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  1. What Grailkight said is accurate, but Champions has a lot of roleplaying material wrapped around the combat engine that you might not need/want for a minis game. If you're after a pared-down, dedicated minis game rule set for supers that I'd advise taking a look at Four-Color Studios family of rules. Scott's been tweaking and revising his game engine for well over 20 years now since the 1st edition of SuperSystem came out. At this point he's got several variations to choose from, some with light roleplay elements (Super Action Roleplay going the farthest in that direction), some more straight combat games (Super Skirmish Gaming) and some straddling the line the same way Rangers of Shadowdeep does for fantasy (Slugfest). OTOH, if you want to branch out into roleplaying with a strong tactical combat system and the maximum possible character design versatility, HERO/Champions still has Scott topped. It's had over 40 years of development and a heck of a lot more people involved in the design work over the years, where Four-Color is a one-many op with a smaller fan base and much less exposure. Just plain more versatile at doing the roleplaying end of things. All a matter of how much complexity you want, most of which is in character design in both cases.
  2. Perfectly viable technology within its limitations, and there are still autogyros being made today by a few manufacturers in small numbers. The most recent model AFAIK is the German Tensor 600X, a winged model designed for high efficiency and compatible with hybrid and fuel cell technology as well as conventional gas engines. First showed up in 2021, so quite new. Pretty little thing with a very scifi look to it.
  3. We had something vaguely similar with a shrinking/mind controller villain in V&V way back in the day. We knew he'd "infected" the mayor and were standing in his office discussing potential "treatments" for getting him out when the mayor gets an odd look on his face and we hear him say (in the villain's voice) "You know I can hear you, right?"
  4. It really isn't. To paraphrase from a certain youtube creator, it's no trouble at all, barely an inconvenience. That said, Macris has been banned from a lot more than just that site. You have to work at it to get both the rpg.netheads and a fair chunk of the OSR crowd to shun you. I'm not even sure the group is aware of any of that, and I'm reluctant to bring it up because we all agreed to a set in stone "no politics, no religion" rule and it's effectively impossible not to bring politics in to the discussion when talking about him. Thanks, but I avoid Discord altogether. I'll mention it to the group and point them at the video, though. The two folks pushing hardest for it (who are also the only ones who've actually read it completely) seem to be in love with the log scale aspect of the game, and all I can think is how that didn't work out the last time I played Mayfair's DC supers rules way back in the day. Appreciate the help folks. More info than I had, anyway.
  5. This Ascendant, that is - 2023 supers RPG from some company called Autarch. One of the supers groups I play with is considering dropping the current system (Sentinel Comics we've been playing long enough for the advancement system to start breaking down) for Ascendant and I'm having trouble finding a detailed review, much less an actual play. I remember flipping through the core book at the FLGS when it first dropped and not being impressed, but that was mostly the art and an uninspired table of contents combined with a high price tag. I can't deflect everyone to Champions or anything else I feel confident in, and I'm wondering if I should stick or just walk away now. Still have two other supers games I'm in, although they're looking shaky as well. Opinions from anyone who's played, or at least owns the game?
  6. Any particular reason why? I'd never considered his sexuality, although I suspect having easy access to almost everyone else's minds (and bodies, if desired) probably gives him a unusual viewpoint, especially when it comes to non-mentalists and their personhood.
  7. You do you. That's a TV crime drama anyway, not an RPG. None of the groups I roleplay with has crossed the sexual assault red line since an early Vampire game in the 90s, and that didn't end well at all. I especially don't want to tackle that kind of weighty subject in a four-color superhero game (my preferred mode for supers gaming), although I could see a mature group addressing it in something grittier - which might be best served with a lighter rules set like Masks or some other Fate/PBtA spinoff.
  8. As expected, the crew is not really impressed. Elan is still kind of a dolt but there's way more than six badass adventurers there, which did the job before. If that dragon doesn't start using his beholder thrall wisely this is going to be pretty quick.
  9. That's rape, period. Mind control eliminates consent. As for why he'd do it, read AlagaeNymph's quote from the Superpowers Database above.
  10. Is Samsonite luggage even a thing any more, or does that ref mean nothing to younger folks? Charles Bronson is way tougher than that long-haired biblical hippy anyway.
  11. The Sentinel Comics setting (the one behind the card game, the RPG, and one extremely defunct board game) has a villain named Ambuscade who was formerly a movie star - a Jean-Claude van Damme parody - who retired because he suffered "terrible facial scarring" during a stunt ("I do all my own stunts.") gone wrong. The "scar" is a barely noticeable nick on one cheekbone that looks like he cut himself shaving, usually covered with a band-aid. He then became a supervillain hero-hunter mostly out of boredom. To put it mildly, he's extremely vain. Also very French, to the point of parody.
  12. The sexual assault element of his character is going to cross so many lines it'll never show up at all in most modern games, the ones where people respect hard boundaries and X cards are in use. Using that kind of thing without discussion in advance and a full-table buy-in doesn't fly the way it did even ten years ago. Good thing, too. I don't roleplay so I can experience the worst parts of everyday news, and damn few stories in any medium are improved in any way by the inclusion of rape - especially when it's done solely to coerce a male character into doing something, as in the example. Tone deaf in the extreme, that.
  13. That's a fair chunk of prize money for 1930, even divided between several winners. Mind you, they're paying in gold, so these days you'd need a magnifying glass to see your winnings. What's $25 of gold mass in 2024? To paraphrase from MST3K, "Sure am glad this outfit doesn't make me look stupid."
  14. Presumably so she doesn't wind up offending Comics Code censors no mater how artistically tattered her outer clothes become. Might also be resistant to X- and N-Ray vision.
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