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Using Chat-GPT go create adventure outlines

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Another cool way to use emerging AI is to help with adventure plots.  You can use Chat-GPT to do this.  You need to create an account to use it.  For years I have been using Inspiration Pad Pro (free tool) to create adventure outlines like this.


Tigger: Apparition
Major Goal: Solve Mystery - Disappearance Of Person(s)
Obstacle to Goal: Race Against Antagonist(s)
Location: A church steeple rises above a swampy pool. The waters around the ruin are shallow, except in the graveyard, where open and empty graves create deep, submerged pits.
Location Feature: Chapel
Phenomena: Strange Weather
Villain Goal/Reason: Revenge
Artifact: Exotic Item
Theme: Power
Key NPC: Peasant
And then I took this and turned it into a statement like:
Write an fantasy role playing game adventure where the adventure is triggered by an apparition.  The villain is after revenge and power.  A person has disappeared.  The location is a church and graveyard that is in a swampy pool.

"The Apparition of the Swamp Church"


You and your group of adventurers have been hired by the local lord to investigate a strange occurrence at the abandoned swamp church on the outskirts of town. It is said that an apparition has been appearing at the church, terrifying any who dare to enter its grounds.


As you approach the church, you notice that the surrounding graveyard is overgrown and the church itself is dilapidated, its walls and roof covered in vines. As you make your way through the swampy pool that surrounds the church, you hear the sound of chanting coming from inside.


Upon entering the church, you are confronted by the ghostly apparition of a monk, his body glowing with an otherworldly light. He tells you that he has been cursed to haunt the church for all eternity, unable to find peace until the person responsible for his death is brought to justice.


As you listen to the monk's story, you learn that he was a member of the church's clergy, and that he was killed by a vengeful member of the congregation who coveted the monk's position of power. This person, who has since disappeared, was willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals, even murder.


As the monk's story comes to an end, he disappears, leaving you with the task of finding and bringing the killer to justice. You and your companions must search the swampy graveyard and surrounding area for any clues that might lead you to the culprit.


As you delve deeper into the mystery, you encounter strange and dangerous creatures, including undead skeletons and swamp beasts. You also discover that the killer is still in the area, using the abandoned church as a hideout.

In the end, you are able to track down the killer and confront them in a final showdown at the church. With the help of your companions and the ghostly monk, you are able to defeat the villain and bring them to justice, finally bringing peace to the haunted swamp church.


Which isn't too bad if you need a quick adventure for an upcoming game.  It took about 10 minutes to generate.

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