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  1. You could get even weirder and have the trio not be the same apparent age, kind of like the Norns. One is a young maiden in her late teens or early twenties, another is a mature woman in her thirties or early forties, and one is around fifty or sixty in appearance but still spry.
  2. As I recall, Triad/Triplicate Girl of the LSH has different colored eyes on each of them.
  3. The book got a favorable review in issue #284 of Knights of the Dinner Table.
  4. Multiform also gets boosted when a characters starts earning XPs. Gaining five points of power for every XP spent on Multiform can get overpowering pretty quickly unless there is some mechanism in place in the campaign that you have to spend on other things too, not just keep dumping XP into Multiform.
  5. Just as a side note, there is also the issue of Long Term Endurance to consider in campaigns that use it when looking at END Regeneration.
  6. I’ve been reading recently about sleepwalking and related syndromes and wondering how it might be presented in Hero System. A Physical Complication? A Psychological Complication? Something else? For one thing, it might make it difficult to maintain a secret ID if one goes sleep-flying without their mask and costume. A fantasy world thief could fall off a building while sleep climbing. Since you can be mind controlled while asleep and made to do things easier than when you’re awake, there’s also that to consider as a source of sleepwalking issues.
  7. For the infiltration option, maybe only one PC is an actual infiltrator. The con works best if most of the PC supers involved are actually sincere and only one (or maybe two) are playing a different game.
  8. Turncape sounded the most interesting to me. However, the hunt and chase could end pretty quickly if there are too many DNPCs to manage and they start getting captured, so that may encourage a bunch of orphan PCs who never got married or had any children. It could also be one massive scam to infiltrate Russian heroes into the American superhero subculture and gain access to secrets, something like the Thunderbolts idea.
  9. The movie is finally released this week. What do you think of it?
  10. Steve

    Theme Teams

    I briefly played in a Zen Team-inspired game and have been considering running one as well, so that is one of my motivations in asking about theme teams. The Champions genre book has some mention of this as well, I believe. I think a single archetype theme like an all-Brick team or an all-martial artist team could be doable.
  11. Steve

    Theme Teams

    Most superhero teams seem to be a mishmash of origins and themes. You have the space alien brick, the young goddess martial artist, the wielder of an ancient weapon of power, etc. Has anyone ever run or participated in a more unified theme team campaign? Like an all-brick mutant team or everyone is a powered armor type. How did it work out?
  12. Electronics and Systems Operation don't display any categories in Hero Designer when I open up the skills, so do they need to be updated to have categories?
  13. As far as prices go, you also get the wonders of inflation to deal with, which can be a broad or localized effect. Maybe a sword cost 100 silver pieces last year and the year before that, but some adventurers found a dragon hoard and dumped a bunch of gold into the local economy in a buying frenzy. Now that same sword costs 150 silver pieces today but could be 200 next year. Especially since the country is talking about going to war against the goblins again, so the king is buying up swords by the bushel.
  14. I'm using build 20210301. If I buy the Electronics or Systems Operation skills and then add a Custom Adder to either of them of 1 or 2, then the cost of the skill drops to 2 from the default cost of 3. At higher Custom Adder numbers, the cost of these two skills just becomes the Custom Adder value instead of the base cost plus the Custom Adder value. For example, I buy Electronics then add a Custom Adder of 1 or 2, the active points and real cost drops to 2. If I change the Custom Adder value to 8, then the active points and real cost becomes 8 instead of 11. I haven't noticed this on any other skills. Mechanics functions normally in its calculation, for example. Just these two skills doing the weird math.
  15. There is an article by Lewis Pulsipher in Dragon Magazine #74 entitled "A player character and his money..." that touches on this in one section of the article called "The silver standard." The article was mainly about ways to keep money flowing out of a character's hands, but it also had some ideas on managing currencies. He suggests you leave the prices of goods and services as-is, but replace descriptions in treasure hoards with the word "silver" wherever it has "gold." When it comes to coin weight, he also suggests changing coins to the size and weight of a modern dime (35 grains/about 219 coins per pound). British half-pennies (new pence) were apparently pretty small. This makes silver the wealthy man's mode of exchange and gold a truly rare and wondrous thing. You also won't break your back carrying a personal fortune around or need magic bags or mules to carry a decent sum away from an adventure (or theft). Your average longsword costing 15gp in D&D would now require 150sp to buy, which becomes a more proper value when characters are earning silver instead of gold on adventures. A sword was a treasure in and of itself in days past.
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