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  1. I've noticed that in a lot of situations, to defend against damage-causing Change Environment abilities requires having an appropriate form of Life Support. Do abilities like Damage Negation and Damage Reduction reduce the damage that can be caused by Change Environment?
  2. No, I would not let you buy OCV or DCV the way you specify, although +1 OCV or +1 DCV can be bought with a -1 Limitation "HTH Attacks Only" for 2 points per Mr. Long: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/97808-limited-ocvdcv/ Sorry, I should have written it as "Only To Increase Damage" with a -1/2 Limitation, which is how the Weaponmaster Talent is constructed per 6E1 pg 447. I was using that as my model in my suggestion, since it is RAW. That limitation value could then be applied to 3-, 5-, or 8-point levels, depending on broadness, but I am inclined to think that using only either 3- or 5-point levels for this would probably be all that was need when it came to martial arts though. This would bring the increased damage in line with RAW using skill levels.
  3. Well, my thinking was that two 3-point levels with a limitation "Only To Increase Damage" (-1/2) costing 4 real points would work roughly like how a MA Damage Class currently does now, but it could only be applied to two or three maneuvers and would be the cheapest you could buy. So if you only had a single style with a couple of damaging maneuvers, that would be what you bought. If you picked up more maneuvers than that, then they'd only work on a few maneuvers or you'd need to invest more points in damage-increasing levels to cover the additional maneuvers, going up to 5-point maneuvers with the same limitation, increasing the cost to 7 real points or 8-point levels for 11 real points if you had a lot of maneuvers. Since there are people in the thread complaining about the cheapness of martial arts, increasing the cost of extra Damage Classes that can affect a broader range of maneuvers could be a way to adjust the amount needed to invest in martial arts and offset some of the cheapness of maneuvers.
  4. One of the things I've been pondering is how the price of extra MA Damage Classes might be adjusted based on the numbers of maneuvers you have that can do damage. If I take a Martial Strike, a Martial Block and a Martial Dodge, I'm paying the same price for extra Damage classes that only applies to a single maneuver as someone who buys Martial Strike, Offensive Strike and Legsweep.which is three maneuvers that can do damage. Using Weaponmaster as an example, why not adjust the price of extra MA Damage Classes depending on the number of damaging maneuvers you can do? Just a thought I've been playing with.
  5. One of the things I like about the idea of starting with stripped-down, lower-priced martial arts maneuvers is that buying them can provide a feeling of learning and improvement, especially in lower-pointed campaigns. Instead of saving up and buying ten points of maneuvers all at once, why not do it slowly, paying in a point or two at a time? Start with Martial Strike, paying a point to get either the first +1d6 in damage or +1 DCV HTH. Then slowly add more points to it and other maneuvers as you gain experience.
  6. The Flying Dodge maneuver can be aborted to and includes a full move, which could get a character out of the range of an AOE attack. If a character has bought this maneuver, do they gain the effective benefits of Dive For Cover when using it?
  7. I could see "The Serious Six" since most of us are pretty grim sorts, except for the nigh-indestructible teen. If Murgatroyd keeps earning MVP, maybe "Murgatroyd And His Deadly Friends" could work.
  8. I'm sure we'll figure something out. Thanks for giving us advance notice. We'll see you in three weeks.
  9. While I've been looking forward to reading about all the action that I missed out on, I can wait. I hope you're not one of the people losing their minds.
  10. Sorry I couldn't be there. I was roasting in the Grand Canyon for part of that day and riding a tour bus with the family for much of the rest of it. I look forward to playing in a couple of weeks.
  11. I guess I'll have to keep upping my game as a player and force you to keep consulting your notes for important details. 😏
  12. That sounds fine to me. I enjoy adding depth to characters that makes plotline sense.
  13. Incident #3 (continued) Beretta Colt: Be a good girl?! Don't say anything?! I'm covered in (bleep)-ing blood and gore! Again!! Why does this (bleep)-ing (bleep) keep happening to me?!! I thought I left all this (bleep) behind in college! That guy has (bleep)-ing fangs! He almost tore out my throat before I got a hold of my dad's gun and emptied it into him! Section M agent: (sighs) All right, Ms. Colt. I guess, given your history having to forcibly deal with several such events head-on, you've earned the truth. You might want to sit down for this... I could understand her being a trouble magnet. Maybe I should revise her Complications somehow? A Hunted of some kind? A Social Complication?
  14. I could imagine something like that happened with Beretta in her origin story. Incident #1, Section M agent: No, those weren't really zombies, Ms. Colt. They were actually the unfortunate victims of a bioterrorism incident that the government would prefer you keep quiet about due to national security concerns. Incident #2, Section M agent: Magic? Aztec curses? Come now, Ms. Colt. Your ex-boyfriend was actually doped to the gills on a mix of PCP, steroids and amphetamines that we found in his apartment when we searched it. That's why he was able to ignore being thrown off the roof of a three-story building, getting hit across the face with a crowbar and being shot twice in the chest at point-blank range with the .38 revolver your fiancé was using before he was murdered. The bullets that went through your ex's body must have somehow managed to miss his vital organs. You don't want to sound like a crazy person and keep talking about cursed knives, now do you? Incident #3, Section M agent: There are no such things as vampires, Ms. Colt. Beretta Colt: That's the best you've got? You were far more eloquent in our past encounters. Section M agent: It's been a very long night, Ms. Colt. So just be a good girl and don't talk about this incident, for your own safety.
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