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  1. Part of my decision on that would depend on the page count and price point. I always like NPCs I can mine for ideas, in general.
  2. I wonder. Do GMs ever have specific agents return after gaining XPs? That 50-point minion of VIPER could slowly grow to become an agent leader or special operative.
  3. Well, creating a character involves assigning your points, so it's pretty helpful to know what is considered too high or too low in abilities.
  4. Ability ranges are always good, especially if there are caps on anything.
  5. I’m reminded of Doctor Who.
  6. Actually, one way to write this would be to take existing CU characters and tweak them into fitting on this show. Charisma could have an evil female cousin named Night Glamour who was very loosely based on Talisman. Bonus points if the same actress played both roles.
  7. After watching the new Suicide Squad movie, I'm wondering how you could portray their implanted explosive charges in Hero terms. Are they just a GM fiat? If a hero team got implanted with these to force them to work for a group like VIPER, it would be better to have damage numbers handy, in case one or more members turned out to be resistant enough, so I am curious if anyone has ever made up something like this.
  8. It’s a DF that can’t be hidden but can only be detected by a limited group or special senses. I don’t have my books handy, but I think that is in the 5-10 point range. It’s probably just a noticeable thing, not something that would cause a strong reaction. interesting idea.
  9. At extreme levels of range, perhaps an archer also needs Telescopic Sight abilities to deal with at least some of their range modifiers? This wouldn’t be an issue with shorter ranges, but would when you get to the outer edge of a bow’s range. An archer may have a ton of penalty skill levels, but they wouldn’t do much good if they can’t clearly see the target, would they?
  10. Let’s talk about credit, which is a big feature of modern and most likely future societies. Hero A doesn’t have much money on hand, but they have built an excellent credit rating (800+) and can easily borrow tens of thousands of dollars quickly if needed (loans, leases, platinum credit cards, etc). They can always manage to pay their debts eventually. I’m wondering if this is just a special effect of the Money Perk, or if it could justify a separate Perk of some kind. On the other hand, Hero B is always in debt and can never seem to make ends meet. Their credit rating is below 600, so they need co-signers to lease an apartment or buy a car. This would seem adequately covered by the Poor Complication. Hero C is quite wealthy (10+ points of Money), but has a poor credit score right now due to problems with drinking that caused several financial reversals. While they still have Money from their Perk, rebuilding their company will need borrowing. Would this be a Complication of some kind?
  11. Heh. I didn’t have anything quite that grandiose in mind. I was planning to start small, like a 10-20 page adventure, some themed NPCs (like a ninja clan or Hudson City PD officers) or a mini-setting book.
  12. I have ideas for several genres: Dark Champions, Star Hero, Urban Fantasy Hero and Ninja Hero. While I do have some ideas for Champions, these other genres call more loudly to me. Thanks to all who have replied so far.
  13. I've been considering trying my hand at writing game supplement materials for publication, but I'm not sure what would be most helpful/wanted to people so decided to try a poll here to get a sense of public opinion from my fellow Hero fans. Feel free to explain your reasons for choosing one of the items. Thanks!
  14. Yeah, five acres is the minimum assuming good land, adequate rainfall and a long growing season. It seems desert regions tend to rely on being on trade routes and people in colder climates hunted meat animals or fished to supplement their food supplies, since farming seasons were pretty short. As towns grow, farmland will get chopped up for housing and businesses, which could cause food shortages if the frontier is not creating new farmland quickly enough to support the growing population. You also have to factor in losses from raiding or war. Orcs and goblins love stealing stuff. The Magnificent Seven helped a bunch of farmers, so PCs could be hired for this too!
  15. Challengers of the Unknown would make a good basis for a more Silver Age feel, since it started in the 1950s. Maybe something like Johnny Quest mixed with shrinking-based superpowers.
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