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  1. Sicarius afaik, Transfer NEVER transfered powers to you that you all ready didn’t have. I mainly remember seeing Transfer used against Characteristics. As noted by dmjalund you still would’ve needed to have a base power (say Blast) to Transfer to. (I like the VPP idea). LL has a good point about how you can (almost 💯) cut and paste older edition rules into new rules (and vice versa). One point minor point though I’d like to remind the board (and at most it’s splitting hairs really). Is that you are encouraged to create custom Powers and such if that is better for your games.
  2. The first Challenge of Champions. The villain group was hand based.
  3. Instead of Micro film how about a thumb drive?
  4. Or you live in Palmyra and the Sinkhole just returns. The bar attached to the bowling alley is called the Sinkhole Saloon. For good reason. 😁
  5. Couple of points. With D&D being more complicated perhaps that’s one reason you see the explosion of OSRs? One reason I’ve seen posted was the going back to the simplicity of less rules. Savage Worlds- I’ve tried it. Not bad, but for me, I need the Edges written out to know what the hang they are. And the buzz on Savage Worlds is that Pathfinder is writing up Plot Point Campaigns set in their setting. (Glorian ?).
  6. @MainSandwichSalad, I also wanted to say that Jhamin gave great guidelines. So take some normals and upgrade them into the suggested guidelines and then perhaps have a few that break them. I really feel though that when you roll dice, even in a sample scenario, it gives you a better feel for what works.
  7. Just being in Southern PA with all its sink holes would be enough. 😂. The joke in this State is that the drinks drive straight and the sober swerve-to avoid all the pot holes. 😁
  8. I thought the definition was; if I do it , it’s fine. If the GM does it and it’s used against me then it’s Powergaming! 😁
  9. @MainSandwichSalad, another thing you can do which helps is take to normals give them weapons and FIGHT! Then mix it up, normal versus skilled. Keep track on what the average die is rolled. If some one rolled fantastic, like getting and average of 5 per die then you’d probably one shotted the opponent no problem. If average die is 2 and they’re still taken out well then something should be increased. You can crunch the numbers but I feel seeing it in action works better.
  10. I remember reading somewhere that DMs (yes that is right D&D) will run new players through a village fair with various contests, like archery for example, so as to introduce new players on the mechanics and where to find it on the sheet.
  11. I wouldn’t say Mechannon is a good example for this. Solely because he is supposed to be a Master Villain and to be able to take on several powerful heroes at the same time. And the Heroes themselves have gotten more powerful too. In Fifth, starting characters went up from 250 to 350 points. Now that’s not to say that there isn’t rule bloat though. I think Laser got a little more complicated that needed to be.
  12. That and I believe the writer’s guidelines too. If you look at say a Multipower each slot will repeat all the same limitations. (I have a buddy that complains about that). I’ll note that in HSMA, Surbrook will list extra slots modifiers as “same as listed”. It cuts down on space. Certain things have gotten more complex in 6th. Hand Attack, Indirect and Trigger are three that come to mind.
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