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Reimagined Arthurian Legends 1.0.0

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I recently read Osprey Games' Romance in the Perilous Land that had interesting interpretations of characters from Arthurian romance. Inspired by the work, I developed four re-imagined legends from Arthurian legends. They are the following:


1) Queen Guinevere is a knight. In this incarnation, war has come to Camelot. Initially healing the injured, Guinevere takes a more active role and takes up arms as the casualties rise and the war is not going in Camelot's favor. She still has her secret affair with Sir Lancelot, so I added the disguise and concealment skills that she would likely use.


2) Elaine of Astolat is a knight. This version of Elaine takes up arms shortly after Sir Lancelot spurns her romantic advances after healing him where the villain knight Sir Turquine kills her father and attempts to ravage her. She wounds Sir Turquine enough to drive him away, and takes up arms to defend her home since he will return.


3) Sir Pelleas is a returning crusader. In the story I read Sir Pelleas is betrayed by Sir Gawain and spurned by his love interest Ettarre, who Gawain lies about killing him and seduces her for his own benefit. Pelleas finds them sleeping together and leaves his sword laying on top of them to show Ettarre that he's alive and his honor to Gawain by sparing his life despite the betrayal. From there, my idea is that he leaves Camelot to protects traders and pilgrims to the Holy Land, comparable to a knight templar and gaining valuable experience, skills, and knowledge along the way and now wields a powerful scimitar to replace the sword he left behind. When he learns of King Arthur losing the war in Camelot, he returns to serve his king one more time.


4) Sir Palamedes is a beast-hunter/cavalier from Arabia. I kept Palamedes a follower of the Islamic faith in this write-up and does not convert as depicted in the story I read. He's still in love with Iseult and wants to make her his third wife and is hunting the legendary Questing Beast. I loosely adapted him from the Ardeth Bey character depicted in Universal's Mummy and Mummy Returns films.


Enjoy! 🙂

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