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  1. Yes, I'll still script some characters here and there for fun and nostalgia and post in the Downloads section. I'm simply not running any events once in-person gaming resumes at the local conventions as I had in the past.
  2. Got it. I just replied to your message. Consider this lot CLAIMED!!! 😀
  3. I'm retiring my Champions/Hero System to focus more on other projects and want to pass on my Hero System 5th Edition book, Champions campaign materials, and figures to another fan rather than recycle them. Please send me a private message if you'd like to have them for your collection and we'll go from there in mailing them out to you. Thanks! 😀
  4. Renaissance by Paolo Buonvino & Skin
  5. I don't have a Form Fillable PDF, but here's a fillable 5th Edition Character Template in Microsoft Word where you type in the data and print out. CharacterTemplate5E.docx
  6. Before the pandemic and more recently as people are starting in-person gaming again in friends' homes, I've overheard various D&D players/DMs discuss their respective campaigns where their player characters were epic-level (Level 20 or higher) and essentially demigods/planeswalkers as depicted in Magic: The Gathering in terms of power level. Basically, it would be the equivalent of creating a Champions character but for Fantasy Hero in the 400+ point range (or even more), depending if you're using 5th or 6th Edition rules. Has anyone done something similar in their respective Fantasy Hero campaign?
  7. My interpretation of that scene from the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring film was that Sauron was using the power of the One Ring to make his mace strikes more devastating, impacting multiple targets at once per strike with a death blow. The One Ring glowed before each strike, implying that it was powering up Sauron before the mace strike, sort of like how Green Lantern's power ring glows before he delivers a massive attack in the comics. Like I said, it's kind of difficult to convert and script out the One Ring and the others for Fantasy Hero, whereas converting things like Perseus's winged sandals and cap of invisibility from Greek mythology were pretty self-explanatory from the story and easy to adapt.
  8. Has anyone tried converting the Rings of Power depicted in J.R.R. Tolkien's work (Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, etc.) to Fantasy Hero? I read the trilogy, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion years ago and the description of what kind of abilities each possessed were difficult to script out due to the vagueness of actual abilities in the text. A LoTR wiki does go into detail about the three Elven rings and little bit about the Dwarven rings. We know the One Ring gives its bearer invisibility and corrupts the user over time but since only Sauron knew how to wield its power that was briefly portrayed in the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring film, it's kind of unclear of what the full extent of its abilities are. Your thoughts?
  9. I watched Domina, an Epix series focusing on the rise of Livia Drusilla, the third wife of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus who would become Rome's first emperor and assert her own influence through his political rise.
  10. Does anyone remember the super speed villain known as, "The Dash?" and where his game stats are published? I have Classic Enemies for 4th Edition, Enemies III for 3rd Edition, and Enemies II for 1st/2nd Edition with no sign of him. I remember him being featured in an issue of Flare in the early 1990s and reading his stats at one point for 3rd Edition (I think) but can't recall the publication.
  11. Firewing comes to mind for me for a Silver Surfer type character, who's been around since 3rd Edition if I remember correctly. Here's a brief snapshot from 4th Edition Classic Enemies: FIREWING STR 40 DEX 30 CON 45 BODY 15 INT 20 EGO 20 PRE 40 COM 20 PD 15 ED 15 SPD 7 REC 22 END 90 STUN 78 Powers Multipower: 1) 16d6 EB 2) 12d6 Explosion 3) 10d6 EB, Armor Piercing 4) 12d6 EB, Affects Desolid 5) Force Field +20 PD, +20 ED, Hardened Flash Defense 5 Full Life Support 20'' Flight Faster Than Light Travel (32 LY/Year)
  12. Nati Dredd's rendition of Drunken Scotsman and Lonely Mountain.
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