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  1. be sadder if it was 1st birthday and 1st year in quarantine. at least the kid looks happy.
  2. Add TK to the list of ways to do it. TK only to toss the target... -1 1/2?
  3. That is the type of biz leadership the WH could use. Awake and with foresight.
  4. Not sure if this should go here or in Quotes. "So when are the health insurance people going to start yelling 'Act of God' over this virus?" "Once the hospitals are way overloaded." was the reply. Overheard when shopping. I hope it is not how it goes down.
  5. /sarcasm/ Well, looks like we should all get sick at once /sarcasm/ https://projects.propublica.org/graphics/covid-hospitals
  6. Looks like it is off for a year, but if you paid for this year your membership is good for next.
  7. Each attack is an attack that auto hits if the one hit before it hit. Each attack must pay END or charges or what ever. the Clip size of 4 makes you stop at 4 attacks. yea indirect would be nice, but may get you a stop sign for no need for LOS after the first hit
  8. hmm Killing Attack - Ranged Xd6, Constant (+1/2) 16 clips of 4 Charges (-0) would work for #1. Change Damage to what you want for the build. Charger and clips are just a thought.
  9. Would a drain body work instead of coming up with a new type of damage? Or add PD only vs stun damage. With most targets having more stun then BOD the target is going to be at zero BOD before zero stun.
  10. Well, The World Health Organization has formally declared the COVID-19 outbreak a "pandemic." https://www.yahoo.com/news/italy-passes-10-000-infections-082158239.html
  11. No undead agents? or hordes of imps?
  12. how about skill levels as a power, lock picking at 150 would unlock most locks
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