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  1. It sounds like quite a place: lots of riverboat gambling coupled with a poor local economy and a declining population due to an oil industry downturn in the region, combined with a high crime rate and also increasing amounts of violent crime.
  2. I've never been there, but a quick review of Wikipedia told me that the weather is probably going to be brutal on anyone wearing body armor, depending on the time of the year. The average highs are in the 80s to 90s from late spring to early fall and combine with over 70 percent humidity pretty much year-round. I think a few of our PC comrades favoring trenchcoats and full body armor might be in danger of passing out from LTE loss during a typical summertime day there. The populace is over half African-American, so our pale-skinned group of PCs might stand out even more there than normal. And the crime rate is through the roof with 66 crimes per 1,000 residents, and it ranks #18 on America's 25 Murder Capitals.
  3. While Boston is fine with me for a home base area, we do need to think about where we should set up remote staging bases. I have a few suggestions, in no particular order. 1) Ann Arbor, MI: It's about 45 minutes away from Detroit and is also the current HQ location of the Pinkerton agency. It would be cool if the Pinkertons were involved in supernatural stuff, given their Deadlands lore. 2) New Orleans, LA: This place has got to be a hot spot for supernatural activity, right? 3) Orlando, FL: Disneyworld must have some spooky happenings going on from time to time. Maybe that's why it's so successful. What dark things might go on in the tunnels underneath the parks? 4) Las Vegas, NV: We already know some weird stuff is going on here. There could be much more than we've seen so far. The desert around the city also hides many secrets. 5) San Francisco, CA: Chinatown. What more need be said? 6) San Antonio, TX: It's got a lot of history, what with the Alamo and all. 7) Portland, OR: It's got it's share of supernatural weirdness from all accounts. 8 ) New York City, NY: I wonder if there are any abandoned fire stations we could procure? 9) Honolulu, HI: If nothing else, it would make for a great rest stop area. 10) San Diego, CA: It's where we game in real life, so seems a waste to not use it.
  4. Speaking as someone who works in the commercial real estate industry, that seems like a pretty fair deal. Here are some real world numbers to consider. $100k cash outlay will pay for a one-year lease in Boston in a Class B building for about 3,300 or so rentable square feet ($30/sf annually or $99,000). There's about 20 million square feet currently vacant in that city, so even a Class A space can probably be found for that rate in a lower occupancy building, given Killroy's knowledge of real estate. In comparison, here in suburban San Diego county, you can pay about the same price for office space in a Class A building. Location will really determine things. Warehouse rental rates in the US are averaging about a quarter of the rate that Class B office space goes for in Boston, or about $7 per square foot. There are also dying strip malls where space can be had for real cheap nowadays, especially in less popular areas.
  5. The USA has FBI's Section M as the government response to supernatural threats. In Europe, does Interpol have anything like this group, or is such organizing done more at the country-level rather than as an international response? What other professional organizations exist that we would be in competition with? Or are we the only one?
  6. Since wizards are such a rare commodity, as the business expands, this might require Murgatroyd to become more integrated into the different wizard communities to try and offload some of the increasing demands for his time on temporary hires. Murgatroyd: I need to refresh their office's wards again? This makes the third time for the month. I now officially hate our ward warranties. Who came up with that idea? Actually, adding on a temp agency service for Hunters might be a potential untapped revenue stream. It would also be a great way to allow each Player to bring in additional PCs.
  7. I must point out that Beretta is more than just gun-toting violence. I just checked the recent character sheets posted, and she is the only PC who has bought the Charm and Persuasion skills. So she could also function as the company's public relations/sales representative, the face of the team. While she's fine with blowing things away with her guns, it looks like she is the most personable PC. I think we should stay away from mundane clients completely. There's probably plenty of business we could get from those aware who are of the supernatural, although I'm having trouble picturing Murgatroyd in the role of Harry Dresden, Wizard For Hire.
  8. I'm looking forward to playing this Saturday. It sounds like a lot of fun will be had by all.
  9. I'm trying to wrap my head around the description of Absorption with Healing Effect from APG1, and I'm having some difficulties. The description says that the points gained don't fade like they would with a normal version of Absorption, which I understand defaults to the fade rate of 5 points per Turn like other Adjustment powers do. So, how exactly does this work with the cap on Absorption points, which is normally limited to double the amount bought but fades 5 points every Turn? Does that mean that if I buy 5 points of Absorption with Healing Effect, I can use it in Turn 1 to regain up to 10 points of BODY that don't actually fade away and then use it again in Turn 2 to regain up to 10 points again? Or am I limited to 5 points maximum I can regain in Turn 2 because the fade rate still exists even though I am not actually losing any points? If I also buy the Advantage Defensive Absorption on such an ability, since it only absorbs when it is healing damage, does it do nothing if my character is unharmed? Or would the defense it offers only be the amount it needs to absorb to heal my character back up to full? Or would it be the full amount of the Absorption ability? Or is it some other amount?
  10. The Arc name is certainly intriguing. I like its alliterative sound.
  11. I've noticed that in a lot of situations, to defend against damage-causing Change Environment abilities requires having an appropriate form of Life Support. Do abilities like Damage Negation and Damage Reduction reduce the damage that can be caused by Change Environment?
  12. No, I would not let you buy OCV or DCV the way you specify, although +1 OCV or +1 DCV can be bought with a -1 Limitation "HTH Attacks Only" for 2 points per Mr. Long: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/97808-limited-ocvdcv/ Sorry, I should have written it as "Only To Increase Damage" with a -1/2 Limitation, which is how the Weaponmaster Talent is constructed per 6E1 pg 447. I was using that as my model in my suggestion, since it is RAW. That limitation value could then be applied to 3-, 5-, or 8-point levels, depending on broadness, but I am inclined to think that using only either 3- or 5-point levels for this would probably be all that was need when it came to martial arts though. This would bring the increased damage in line with RAW using skill levels.
  13. Well, my thinking was that two 3-point levels with a limitation "Only To Increase Damage" (-1/2) costing 4 real points would work roughly like how a MA Damage Class currently does now, but it could only be applied to two or three maneuvers and would be the cheapest you could buy. So if you only had a single style with a couple of damaging maneuvers, that would be what you bought. If you picked up more maneuvers than that, then they'd only work on a few maneuvers or you'd need to invest more points in damage-increasing levels to cover the additional maneuvers, going up to 5-point maneuvers with the same limitation, increasing the cost to 7 real points or 8-point levels for 11 real points if you had a lot of maneuvers. Since there are people in the thread complaining about the cheapness of martial arts, increasing the cost of extra Damage Classes that can affect a broader range of maneuvers could be a way to adjust the amount needed to invest in martial arts and offset some of the cheapness of maneuvers.
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