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HKA Problem???



On 6E2 260 (example character) you have Hur’shaas's claws as "Claws: HKA 1 point (½d6 with STR) Reduced Penetration (-¼)"  According to the rule on 6E1 242, you add +1d6 (or 3 DCs) per 15 STR (or 1 DC/5 STR).  If this is the case, then shouldn't the claws be "Claws: HKA 1 point (1d6+1 with STR) Reduced Penetration (-¼)"?  I can't find anywhere that adding STR is limited to double the DCs of the HKA (like previous editions).


EDIT:  Never mind.  I found the errata for this.  Since this is the case then Hur’shaas's write up should be errata'd for his claw attack.

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