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  1. Weird cause I tried it and had no problems with it.
  2. Perhaps I really don’t know for sure. If the movie goes in that direction do you really think that there still won’t be “outrage”? Bond finally broke the mold only to be killed-the agony.
  3. My kids and I enjoyed Ragnarok! But I have a friend whose a big Thor fan and didn’t enjoy it as much. Ymmv naturally.
  4. Hmmm.....a new Bond is coming out and is a girl and now you guys are referring to a Jane Foster Thor. (Now I don’t read allot of comics so JFT could been a comic thing) The timing though seems like....bandwagon. Btw I have no problem with the Falcon becoming a new Capt. America.
  5. Ninja-Bear

    GM advice

    I don’t have Champions Battlegrounds so I’m not sure about those villains to recommend. However how about either the Slug or Anubis? The Slug be stealing parts to make more humidity suits and perhaps more crystals to transform more humans into Eldar worms. Anubis could be stealing parts for someone else with the promise of an artifact as payment.
  6. Spence I haven’t check the downloads section in awhile so it may have changed but iirc 6th didn’t have a vehicle or base export format. I could be wrong though.
  7. Maybe it’s what you bought. My newest is a Walmart special so nothing really comes with it. 😁
  8. Don’t forget you do have to download Java (which is free) to use Hero Designer. (I was handy for me cause I also use Solaris Skunk Werks for Battletech). I find it useful and I’m a cheapwad and I find $25 reasonable.
  9. Duke I’ve even gone so far and stated that a character (in this case a stretching wrestler) could only use the first use of Breakfall. It doesn’t make sense that he could use the other versions. Plus I’ve been keen on using Skills as Powers when it makes sense. Just like how Cybermind has a really high Computer Programmer skill but represents his affinity to cybernetics.
  10. Oh I’m sure. And I hate to be nit picky but by RAW you can’t unless there is a limitation or GM approval. Just want to point it out .
  11. I know back in the day Acrobatics covered a lot but I wouldn’t go there again. Do many many of my characters have both Acrobatics and Breakfall? Yes but there are times where a character should only have Breakfall.
  12. Well to touch on what Duke said. (And I think it has to do with the old Package Deal mechanic) is buying several smaller skills, such as KS or PS which I feel could have always been combined. For example take Priest. It’s suggested to have KS Religious Dogma, KS procedures and PS Priest. I would just lump all three together with PS Priest. Now personally if a game group feels that splitting skills say gambling into smaller parts is important then that’s fine just it shouldn’t be in the main rules imo.
  13. Here is my idea for a free scenario. Background is that Muckman was a local HS science teacher and suspected that a “Evil” corporation (which I don’t have a name yet) was dumping pollutants into a local pond. The troublemakers were local toughs that did questionable jobs for money. They’re not killers either. What happened was muckman snuck in close to get photo evidence of the dumping and the troublemakers tried to catch him. Of course there was an explosion at some point and well with the odd mix of chemicals and everyone’s DNA being different, you got different powers. Now muckman doesn’t remember too much about his former life however he will attack the company that did the dumping. (He just doesn’t know why). So the investigation is of course why is there “random” attacks? Also he will attack on sight any and all the Troublemakers. Now in this mix, the Troublemakers are hired to capture muckman. That’s the gist of it. Can the heroes stop the rampage? Can they help muckman? Can they bring the villains to justice?
  14. Duke, I agree with skills, too many can be overkill. I like the 4th ed builds. Most have a few skills to round out and that’s it. The only skill monkey was Jaguar in human form and that was cause he was a Detective.
  15. Ninja-Bear

    Dome City

    How about calling the main guy Cyberskull?
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