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  1. Kind of like the Trump health care reform plan?
  2. maybe something cat like?
  3. Well... kind of puts them in 4th place https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russia-s-covid-19-death-toll-could-be-3-times-n1252461
  4. for a low end of high-magic (or high end of low-magic... mid-magic?) your 'road crew' mage would likely have Transform (earth to road?) for laying down the road but some TK, Tunneling and stone-shaping to prep the earth
  5. Hmm, I think you can get no base or a bar to use on your own base. for no base click the base type that is marked to unpick it just like removing any thing else.
  6. I think that is sometimes called a tree-toppler
  7. Ah, great. And we still have a few more days of 2020...
  8. all most sounds like AoE Expion that keeps getting more DCs as time passes
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/michigan-state-house-senate-closed-130833241.html
  10. Hero Forge posted to facebook We're excited to announce the launch of 3D Virtual Tabletop Downloads on Hero Forge (Compatible with Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator) Our 3D Tabletop Downloads are distributed in .unity3d format. This single-file format makes importing easy and provides superb faithfulness to your original design. Likewise, our 3D Tabletop Downloads are distributed via your user profile page, just like STL downloads. We offer a free pre-made sample model that is available on your Digital Downloads page. Interested in using Hero Forge Tokens
  11. yes, it is the attackers phases, but you can drop to a lower Speed. If you have a of 8 you can set your speed at a speed of 1 up to 8. note: see the drowning rules, 1 is not useful but dropping to speed 2 can save you.
  12. how about an Aid on a trigger? or a set of Aids on a set of triggers. 2D6 Aid triggered if hit plus 2d6 if hit with Stun that gets thou the shield Plus 2d6 if hit with body that gets thou the shield
  13. ban Dihydrogen Monoxide, it is found in all polluted water! LOL
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