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  1. they have tricked me Zorro no matter my friend NOW we fight together
  2. only if the armor grows too or it will spill all over the place
  3. DOA6 cutscene movie 'youtube] poor Mare rose all she wanted to do was protect Honoka and she got put through the wringer for it
  4. he has the brain of a CLAM rat sleep eat sleep and speakin' of sleepin' I need some 'z's
  5. ms Blair is I think dealing with MS and was unavailabe
  6. no they should appear to be more powerful due to the ethical differences but be about equal
  7. since I normally look like werewolf in mid transfomation i'll say a werewolf
  8. there's no such thing as too close" "yes there is" no there isn't"
  9. done the whole mind control thing. not a fan.
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