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Remote hacking


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I think this was done in the latest Shadowrun edition, where everything is in the Matrix. I'm coming up with my own setting mixing alien pawns/characters from Cyberpunk/Battletech and Starfinder. So we have aliens, (human-sized) mecha and cyberpunks loaded on the mapboard on my table right now. All I am missing is names, backgrounds and some cool gadgets for these folks until I can kick off the scenario.


So I have a group of tough guys with numerous mecha to aid them about to blast into a bar (from CPRed beginner box) and try to capture a hacker (one of the group inside). Inside there is a mech, a rifleman and the hacker. What I thought would give the scenario a twist is the ability of the hacker to take control of a robot A.I. mind and start giving it commands. Is this a telepathy/mind control thing (limited only to mechanical beings) or something like that?

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