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  1. Did you try rpgsheets.com? If it’s around still I believe they had a copy to down load.
  2. Whether Hero system is truly a permissive or restrictive system, my concept of it is restrictive. I don’t think that I’m alone in this. I know I’ve been trying to be more permissive. If Hero system could be viewed as such, it would help however with Champions Now coming out, I wonder if that won’t hurt 6th as it will be seen as too complex.
  3. Ninja-Bear

    Dome City

    Steriaca I had a similar idea with KRONOS. He was a scientist at heart and was using agents to test Heroes Powers. The agents even had cameras and a van that recorded information.
  4. Ninja-Bear

    GM advice

    What if you did a fake kidnapping. A previous scenario could be you capture a villain or help him out and in payment he brings you in as prisoners.
  5. Ninja-Bear

    GM advice

    Well instead of Bank Robbery how about Ankylosaur is stealing parts for his suit? Either to fix it or to upgrade it? Or perhaps a scientist is stolen to do that?
  6. Well I finally bought the PDF Banner PDF and it has Dragon Warriors of some sort and your supposed to adjust Warriors that are Qlithpic in nature from Mystic Enemies I think.
  7. Ninja-Bear

    Dome City

    Go in but haven’t figured out yet how to post the PDF. Highlights though of Muckman. He’s a minor brick with stretching, clinging, and Entangle attacks, and some resistant protection. The original version has some damage negation but I’ll change that.
  8. Interesting. Could Shadowfire be in competition with the Red Banner?
  9. Ninja-Bear

    Dome City

    Ok I got the PDF to work however when I went to login on my home computer to try to add it to a post. I’m locked out of Hero forum cause I can’t remember my login!
  10. Ninja-Bear

    Dome City

    I go to save and nothing is in the box saying that the file is there. Any ideas?
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