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In a sense HERO is no stranger to licences. During the FUSION erra, we had Dragon Ball Z, Usagi Yojimbo, Bubblegum Crisis, just to name a few. BUT that was in cooperation with R. Taisorian Games as a partner. And it used the Simple FUSION rules.


And we had that superhero school RPG for 5ed based upon an independent comic book.


But it takes more money then HERO has to even get a decent license and no real guarantee of a significant boost to put HERO back into the black. So this is all just pipe dreaming.

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1 hour ago, Stanley Teriaca said:

And we had that superhero school RPG for 5ed based upon an independent comic book.

PS238.  Now a webcomic, and effectively defunct - it's been hanging for over a year without an update and no word at all on status, not even an "indefinite hiatus" notice.  Same creator as Nodwick, which was a moderately Big Deal around the time d20 launched and for a while thereafter.  Helped being published in Dragon.


Hero Games also had cross-company arrangement with Steve Jackson Games that resulted in Autoduel Champions way back when, which I enjoyed both sides of - even if the early helicopter rules were a bit much.  :)


But a license with either of the Big Two?  Never going to happen, and it's for the best.  

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