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  1. Unclevlad i believe you misunderstood my texts. I did at one point said about Dodging and still being able to OIAID even then I said you are still vulnerable to attack while Dodging. However after reading rules, there is nothing stopping a character from Stopping his OIAID to abort. He’ll just have to restart the process again. Btw we are talking a -1/4 limitation a limitation that’s supposed to hardly affect or infrequently affects the character.
  2. Another suggestion I’ve seen is that if you make the to-hit roll by 3 or better then mooks are one hit wonders.
  3. That works especially well against mooks. I’d use this a little against minions and named characters get the full dice rolled.
  4. I see what your saying however the text gives Full Phase as a suggestion. OIAID should limit you but the specific ways in which it does is up to GM-Player agreement.
  5. What Gnome said. Maneuvers DO NOT increase END. However a maneuver built with Powers may.
  6. I can see people saying that because Blob punches with his fat, that should be an extra limb thing. But him just “grabbing” with his fat? Yeah I can see clinging also because I never seen it portrayed as giving him penalties as a grab would do.
  7. Ninja-Bear

    VIPERS assets

    My other one is Power Fist. A Hydra mini that got an arm broken off and I glued a Power Fist from warhammer 40k on it.
  8. Ninja-Bear

    VIPERS assets

    I have that miniature too and her arm broke so I glue on a 40k gun. No write up but last night I thought up a name-Lady Hiss. Cliche but I think her arm gun is going to be Sonic based.
  9. Ninja-Bear

    VIPERS assets

    Ha, I have a Viper Agent Code Name Copperhead. He’s based on a Heroclix (name escapes me) He’s more powerful than a Mauler agent but not a Super Villain.
  10. Jfg17 I know that CC doesn’t have character guidelines per se. You can use the sample characters in the book too.
  11. Ok jfg17 let’s see if I can’t give some better though very general advice. First with you concept write down what is important to said character. The must haves as they say in the home buying shows. Is the any flaw that critical to the character too? You can use the generic normals in CC as a guideline for how you see your character. I’ve been playing around with using the Skilled Normal as a baseline thug then I buy stuff in relation to that. I usually want my heroes to be faster than thugs so I go with a higher DEX. If I use the weapon chart then I can say well this does X damage average then I can adjust Defenses as needed. Even if you go low skills build, look at (and buy) any needed skills. If you think the character is Acrobatic then by all means buy Acrobatics. Is the character have more reactions than a normal? Then buy more Speed. These are some general suggestions. Btw are you designing characters as a Player or GM or for fun?
  12. That’s sorta the point. Without a campaign guideline, what does a feasible character look like? If you build a character that is skill heavy with a lot of sub skills but I say I’m running a skill light and Powers heavy game is your character feasible? Maybe but probably not or at least you might feel slighted because you invested points that won’t be used.
  13. This would be GREAT! However (you knew that there would be an however) it wouldn’t be feasible. The reason why is Hero system is designed for YOU to build what you want. So depending what type of game you are playing in what is needed for a well rounded game differs. I probably would require near as many skills. Next GM might require more. Another point is that you can build a perfectly good character based on concept but this being a game may not be as “playable”. I have created some very underwhelming characters like that. Now that isn’t wrong per se. if that’s what you enjoy go for it. I would still recommend you ask the GM what the guidelines are. For example I’ve built two or three 250 pt (4e) characters that I used the Benchmarks as guides as so ended up with speed 4 and STR 10 and I think a DEX 13 once. They’re fine unless you’re playing Speed 5+, DEX 23 min and STR 20.
  14. Ninja-Bear

    VIPERS assets

    Gladly. When I get them in presentable form will take me some time.
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