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  1. I too am impressed by the Kaldanes. And as for scientist have you never noticed that Nature doesn’t follow scientist laws?
  2. As for how many sentient races? Well Edgar Rice Burroughs set that standard didn’t he? I think he has a Martian if every color. 😆. In his later works, it is revealed that the armed Martians are a mix Black, White and Yellow Martians. And Iirc the Black Martian last were the first.
  3. As far as I know Mecha are treated as vehicles and use the corresponding rules. As I understand it, Giant Robots aka Mecha, were designed (as an art form) in Japan as extension of the there love of Samurai. As the ‘80s America was introduced to Robotech and other Japanese Magna, the Western love affair of Mecha. I love me some Battletech!
  4. I finished watching Clan of Amazons. This was interesting because it was a investigation movie. Note the AmazonA weren’t traditional ones. The main villain was the Embroidery Bandit. He blinded his foes with embroidery needles. There was some cool traps too!
  5. Oh you mean people who look for things that aren’t there? Tolkien’s Orcs are corrupted Elves. Elves and Orcs are by Tolkien’s own words represent angels and demons to a lesser extent. The PC police are too much! They ruin a game quicker than anything else!
  6. How about the teleported leave an energy signature that unique to him? Similar to the finger print idea but more comic book-y.
  7. What I meant was the Risposte as written in example, are you required to successfully Block for the trigger to set off?
  8. I’m at work but isn’t the Risposte based on a successful block maneuver? Not just using Block maneuver? That makes a difference too.
  9. I’ve built something like this for Power Blocks. The martial artist blocks so hard that it hurts the attacker. I made the condition though on the active part of the block. So you must win the OCV vs OCV not the passive DCV part. Really though Triggers that reset as 0 phase are just Damage shields so use them accordingly.
  10. Awesome idea! I’m going to have to get this!
  11. I just watched the Legendary Weapons of China. It was a weird movie with some magic and martial arts. However it had a cool opening scene with several unique Chinese weapons. Also the final fight scene had a cool scene with Butterfly sword (they translated differently) and SHIELD! How often do you see a shield in a martial arts movie? And why are they never stated up in the martial arts game books?
  12. My understanding of Sea elves are that they breathe underwater. They are the elven equivalent to mermen. So I would expect different racial characteristics for them. 😁
  13. Small bites. That is what I am still suggesting with the module up thread. You have characters and villains built simply, in the mode of 4th ed. In the back would be a campaign design document.
  14. That’s a short horse isn’t it?
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