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  1. I can’t sauce I cant remember my password for Hero games. I’m kept logged in on my phone. So I can’t change my email cause to reset the Hero password it sends it to the Verizon account which can’t reset cause I don’t remember that one. (Normally I write these down but unfortunately I didn’t this time).
  2. Ok Duke let’s not over think this. Each character gets the benefit of rounding up. (This is the way we do it). So whether it’s Dr. Destroyer or Seeker or some Viper goon each would get the round up.
  3. I too round to Hero’s favor cause I thought that was the rule.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help with my password for this site. When I originally set up my account, I linked it to my Verizon email. Well several years later and I want to change where my password would go to (I use gmail) and I can’t remember how to access my Verizon account nor does my wife. I was wondering if it would be possible for a moderator to change it to my gmail account? Thanks in advance.
  5. Really? I didn’t check. I assumed. I’ll check but you’re probably right.
  6. Phil 6thed HA is the same as 5thed. It’s 5 ACT pt per D6 with mandatory-1/2 Limitation.
  7. No what it means is that the game has great freedom and flexibility therefore it takes oversight by both GM and Players.
  8. And another point about raw STR vs MA DC. MA DC isn’t supposed to be used to break things like say a bank vault door even if you have the DC to do so.
  9. I haven’t used them as of yet. I’m working on a game that may allow it. The allowance is more because the GM is new so builds are really going to be basic not do the build itself. What do you hope to achieve with lowering the cost?
  10. Really? First all you have to buy minimum of 10 CP out the gate. Second what styles are available and how strict is the GM with maneuver description? I.e. just because I bought weapon element: blades for my Karate doesn’t mean I get to use my Offensive Strike with it cause that is defined as a Spinning Kick. Most maneuvers can have positive OCV and or DCV but then they usually have a negative OCV/DCV also. Oh so Extra DC adds to maneuvers? And? Let’s take NND. It takes two extra DC to increase it by one Die. Second on that you know what doesn’t add to NND? STR. Grind can buy a choke hold and still only does 2D6 NND. You can buy NND on a HA get to add X amount of STR for free (depending on size of HA) and you suffer no penalty as a martial maneuver. Let’s not forget that most campaigns use standard rules for KB so a martial maneuver rolls one more die of KB. That may not a big deal per se but I just gamed and the GM (long time player) felt that that didn’t sit right with Shamrock. (He used the 5th ed version which has him having Boxing MA). One more thought about maneuvers, just because they are book legal, doesn’t mean that the GM will allow them. I’m looking at you Flying Dodge!
  11. In Heroic games in Fifth iirc, HA are also bound by the doubling rule and it didn’t matter how you got there too.
  12. Iirc in Fifth ed martial arts are limited by the doubling rule. However Steve Long points out that almost no one follows said rule.
  13. That’s all well and good however the OP’s question asked about a fifth ed question.
  14. And Chris let’s not forget that PER can be divorced from INT if all who are concerned agree.
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