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Sensor Array Package

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Hello! Me again... I'm building an AI controlled assault robot with a 500 pt build. Does anyone have suggestions as to what powers I could use for a sensor array package? Thermal, IR... etc? I'm assuming it wouldn't cost that much, either. It's a robot doing a tactical scan of the area, is the flavor I'm after and not too long range... let's say a 1/2 mile since these rules are so specific.


My other questions is, could I tap the Equipment book to tackle this instead of trying to find the correct Power to accomplish it?

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It can get pretty expensive, it depends on what you want.  Thermal is IR, BTW.  I'd go probably IR, Night Vision, and Radar.  Radar's good for hard objects, but not great for organics...they're usually not that hard.  IR covers a lot of organics...anything mammalian.  Night Vision covers things the others won't...like undergrowth.


For the range, look at the range mods.  No range mod out to 8 meters;  each time that doubles, the range mod increases by 2.  Note that there isn't a hard stopping point...the range mod just gets worse and worse.  So maybe for tactical ID purposes, we might say that -2 to your PER roll is ok...but -4 is probably missing too much.  OK, so 1/2 mile is 800 meters.  8 goes to 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024.  OK, so 512 (12 levels of telescopic) means you're at -2 at that 1/2 mile.  Your PER with these senses may be a factor here;  if you have a 12-, then -2 is probably Not Good Enough;  if it's 15-, then maybe -4 would be borderline OK...maybe the radar group has better telescopic.  (Helps that it's cheaper.)


Note that this is also gonna add up.  IR or Night Vision kicks you to the full Sight Group, which is 3 points for +2.  You need 6, so that's 18.  The Radar is radio group, you can buy the telescopic for a single sense.  That's 6 more.  The Radar itself is 15.


There might be something that fits, but this is pretty much...what do you want?  Enhanced Senses is a very rich, detailed, and above all, FLEXIBLE power that they're gonna use to build anything in the equipment book.

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