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  1. I find it interesting to see where the system came from.i think I can see why certain things were done.
  2. I disagree with Indiana Joe about Grab. Grab changes the grabbers CV based on who he’s attacking and who’s attacking him. The same thing with the Grabee. Then there’s the STR vs STR roll. (Yes this could be simplified too for now). He I would recommend a 4x6 index card with these notes on it for easy reference. Heck I do that for myself.
  3. Duke I am doing the fun thing trust me. 😁 Why I envision certain GMs/RAW “BY the book”/as a player, is that it helps me focus on character build. I hate coming up with 150 pts in Disadvantages and yeah I could say as a GM you only need 100 pts but since I’m going with RAW it’s making stretch the old brain. Also Super leap as a full phase doesn’t bother me. I just found it interesting. I used it in the battle and it worked fine. Zenith is done and Razorback is almost finished.
  4. I changed Elastikick a little to remove Martial Arts. Changed DEX to 23 39 pts Increase SPD cost to 27 pts Dropped MA -30 pts +3D6 STR Dice 0 END 15pts -5 Lack of Weakness 5 pts
  5. Duke I believe the first time I saw HKA plus Range was 4th ed Big Blue Book.
  6. Tkdguy I got had a hard time to swipe to new photos. I got through half of them.
  7. Duke fwiw in 5th )& I haven’t gotten a chance to check in 6th) you could for Heroic level only put Ranged on HA. I think they never should’ve allowed Ranged to be added on HKA that made HKA and RKA weirder.
  8. My phone was being weird so I couldn’t view all the pics but what I saw was WOW! Great job!
  9. Ninja-Bear


    Beat me to it Ternaugh.
  10. Oh and another thing is if you can print off some sheets like combat maneuvers (or make your own) or at least use sticky notes to mark in the book for important rules. It really isn’t hard to learn. Actually a good thing is to take a normal versus skilled or versus competent that way you see the difference between CVs and PDs and SPD too.
  11. Also stay away from Martial maneuvers until you’re more comfortable with the Standard Maneuvers. That being said, I would encourage you to play mock battles when not gaming and go-let’s try this! I still do that.
  12. I concur with the (-1/4) limitation too.
  13. Even in Fantasy you can get away with Hit Locations and even Activation Rolls. Just make sure killing attacks have a chance of getting through. We never worried about Turn Mode in our group lol. Agents don’t get recovery nor do they take one. If playing Supers, use play Normals with a weapon and some armor. Also once agents go 0 Stun or negative, they’re out of the game.
  14. I like Dukes AoE even better! It seems to work with Safe Area concept.
  15. I know the feeling. There are Power especially Mental that still throw me too.
  16. FWIW I got to run a sample battle with Elastikick versus 4 standard Viper agents. (I did swap ou their RKA for UNTILs EB though) and after a turn and a half I took them out except one. My son had him run away and the “leader” call him coward. 😁 I got a special gleam in my eye when I threw 12D6 at an agent I won’t lie!
  17. Nrjervis what edition are you using by the way? And it’s not that you didn’t understand C.E. correctly, it’s that it’s been expanded but the main thing is C.E. weirdly still only attacks an attack Power.
  18. I think that’s is a great and valid option. I don’t think it’s cheesy because it really fits with your concept. May I suggest (if your using 6th) to add Damage Negation-Radiation sfx? Maybe just a die or two. That would simulate the field although not stopping a sudden (attack) spike of Radiation, it still takes some edge off it.
  19. JMOZ is STARS your name? I may have to have Shadow come stea....er borrow it!
  20. Well RAW said Superleap takes Full Phase because your run the first 3” then leap. So I can see though a generous GM should give you standing leap as half move. I also when I envision writing up these guys for this board an old GM/Player who was the stereotypical Rules Lawyer. I mean in essence we can always claim GM approval and for your on games that’s fine. I just (cue Johnny Cash) walk the line. I had to laugh at Mind Control example. Back in the day I was so unimaginative I would’ve never thought of trying to pull something like that! Heck for years I thought it was dumb that Cheshire Cat had a billy club and able to missile deflection anything. Lately I came to the conclusion that it’s a focus of his teleport powers and he warps the missiles away. Next up is Zenith a Speedster. I’ve never played a speedster before.
  21. The one pay lim should be overconfidence.
  22. The model is from Reaper miniatures named Blubbery Rand. He is the inspiration for Elastikick.
  23. Elastikick Secret ID Paul E. Moore 30 STR 18 DEX 20 CON 10 BODY 10 INT 10 EGO 10 PRE 12 COM 20 PD 20 ED 5 SPD 10 REC 50 END 35 STUN CV 7 ECV 3 Powers 40 Stretching 10 RED END Stretch 4 END 30 Martial Arts 15 1/2 Damage Resistance vs ALL 7 RED END STR 3 END 10 Super Leap 12" total 6 +2 with Stretching-Combat Disadvantages 100+ Secret ID 15 Unluck 1D6 5 Hunted by Viper 30 Phy lim: +3 KB 10 Psy Lim: Overconfident 20 Hunted: Cheshire Cat* 20 Vuln x2 STUN -Cold 10 Psy Lim Novice Hero 20 Vuln x2 STUN-Sonics 10 Phy Lim: x2 END Cold 10 Char: 122 Powers: 128 Disadvantages 150 Here he is.
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