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  1. they have tricked me Zorro no matter my friend NOW we fight together
  2. DOA6 cutscene movie 'youtube] poor Mare rose all she wanted to do was protect Honoka and she got put through the wringer for it
  3. he has the brain of a CLAM rat sleep eat sleep and speakin' of sleepin' I need some 'z's
  4. there's no such thing as too close" "yes there is" no there isn't"
  5. done the whole mind control thing. not a fan.
  6. various rocket Robin Hood episodes on youtube
  7. but wasn't the WB's verson of Godzilla rarely seen ?
  8. the slogan ' I can do anything ' may indicate self confidence but could backfire just ask Kim Possible
  9. does a superhero HAVE to look like he came out of a gym ?
  10. you did good Edith your heart was In the right place but your brain was out to lunch
  11. wouldn't BL ted to consider helping them a waste of time [to simulate the comics]
  12. I thik he excretes through his fire and laser beams
  13. the super bowl I've had SNACKS that were more super
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