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  1. Steve


    It's been added to a bundle on DriveThruRPG: AU Charity - Fantasy Supplements [BUNDLE].
  2. I'm still available this weekend. If we end up skipping, let me know when the next session is.
  3. What time will we start? I'm available as early as 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
  4. I just watched the movie again tonight, so I thought I would bump this topic.
  5. I'm signed up for the long haul. Verizon gave out a free year to all of their customers with unlimited data, I paid in advance for two years and got a third year for free when they did a sale a month or so ago. I am covered for the next four years of Disney+ content releases.
  6. Something has come up for me on December 14th, so I can only play for part of the evening. Since we were talking about starting a little early, I could play from 3-6pm then would have to go for a while. If we could start any earlier than 3pm, that would be fine with me. I might be able to come back again after 8 or 9 for the evening's finale.
  7. Well, that was pretty shocking. I've been expecting Beretta to be the first PC to die, not who bought the farm last night. That was a brutal death.
  8. I've recently started reading an interesting superhero fiction series called "Wearing The Cape" which discusses aspects of registration in a world where superpowers suddenly appeared a decade ago in a world that was normal before then. When that event happened, governments around the world reacted in different ways. Some were more accepting of the sudden presence of superhumans and some were harsher, trying to kill any they found. In some areas of the world, there are wars still being fought by different groups for control of those regions and many governments collapsed overnight. Registration came about in that world's version of the United States as a means of helping normals accept people with powers, because it was terrifying to them to suddenly find themselves living in a world where the police and army were now supplanted by people who didn't have to listen to the government if they didn't want to. One of the first and most powerful superhumans, Atlas, in order to try and put a friendlier face on his kind, put on a homemade superhero outfit and went out helping people in trouble and assisting where he could. Others followed his example, kind of like how DC had Superman as the first superhero. In that world, superhumans in the United States work as part of an auxiliary force assisting police and firefighters. Not everyone wants to "wear the cape" though, and many superhumans try retain their normal lives after experiencing their empowerment event, if they still look human. Some people change too much to be recognized as human when they become empowered.
  9. I'm okay with running NPCs if there's not really anything for Beretta to do other than recover in a hospital bed, since I get experience even if I'm not playing my main character. I'll do my best to hinder Jack & Drew with shooting skills worthy of a graduate of the illustrious Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.
  10. I believe I could do the 23rd or the 7th of December, just not November 30th.
  11. I don't think I'll be available on the 30th, but there's a slim chance I might be. I was told family will be visiting for the holiday weekend, but plans could change. I am available on the 16th.
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