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  1. I remembered my favorite human fighter has Martial Arts with Axes too. I just never named the martial art style.
  2. Ninja-Bear


    I think I work for these guys. 😂
  3. Years ago I created an Orc axe style.
  4. Like Spence said, no need to be sorry. I think though you are in a minority.
  5. Martial maneuver-Flash. Or if using Powers, Flash Attack.
  6. Wowza! I watched a little of both. The first video though that guy needs help!
  7. That sounds like a -1 at least. I’m assuming that since the attack powers can be 60 pt then that’s the campaign guideline or cap. So you’re forcing Defensive and other powers at half that. That seems pretty strong a limitation.
  8. @indy523 I believe the easiest thing is to just create a new characteristic called Soul. You tell people what it costs to buy more and basically have it function how you wanted Ego to work. And FWIW, creating a new characteristic is book legal.
  9. I finally got to game this weekend! It was Star Wars D6-which we like. My son got a great roll on the Wild Die and man took out the Scout Trooper in epic style as befits a Bounty Hunter!
  10. That’s sounds like Transform-Major. But if the character already has this ability by the fruit then it’s just sfx with perhaps with a focus limitation. I’m thinking something similar to a potion.
  11. Question for you. Before playing the Super hero rules for Savage Worlds, did you have any prior experience with the system? I myself have been messing with it again but instead of Supers, I toned it to Planetary Romance. The result is I’m getting a better feel for it now.
  12. I have worried about the “rules” on how to gather for over a year.
  13. As my Dad would say, “He’s one hell of a guy!”
  14. Fwiw, that’s great. It’s when people suggest getting rid of the martial maneuvers altogether from the system itself is where I have a problem with.
  15. Ok, I was just making sure. I mean if you want a supernatural element, go ahead. 😀
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