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  1. I remember seeing some basic NPCs like Police and Thugs written up (at least for the D20 version). Perhaps a thug might get a radiation accident and the Police might take him down. I.e. simple character creation and combat!
  2. I’ve seen to pick up the idea that Gygax loved Fighters hence another reason why mages were mitigated. Did see thought that Tenser (a magic user) was his son.
  3. Also the other reason why I picked SAS was that they did that joint adventure with Hero games.
  4. Well you know how polls work. I’ve seen one and the majority of players that are into the OSR scene use the ones that emulate Basic D&D NOT AD&D. People are fickle.
  5. Well @Derek Hiemforth I’ve been looking for a simpler system for my boys. (I’ve gotten them to play Hero). Tri Stat seemed similar to GURPS. The thing is once I saw how they broke everything down, it seemed more complex than it was worth. Granted I never completed character generation nor have I ran even a mock battle to see its value. @Duke Bushido, were you supposed to roll for stats to begin with in the D20 version? It kept referring to Player handbook and I was thinking “ wasn’t this self contained?”. Then it hit me that the Max human is 24 -the max you could roll on a 4D6. The
  6. I have both books and I have no experience with either one. I started to make a character with the D20 version. It does refer to Players Handbook in generating initial stats. At first I bought the characteristics as “normal” then it realized later that they wanted you to roll for the stats. That’s about how far I got with it myself.
  7. Plus all the changes weren’t bad. Green Dragon stayed the same points but dropped Disguise for Acrobatics. Which is more in keeping with his background. Still seeing Crusader without his (to me) iconic shield is mind blowing.
  8. That seems to be what I’m finding out. Even though the 3 sample characters in 2ed are built as 200 pts. I believe I saw the suggested starting points are supposed to be 225 pts. At those levels 20-25 pts make a big difference!
  9. It seems that between 1st and 2nd, Goodman started to show his influence! And Geodesics were robbed! I always thought they were weak however compared to some of the originals they weren’t bad. I mean OG Starburst had only a 40 pt MP. He was also less than starting points too. But then the world (Heroes) got more powerful and except for Dystopia they were left behind.
  10. My initial post was also to be cheaper as a PDF. A decent copy and paste of each edition shouldn’t be too expensive to put in a PDF. And that’s why initially too I wasn’t worried about updating each version into 6th. I figure most people that are going to be interested in this would just convert if they wanted too.
  11. I noticed that for Dr. Nope under Paramedics it says Avenger, typo? I like the art work!
  12. I would go for that too! The thing is, I think it’s neat to see how far (and complex) the characters have come. I could see them still doing that and having each edition written in 6th.
  13. I believe that you are supposed to scale powers by default. So if you use 8d6 of STR (out of 10D6) then you must scale back your Drain from 4D6 to 3D6. (Just pulled numbers outta air). The more confusing question about Link (to me) is that wasn’t at one time Linked meant that you couldn’t just use only part of the Linked? You had to use both parts.
  14. I’m pretty sure that for a lesser limitation, it can work the other way too. Say the Drain is bigger than the STR damage.
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