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  1. You mean like Champions: The New Millennium? It used a three-column format. Or, what I would refer to as the "Classic Champions" format...that was something I tinkered with once. The draft is attached for you to download and modify as you see fit. 🙂 ClassicCharacterTemplate6E.docx
  2. Another version I've toyed with was to adapt the character sheet template from how Silver Age Sentinels formatted its characters where one column was the image and background and all of the statistics were on the other column. I had done it previously for 5th Edition, and it came pretty well for 6th Edition also. If there's interest, I will post it as a download. 🙂
  3. Even without the COVID-19 restrictions in place, my Champions playing was limited to the two major game conventions held here in Omaha, NE. They are Nuke-Con in the fall and PretzCon in the spring. While many RPGers I met enjoyed Champions and Hero System in general, none (myself included) had a strong desire to meet to play on a regular basis (e.g. monthly). Based on their feedback and my own reflections from playing Champions since third edition in the late 1980s, the rules-heavy nature was definitely a factor, especially when trying to recruit new players. Right now I haven't been playing and been simply updating 6th Edition write-ups. ICONS is a fun, rules-light superhero RPG that I also used, which was okay for the conventions, especially for brand-new players, but after running a campaign for several months back in 2019, its limitations emerged. I guess that's why I'm looking for another rules-light superhero RPG system and posted questions about Wearing the Cape RPG that uses the FATE system as a possible alternative to Champions.
  4. Some power ideas/descriptions for your consideration: Might of the Oak: +STR Attribute, Strike, or Blast vs. PD Thorn Barrage: Blast vs. PD with Area Effect Advantage Wall of Brambles: Barrier Trickbind, Tangleweed, Ensnaring Vines: Entangle Fruits of the Spirit: Aid or Healing Death Blossom: Ranged Killing Attack Spores of Sleep: STUN only attack/NND (Life Support) Wooden Carapace: Barrier or Resistant Protection (Armor) Mist of the Woods: Flash vs. Sight, Area Effect Strength of the Sequoia: +STR Attribute, Strike, Blast vs. PD, and/or Knockback Resistance Shroud of Leaves (or Vines): Some type of concealment power Nature's True Sight: Enhanced Senses Commune with Nature: Telepathy Touch of the Sundew: Entangle or Clinging Snapdragon: Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack Nature's Fury a.k.a. "Not-so-happy-trees": Summon plant creatures (or Ents)
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is an updated character sheet template that I developed for Champions, 6th Edition. It's in Microsoft Word format, making it easy to edit and print out.
  6. Thanks! Yes, I will make the template available shortly and have the link posted on this thread. It's on Microsoft Word, making it easy to type in, edit, and print. The Superman image was taken from the DC vs. Mortal Kombat video game. I adapt from images from various video game screen shots and promos. In this case, it was from DC vs. Mortal Kombat. I've adapted other superhero images from DC Injustice, Batman: Arkham Knight, and other video game promos.
  7. Here's an updated version of the character template I developed earlier. Since it's intended for players to show up at a convention and begin from the start, some basic guidelines I followed were to incorporate between three to five of the main skills, talents, and perks for a character and to focus mostly on powers and hand-to-hand combat skills when possible. While it is not as detailed as other write-ups, a player can readily play the character and have a good idea of the powers and abilities. 🙂
  8. Has anyone ever played Wearing the Cape RPG? It's a superhero themed RPG based of a series of novels by Marion G. Harmon. It runs on the FATE game engine similar to ICONS and is fairly rules-light from my understanding. It looks interesting, but am curious if anyone here sampled it as a rules light alternative to something as structured as Champions. 🙂
  9. Yes, I have it as well and use it periodically since I own a Mac and the Freedom Force Character Tool doesn't work on that platform without something like Windows Parallels. 😉 There's a pretty active City of Heroes fan community that posts their character creations as well that I've used to draw inspiration now and then.
  10. Yes, I've played both Freedom Force and Freedom Force Versus the Third Reich and really enjoyed them. I enjoyed the Character Tool the most where I spent a lot of time with the custom skins that I created and used from other fans as art for the Champions characters I created while also creating some custom characters in that game based on them (two samples are below). 🙂
  11. So, while perusing the various racks at my local comic and game store, online stores like Drive Thru RPG, and stumbling upon game reviews by lucky chance, I've come across various new and also obscure superhero RPGs. I was wondering if others had experiences reading the rules or playing them and seeing how they match up against Champions. Some examples: Brave New World - Superhero gaming is a dystopian U.S. Aberrant - Published by White Wolf Guardians - This version is based on the D20 system from D&D 1st Edition on the premise of, "What if Gary Gygax focused his energy in the superhero genre instead of the fantasy genre?" Wild Talents - I don't know much about this game, but apparently it's a modern day follow-up to Godlike that took place during World War II where it's "superhero roleplaying in a world gone mad" Truth & Justice - Rules light superhero RPG on the PDQ system Sentinels Comics RPG - Published within the past year after a Kickstarter effort Prowlers & Paragons - Print on demand and more recently an Ultimate Edition was released following a Kickstarter effort Spectaculars - Blending of RPG and board game elements Hearts & Souls - Rules light system by an independent company that's available on Drive Thru RPG Any others worth mentioning??? 🤔
  12. Yes, I'll still script some characters here and there for fun and nostalgia and post in the Downloads section. I'm simply not running any events once in-person gaming resumes at the local conventions as I had in the past.
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