guide? page 79
  6. My fav dispel- Dis-spell: Dispel 2d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Magic FX (+1/2), Cumulative (768 points; +2) (24 Active Points) Cures, magic traps, and force walls. LOL bring them on.
  7. you could also just use AoE line rather then AoE Surface for a wall of fire
  8. or people think it is one thing but it is something else. how was I to know the code was on the box and not the papers in the box? was not a macguffin per say
  9. well, we should know how things are going by Oct.
  10. Take the negatives down to the store and get a 2nd set of photos for grandma
  11. Looks like we may be a bit early https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dmx-manager-says-still-alive-042751481.html
  12. The SERRAted Edge setting by Mercedes Lackey or the Mercyverse setting by Patricia Briggs could make a good setting for a game wold
  13. Yes, for 4th, 5th and 6th you have to put the charges limitation (you get the power at 0 END) then add the costs END limitation to get that.
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