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When you perform a Brace AND Set, after the attack is performed, must the character re-establish a Set again--with the full phase--to achieve the benefit?



Referencing HSG 6E2-79, a discussion with a fellow gamer brought us to a standstill on the proper implementation of a Brace + Set action.

As per the rules:


This Combat Maneuver represents the effects of taking extra time to aim at a target with a Ranged attack, thereby improving one’s accuracy. Set does not work with HTH Combat attacks. An attacker who wants to Set must spend a Full Phase aiming at the target (this is known in some genres as “drawing a bead”). During this time he cannot move, change clips of ammunition, attack the target, or perform any Actions other than Zero Phase Actions. A character who has Set on a target receives a +1 OCV to all attacks against that target until he loses his Set. A character must Set on a specific target (either an individual or an object); he can’t just Set until a target presents itself. A character who has Set can attack on a Phase, then continue aiming at his target for several Phases, and then attack again, all without losing his Set bonus. However, the character loses the Set bonus if he doesn’t attack or aim at the target, or is forced to stop aiming at the target for any reason (for example, he becomes Stunned or Knocked Out). He also loses the Set bonus if the target moves out of sight. Of course, a character can regain his Set bonus by spending another Phase aiming at the target. A character can Set and Brace in a single Phase, thereby getting both bonuses. However, the character has to fulfil the requirements for both Modifiers — he must take a Full Phase and be ½ DCV.

Now, with respect to the first colorized/underlined statement, my associate believes once you have the Brace and Set performed--and as long as nothing disrupts it--the  Bonus for both is given and no additional phase (as per Set) is required.

However, I pointed out the last sentence that is colorized.underlined, I believe if you still wish to continue the Brace + Set with bonus, you still MUST take a phase to establish the Set portion.

Which is the accepted practice?




Chuck D.  aka "Jujitsuguy"

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Your associate is correct - so long as the requirements for maintaining Set are met (as noted in the rules you cite) the character can maintain the bonus without spending another full phase to establish the Set. If they wish to continue to receive the bonus from Brace, they must continue to meet the requirements for that as well (1/2 DCV, etc.).

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