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  1. Yes apparently he was so much a bigot, everyone wanted a picture with him while he had the Aprrentice show but as soon as he won the Presidency, he is pitted as a bigot. Really?
  2. Illegitimately elected? Please take a civics course.
  3. Just a thought but are you sure you are using 6th ed in HD and not 5th? It’s an easy mistake to make.
  4. I predict the Night King will Rule all!
  5. I totally agree with that !
  6. Solo is a fun movie. Just watched it for the entertainment.
  7. Duke to your point #7. Real world doctors have slaughter innocents by the Millions, Stalin anyone?
  8. Well to be fair, if you have a group of Archers in a unit, you aren’t going to run around and fire a Bow. Also though if you were being chased by others, I would try to run and shoot. Probably not successful but hey when your life is on the line.
  9. Duke there are two types of people in this world. One who likes the original trilogy and the other who are wrong. ?
  10. A similar approach to Indiana Joe would be to put (I believe) susceptible (from Entangle) to Con Roll.
  11. Cause I don’t see how someone say Durak with his mighty strength can add anymore to a whips attack It’s the skill of the whip which causes the damage not the user unlike say an axe.
  12. Grailknight why would you base seeing a movie based on Critic reviews? I haven’t trusted them in a long time. Fans (depending on how fanatical) and actual movie goers is what is based it on.
  13. Shouldn’t that also have No STR Bonus?
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