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  1. Two things here. First a Legsweep is a maneuver name. It can be described as anything else such as a Front Kick to the chest so hard the target falls down. Second, Activation Rolls don’t need to be put on a power. Haven’t you ever watch a show where a vest always gets hit? It could be because the “player” didn’t want to get zapped by a failed roll. Tech I think you bring up a good point for consideration. I just want the OP to choose the limitation because he feels it fits with his game style and tastes. I don’t want him to feel he has to take it.
  2. @Hugh Neilson, I definitely recall Steve Long saying that he had boundaries on what could be changed when 5th came out. Also I believe Steve never said what said boundaries were.
  3. Segerge hits it. Damage shield though I would say that it should have No STR bonus limitation but that’s my opinion. @Danomite41, just outta curiosity what edition/rule set you using? Just so we can point to correct page.
  4. I noticed too that most of the characters in First Edition had 10D6 Attack- even Mechanon! And most were built at 200 pts. Even at Second Edition more points were spent (though by some not a lot) and some attacks went up to 12D6. So even then there was Inflation.
  5. @bpmasher, hey I hope I’m being helpful not a PIA. I’m just trying to figure out what you want before you spend good money on it. There is a Hero Rulebook for 4th. Years ago a buddy suggested I get that before I bought the BBB. In retrospect I think perhaps I should’ve as to learn the basic rules better than I did. But that’s just me.
  6. The thing is 5th then followed by 6th is bigger because it’s expands the rules to do more than what is available in 4th (without house rules that is). If you choose a newer edition, then to learn/run just start with the basics. Just because there’s a lot of options doesn’t mean you have to use them all or any. Add in what you want when you want.
  7. Ok. My interpretation of the said rule was to just make Superleap work like the other movement powers. 😂
  8. Is there less fiddly bits? Yes. Can you run great games with 4th? Yes. Is there odd rules in 4th? Yes. I don’t think too many people missed how you figure STR Min in Heroic rules. I know I don’t. Is that a deal breaker? No. I say if you get a great deal on it-go for it. Then run it. And of course if you have any questions ask.
  9. Are you looking to run 4th? It is a good system and you have Superheroic and Heroic rules in one spot. What are you looking for specifically?
  10. Pre-Internet, players waited for new books to come out with new rules/rules clarification. Now with the Internet, most games have a forum where you can ask either other player or game designers the rules intent.
  11. No problem. But no matter what you decide, you mind popping in and telling us what you choose to do.
  12. I might of not explained it well. It doesn’t double your speed. It just makes Superleap go from Full Phase to a Half Phase.
  13. I wouldn’t say it’s a myth. There’s a lot of groups out there. Now should you play edition purity? That’s up to the group. Either way the point is that no edition is perfect so a rule or build will come up and the GM will make a decision one way or another. Hence simplier is the myth. Yes because there was no one at the time clambering for a Fifth edition and the question thread was void on the boards by people looking for answers. <Roll the eyes>.
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