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  1. Automat food Circuit City Crown Books Floppy disks Green stamps (S&H) H.R. Pufnstuf KB Toys Pet rocks Roller skate keys Rope climb in gym class Sam Goody Sea monkeys Sears catalogs Slide Rules Tab soda Tom McAn shoes Tower Records TV stations signing off for the night Video Game Systems: Atari, Intellivision Video Games: Asteroids, Computer Space, Defender, Double Dragon, Dragon's Lair, Frogger, Galaxian, Gauntlet, Joust, Out Run, Pong, Space Invaders. Woolworth's
  2. We have an 8-track in the car.
  3. Steve

    Urban Hero

    I like the Monster Hunter RPG that Hero publishes, and I've played in KillerShrike's Here There Be Monsters game, which shares some of the same aspects as Monster Hunter. I also really liked Grimm and its masquerade concept. My setting preference is something more along the lines of Feng Shui, especially if I've rewatched Big Trouble In Little China again. I like guns, martial arts, monsters and mysticism in the right mix.
  4. Weird. Still no mention of this book on the main page, but the Celtic Hero Bestiary is now announced. It makes me wonder what other new things might be getting added to the store but not announced.
  5. Was there a section that showed how the costs of the new talents were calculated? I didn’t see anything on my read through.
  6. I did think it was a little strange that it's been out since the 18th but not mentioned, so I thought I'd better announce it. I've finished skimming through the book, and it's pretty good. The added Talents and modified combat rules are interesting. It's a genre book with a modified form of the core rules included, a bit like how Lucha Libre Hero was done. At 276 pages for the PDF, it's a good deal at $15.
  7. Western Hero: Rough and Ready Roleplaying - Hero System (General) - HERO Games It arrived in the store a few days ago, but I didn't see an announcement yet.
  8. The Adventurers Club is out in PDF format. You can find it in the store here Adventurers Club - HERO Games
  9. What is a good rule-of-thumb to use for maximum image file size in HD? 500k? Smaller?
  10. Maybe a form of 0-point DNPC for Hogan’s group?
  11. A few seem quite specific but most are much more generic. I thought the VIPER campaign sounded interesting and could be spun as anti-hero versus outright villainy. Picture working in VIPER compared to agencies like PRIMUS or UNTIL as like being in Star Trek’s Mirror Universe.
  12. I'm pretty sure the real Wednesday Addams has matching knives.
  13. Bruce Wayne tries to take a proactive stance every now and then with Gotham City, but it always seems to bite him in the butt. Nothing ever gets better. It’s like the city fights him as much as the major bad guys there do. He seems to do best when he just goes out each night looking for small-time hoods to pummel. Come to think of it, a vigilante like the Punisher is pretty pro-active, but he’s probably not the role model most players would want to emulate.
  14. Resurrecting an old thread in my search for Atomic Age heroics on the forums. Having the Enewetak Atoll blast in 1952 (10.4 megatons) trigger the Superheroic Age gives an interesting spin on things. The Cold War had a different feel than WWII. Using GURPS Technomancer as a background element to usher in superheroes instead of magic-users is definitely food for thought.
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