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  1. I have used random name generators but sometimes those give whacky result. One trick we’ve used is use thing name in another language. For example Hunter in Hungarian- Vadasz.
  2. Just some guy who I stumbled upon in YouTube. I think the videos are several years old now. The premise of the Running the Game was to entice NEW people into GMing because a lot of people will play but not GM. Now of course some of the advice was geared specifically for D&D 5th however he has wonderfully ideas that could be used in any game. The other thing is you may not like D&D but his enthusiasm makes you still want to get a group of players together and PLAY!
  3. Matt Colville in his Running the Game gives the same advice. Do it and have fun but remember that most of the players won’t care. Also he had a nice sheet made that asked several basic questions before your first game, it dealt with the local area. And even THAT he suggested that you don’t need to fill out every detail. But it was nice to get a few detail down. Things like town name and name 3 villages. What is the forest called? What do the locals think of Elves? Or Dwarves? whose the local big bad? That sort of thing.
  4. Battletech had Comstar as a group which specially withheld knowledge from the rest of the Universe AND secretly assassinated Scientists that were on the verge of rediscovering lost technology. They wanted the rest of the world to burn down and they come in as it’s savior. I actually see the elves being like this. 😏
  5. I took the wipe the floor as in knock them out or just take them down. In classic Supers game this is done with no killing attacks. I don’t see the problem.
  6. It seems to me that everyone is missing information. Rather the free exchange or control of information slows progress. The Chinese had black power for how long? And iirc they knew that it could be weapon used. However once Europeans got a hold of it, look at the changes it wrought. Also the powerful effect of culture. I was watching a king fu flick (yeah I know) the interesting thing was the background was that the hero was studying this strange new weapon-steel swords. The villain used that against him because the prevailing culture set in the movie, Bronze weapons were only accepted. The steel uses we’re practicing in the dark from watchful eyes. So naturally they shouldn’t be trusted.
  7. My brother has the same issue. He bought two PDF from the Hero Store. @Simon can I pass on to him that it’ll be ok to open?
  8. I thought everyone was interested in drinking and wenching? 😁
  9. Well would you want me to show up with a dwarf that uses flintlocks? There are games out there name that do allow early firearms but that’s not everyone’s spice of life. Plus if I need skills due to setting details like various KS, that’s going to affect how I build my character. I.e. I can dump more points into combat if I don’t need frilly skills. 😁
  10. I’d say go for it. Remember the old “with GM’s permission…..”.
  11. Also is there anything not allowed? No gnomes in my game is useful to know. To add to Greywind, if there is anything that during play, you wished your character should’ve known then it should be included.
  12. @DreadDomain, I too love the idea of Adders to Running! I wonder why that haven’t in all these years.
  13. @Christopher R Taylor, I remember reading on a different forum that the author of the clone system called FASERIP got permission from Storn Cook to use his free superhero artwork. Perhaps try Storn?
  14. He did? I thought he only had the BR. Well that makes things easier.
  15. Unfortunately Combat Luck isn’t in the BR. 😩
  16. @Crayon, do you and your friends like Batman? Also how many players do you have? What I’m thinking for a one shot type learning game is writing up basic Batman type characters (here I’m going to swipe from Public Domain of Superheroes). Nothing too fancy. And I’ll have a simple plot also.
  17. @Crayon, hey my bad. I was telling you to use normal and skilled and competent but as I looked at BR, they don’t list them at all. Normal human has stats at stating and like 7 pts of skills. Skilled and competent have a few more points spent in Characteristics and of course some more skills and a few points in Running.
  18. For now, I wouldn’t worry too much about a campaign-think one shot. Also even though staring Heroic characters are listed as 175/50 points that means that they are well rounded and competent at what they do. However coming fresh out of the gate there is a lot of potential which can be intimidating. I know cause at times I still feel it. (Note that even in a regular game, if someone builds a character and it seems not satisfying, you can allow a rebuild.) Also feel free to ….borrow other write ups and change them to suit YOUR needs. Just because Randall Irons is written for a classic Pulp game in mind doesn’t mean you can’t change skill, talents or character is tics to suit your needs.
  19. That’s what I thought. The options can come later if and when you want them. How about breaking up a simple crime gang? The Thugs can be normals and skilled normals. The Boss can be just a competent normal adjusted to suit your tastes and don’t worry about points balancing out either for him (or her if so inclined). I’d gladly help if you want.
  20. I’ve checked and Chara Maxima is an optional rule, pg. 20. I haven’t personally used it Heroic games since 6th fwiw.
  21. This is his first game. So let’s keep options to a minimum. And let’s keep assumptions also to a minimum. You don’t need Characteristica Maxima just because it’s Heroic. I’m going to double check to see if that is EVEN an option in Basic.
  22. In the way older books, Phases were referred to as Action Phases. So how this works is there are 12 Segments to a Turn. If you have Speed (SPD) the segments you go on are 6 & 12. Those segments are then referred to as Phases. That is when you are able to act or take an action. If you have SPD 3 then your phases are 4,8 & 12. So a SPD has one more phase in which to act then SPD 2 and will act first as his phase is before SPD. Now what can happen is that if you share a Phase with Someone else then the highest DEX goes first-ties roll off. It is possible to have a higher SPD than someone and have a lower DEX then that same someone. For your first game (and almost all my Fantasy games) the Players all have the same SPD. And just adjust the villains as needed. Basically I have low level mooks one less SPD and a major Boss one more SPD.
  23. @Crayon although Lonewolf posted technically correct information, I wouldn’t worry about it. Do not worry about what is normal human limit. Why? Because you are creating heroes and it’s no fun to have certain characteristics that within the benchmarks. Trust me, I’ve done it. Benchmark might be 13 CON but trust me I wouldn’t have less than an 18 CON. STR I see the range of 15-23. Also Lonewolf mentioned that some games make you pay double cost past a certain level. That’s called Characteristica Maxima which has confused many a long time gamer on these boards. Iirc BH doesn’t address this at all and if it did it is optional. Again don’t worry about it. The martial arts maneuvers presented in BH aren’t terribly complex. They are really just advanced versions of the Standard Maneuvers.
  24. Even though you said Modern, there is no reason why your heroes couldn’t behave like old pulp heroes. Or think about them as action adventure.
  25. The highest for normal human is 30. There should be a chart in BR somewhere. I’ll see if I can’t find it. Since you’re going Heroic, look in the Downloads section and there is a download title sample characters of sub genres for Champions Complete. You can use those as is are modify them to suit.
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