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Kazei 5 - 6th ed, question on Cyberware (specifically, Cyberbrains)


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As I've been reading the 6th ed rulebook getting ready for my game, I see a few requirements that players need:

In order to run Bioware (not any old cyberware), they need the Bioware Compatible talent (p.11).

In order to run cyberware needs a Cyberbrain (p.10).


Cyberbrains replace EGO, OMCV, and DMCV with their own stats and are independent of the character (p.41). In order to show this correctly, I think a character has to sell their EGO (etc) back to 0, then buy a cyberbrain.

However, the NPCs in the book don't always seem to jive with that. Examples:


Replicates (p.205) <They have -2 EGO (p.75) but shouldn't the Cyberbrain not reflect that?>



Typical Twenty-First Century Solider (p.184) <looks like he may have added stats on top of what the cyberbrain adds>
Any of the Cyberdroids (p.194-202) <Cyberbrain stats are not reflected in the Characteristics section>

Carlos Jagger (p.210).


I'm starting to guess that the Cyberbrain is quite literally it's OWN thing, and stats purchased by buying one literally do not stack/add to the character's own EGO/OMCV/DMCV. Did I just answer my own question? If so, will Hero Designer reflect this? Interesting...


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I need to dig out my copy of the book to look, but I don't remember people buying back their natural EGO at all.   The Cyberbrian stats exist to deal with Hacking powers and abilities, but you would still need your natural EGO to deal with Esper powers and abilities if they came up. 


I have not confirmed this from book,  but that is how my fuzzy memory recalls it from when I read it a year or so back.

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