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Clinging Damage Shield effects?

Gnome BODY (important!)


6E1p182 includes the following text:


Although Clinging isn’t an Attack Power, characters may buy Area Of Effect (personal Surface — Damage Shield) for it to create, for example, a “tar baby” effect in which anyone who touches the character gets stuck to him. Clinging with this Advantage only functions as a Damage Shield; it doesn’t allow characters to walk on walls or the like.

What does being "stuck to" a character in this manner actually do in game terms?  

For example:
How would this construct interact with Accessible Foci (somebody hits Glue Boy with a sword), Inaccessible Foci (Wrist-Gun-Man punches Glue Boy), or powers with a specific point of origin (Drillfinger stabs Glue Boy)?
How would this construct interact with movement?  Can the clingee and clinger move relative to each other at all?  Can they force each other to move?  If yes, where and what are the rules for that?
How would this construct interact with Knockback?  Particularly if the attack that triggers the Damage Shield also does Knockback? 

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