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  1. Thanks! The change was made for the final print. Thanks again, everyone! 😀
  2. Thanks for everyone's input...I blended some of the comments with the Jackalope in the Hero System Bestiary (5th Ed) and notes from a D&D Homebrew to come up with my version of the Killer Rabbit of Caebannog for the upcoming game convention. 😀
  3. Has anyone written up stats for the Killer Rabbit featured in the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail (clip link included as a refresher)? In one of the scenarios I'm developing for an upcoming game convention, the players bounce around the multiverse in the pursuit of an evil wizard who's stealing magical artifacts. Along the way, they come across a fleeing King Arthur and his knights ("RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!") who are being pursued by the Killer Rabbit and can't stop him because the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch was stolen. I'm starting from scratch with the write-up for a rabbit in the 5th Edition Bestiary, so some ideas about the ballpark of his abilities and stats (e.g. SPD, Physical and Energy Defense) would be helpful. 😄
  4. Updated versions of the characters for Hero System 6th Edition can be found here: Legends of Camelot
  5. Legends of Camelot View File Attached is a compilation of legendary characters from Arthurian legends for 6th Edition. They consist of the following characters with the Hero Designer file and write-up in Microsoft Word format. 1) King Arthur Pendragon 2) Queen Guinevere as a noble and as a knight 3) Elaine of Astolat as a knight 4) Sir Lancelot of the Lake 5) Sir Percival de Galis 6) Sir Lamorak de Galis 7) Sir Peleas 😎 Sir Palamedes Submitter fdw3773 Submitted 01/13/2024 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Attached is a compilation of legendary characters from Arthurian legends for 6th Edition. They consist of the following characters with the Hero Designer file and write-up in Microsoft Word format. 1. King Arthur Pendragon 2. Queen Guinevere as a noble and as a knight 3. Elaine of Astolat as a knight 4. Sir Lancelot of the Lake 5. Sir Percival de Galis 6. Sir Lamorak de Galis 7. Sir Peleas 8. Sir Palamedes
  7. Although unlikely, a relaunch/sequel to Freedom Force would be great. I loved the game and the Character Tool feature that allowed fan to create character modifications. Some fans did some amazing work creating DC and Marvel skins along with their own.😀
  8. I noticed that in recent years Chaosium relaunched its classic role-playing games in conjunction with updated versions of others. Of note was Super World, which I heard a lot of good things about in reflecting the style and feel of the superhero genre. I also came across similar reviews for its fantasy themed RPGs. More recently, Chaosium has released Basic Role Playing, which is arguably the counterpart to the core system rule book published by Hero Games. How is Chaosium Basic Role Playing compared to Hero System? I haven't read Chaosium Basic Role Playing or games under that system like Super World yet, but previously ran Pendragon (1st Ed.) many years ago, so I have some familiarity with Chaosium products.
  9. However, I don't. In the previous scenarios I ran during game conventions, END wasn't a big factor and tracking it slowed the game down significantly. The only time it mattered was when a player was hit with a Power Drain attack of some kind. If I use the full rules while trying to replicate every minute detail of each character write-up, I'm back to square one: a game that no one wants to play and has no interest in being introduced to because of all of the excess information.
  10. Yes, and in previous write-ups that was annotated. However, player feedback has been along the lines of, "Why is this listed when I'm not going to use it in the scenario?" This goes back to the ongoing issue I've had in trying to introduce Champions to new players so they're not overwhelmed with information. If I listed every detail such as professional rivalries, access to S.H.I.E.L.D., bases, etc. that Wasp had, the players would have information overload while trying read the sheet. Even if I listed it, someone is going to say, "Shouldn't Henry Pym be listed as a contact? Or Nick Fury? Or, since Janet Van Dyne and Henry Pym are divorced, shouldn't he be listed as a Rivalry now instead of a Social Complication?" At some point I have stop and have something that a player can use for a scenario that will hopefully generate future interest in Champions/Hero System.
  11. It could go either way based on what I read in the comics over the years. 😉
  12. After a little more modifying using a previous template I developed, here's the latest version. Some general design notes: 1) The Hero File has all of the rules-specific details such as Unified Power, OIF, etc. 2) I kept the Skills, Perks, and Talents to a bare minimum. 3) I added a box that listed the main attacks for the character. 4) I didn't list the END costs for powers. The END stat is listed when the player is hit with a Power Drain attack. 5) I went with 10 pt Arial font, which is much easier to read than Minion Pro. I may run with this format at the next local game event down the road....wish me luck! 😀
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Everyone has highlighted the joys and challenges of Hero System associated with providing enough detail for those who played it before while making it easy to introduce to new players. My intent of minimizing skills, perks, and talents was to focusing more on powers, but you're right in that the characteristic and skill bonuses already totaled need to be annotated with an asterisk or something similar so that the players doesn't misinterpret the stats. Previously, I provided an overview of the character to the player and what everything on the character sheet means and once tried organizing the powers and abilities under "Offense" and "Defense" that outlined the main powers/attacks and main defenses with mixed results. Additionally, players have used Wasp and someone similar to Supergirl in terms of power level (e.g. Power Girl) during a game convention session. The scenarios I developed had crossovers built-in between the DC and Marvel Universe with humorous results (e.g. Iron Man hitting on Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk noting that everyone he meets from the DC Universe wears their underwear on the outside). 🙂
  14. Thanks for the feedback! The images are screenshots, which is probably why they look so small. In the actual Microsoft Word document, it's Minion Pro size 10 font, which is standard.
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