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  1. I’ve been thinking about “soft caps” in another way, that caps could be set like skill maxima, requiring double cost for each step beyond. So like a skills maxima could be set at 13- and then it takes two skills levels for each +1 past that, CV could be set at a number (7, for example) and then to reach 8 would require two levels instead of just one. A character that specializes in something would simply have more levels in their area of speciality that can be thrown into increasing CV or damage.
  2. Yes, you do need to limit CSLs to keep within campaign boundaries, otherwise you end up in an arms race. I don't have my books in front of me, but in 6th Edition I believe CSLs will only affect ranged DCV when they are 8-point or better in cost. It is my understanding that martial arts DCV bonuses other than for Dodge don't increase DCV either. Archers should be able to pincushion your PCs. Here are two suggestions for keeping things under control: 1) Have them buy OCV/DCV that is for either HTH Only or Ranged Only. This is a -1 Limitation, so they get +2 OCV or +2 DCV for fiv
  3. I just bought it today, mainly for the Haymaker articles.
  4. One other thing to consider is that her seat must be filled quickly. There are cases that will probably go to the Supreme Court concerning the upcoming presidential election. You can’t have a 4-4 split in those cases.
  5. If you’re talking about the “McConnell Rule” or the “”Biden Rule” before it, they only apply when the Senate and Presidency are controlled by different parties. That doesn’t apply here. Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and John Paul Stevens were each confirmed in less than forty days, so there’s also precedent for quick confirmations.
  6. She was 87. It’s going to be an interesting time for the next few weeks.
  7. I haven’t looked in there for a while, so I didn’t know it changed. if he retired, I thought there would be some sort of official announcement.
  8. He hasn’t answered any rules questions since the end of May, and his profile said he last visited the forums in late July. Is he all right?
  9. I’m a little confused by the premise. Wouldn’t the vanishing of a galaxy a billion light-years away have happened a billion years ago? We would only just now be seeing it.
  10. Another option would be to have several secret IDs. I remember reading a novel where the hero did this. If an ID was no longer safe, it was burned and he went on to use one of his other ones.
  11. I was wondering at the change myself.
  12. Thanks! That's more than I knew before.
  13. I’ve been reading about 3D-printed guns lately, and it got me to wondering if they would have any differences in game qualities from a standard firearm of similar caliber. Maybe an increased chance of a misfire or doing a damage class less? Perhaps poorer accuracy or a slightly different STR minimum? Has anyone on the forums ever fired one or might have an educated opinion?
  14. I think he was in the 4th Edition sourcebook "Underworld Enemies" for Dark Champions but don't have it handy right now.
  15. It’s so quiet in the club now.
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