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  1. I felt it was more sarcastic than a joke. But not a big deal.
  2. If it shows he or she is the best of the best? Why yes it does.
  3. Are we talking network TV shows? Cause I haven’t seen a good one in a loooong time. My wife and I always thought the advertisements for the Goldbergs were dumb. Out of desperation we watched one episode and now like that show very much.
  4. Or I could be sneaky and put on Costs End to be legal and still save points! Ok let’s NOT go down that rabbit hole! 😂
  5. Fwiw, I can remove ES out of the EC and I can cut a thing or two and still be happy with him.
  6. @Derek Hiemforth, good catch. I didn’t see that rule. Or I just overlooked it. Thanks!
  7. Well fwiw in 3rd- Passive Sonar (which is different than regular Sonar) is 25 pts. i quickly added up my savings on the EC. It works out to 40 pts which was why I was able to buy the EB. I’ll post the character soon. He isn’t the most cost effective but I’m ok with that. I just need to test him to make sure he’s playable.
  8. Really? I love the Western Shores too however I never felt it was designers to be adventured in. The Countries too close and delineated for adventure. (Warning this is me so take it with a block of salt). For example why adventure into Daria? It has a wall blocking off it from Ambria. Perhaps adventuring in the Peaks of Dawn. The Greatwood forest takes up nearly half of Ambria. So if the elves control it, what’s an adventurer to do? I’ve always seen the map as being too constrictive but that’s probably just me.
  9. Just as the title says. In 3rd ED, can you put an Enhanced Sense in an EC? Following all the rules naturally? I could not see any rule for or against it. For example, my character Twister I put in Passive Sonar in an EC. The EC is only 10 pts.
  10. Well I’m planning to see Shang Chi. All my kids want to see it. And I want to see it. So it’s a win-win! Also my daughter is looking forward to Dr. Strange 2.
  11. What I’ve done though using EC is to make sure that I’m keeping to concept rather than take advantage of any bonuses. For example, the character I’m working on has several Powers that are only 20 pts so the EC is 10 pts. I have both TK and EB at 50 pts. So I’m not increasing the 20 pts just to take advantage of any bonuses if I made all the powers 50 pts.
  12. @DreadDomain don’t worry about it. I started with Hero at 4th so I was already in the TK is basically STR at Range. Like I said I was plucking around 3rd and when I read TK I was hmmm is that what they mean? I’m sure that TK was house ruled a bunch to allow a Punch in 3rd. So for the character I’m writing up, I wonder if it’s really being munchkin to have both a EC and an MP.
  13. No problems Duke! I’m shocked that you got a suspension! Btw, Elemental Control came in handy. I’ll have to post Twister up at some point.
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