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  1. Tryshkell, what specifically did you like about your D&D games? Did you have a Campaign goal or not? Did you have subplots or not? Was it combat heavy or skilled or mixed? I’ll be the heretic here and say that really most of the game elements are the same between both games. So instead of going through a lair, you go through a VIper’s Nest (villain group). Which by the way have traps too! Go figure. Champions has combat but instead of killing foes you typically KO them. But this really has to do with which specific genre you going for. Pulp heroes and Golden Age heroes have been known to kill people. I always have a hard time getting a party together “realistically” in either game. Just go with coincidences, it’s easier. Write down what you want out of the game, and that will be your campaign. Play your game not what others think it should be.
  2. What kind of D&D adventures have you played?
  3. I can’t seem to like this. I do and found the same thing.
  4. I believe that these builds are the best for helping brand new GM/Players. I could see free PDF with say 6 characters built like these so a new group could grab them and run a sample scenario. A scenario I imagine would be against Agents (built as Notable). One run through and everyone should get a feel for the basics of combat and perhaps skills too. I would have some paragraphs explaining that these build are purposefully built simple has to allow people to grasp the mechanics of the game and then encourage them as they feel comfortable to experiment with adding more points and various builds to a character.
  5. My question is can you start a scenario out of the gate with the M&M HH? Or does it take work similar to CC?
  6. I guess it must be a house rule but I don’t have combat luck stack with armor.
  7. Alert fest sounds like Danger Sense in Champions.
  8. Wow! Way to blow Greywind’s comment outta proportion. No one is suggesting that we shouldn’t try to have a balanced system however as 6 editions show though, a perfectly balanced system is a fools errand. It’s counter productive. I feel that it’s costing the game new players. Isn’t trying to get to perfect balance got us to 2 volume 6th edition? Seriously with Gnome Body’s “because it punishes some concepts”, really punishes? How about enjoy the game and don’t worry about some getting a point or two more than you.
  9. Yeah that’s another point too. I don’t think that it was just one cause but several smaller issues that came at the same time.
  10. I believe some of it was the timing of 6th coming out. You had 5th ed then not too long 5th Rev. came out. Then I don’t believe it wasn’t really too long that 6th was announced and we also went through a recession at the time. I do believe asking $120 (for both books) was another nail in the coffin.
  11. Well by simulist (and I think I’m spelling it wrong) I mean not just sword and sorcery but Conan’s S&S. Or ERB’s Men of Mars. Or even Tolkien’s High Fantasy. I’m talking about adhering to the source material so much that sometimes it isn’t worth it to do to either mechanically in game., I.e. Radium guns hit what lever they kill one shot. Or thematically, to play in Middle Earth, you can’t go by the books exactly if you want adventures yourself.
  12. True to an extent. At what point (no pun untended) do we go from not being ripped off to being petty? Petty as in you got one more sprinkle than me on the ice cream petty.
  13. I have an ex-Mauler agent whose hand was replaced with a jackhammer. Names of course Jackhammer.
  14. Here’s a crazy concept. How about buying characteristics or Skills based on concept not point efficiency?
  15. Talk about your hand cannon!
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