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  1. If you're willing to bail on all the players, then you can't also assert that it's Shurmur's fault and say "it's not that he doesn't have good players." First and foremost: if you don't have a QB, you have no offense. Period. The end. The Broncos have no QB. That said, they really are pathetic so that isn't the ONLY problem they have. Not stopping anyone...man, did we see that at the end. Just over 5 minutes to go...8 yards, 20 yards, 7 yards, 3 yards and first down, 7 yards, 3 yards and first down, 3 yards, 5 yards, penalty sets Browns back to make it 3rd and 7....and 8 yards to cap it off. First down, take a kneed, game over. 7 solid runs...the Browns' back gets credit for busting it to get those extra yards several times, and made those plays...2 play-action slants. All very predictable plays for a team holding onto a thin lead late. 5 minute drill for 62 yards. NOT ACCEPTABLE defensive performance. But this is where Denver had looked to be. Hey, Mr. P, you had your bright shiny start...it coulda been worse..... As it is, yeah, I think the Broncos are headed for a top 10 draft pick and complete (practical, if not mathematical) elimination by Thanksgiving.
  2. And the AAC raid on C-USA is now complete. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/american-athletic-conference-expands-to-14-teams-for-football-adding-six-conference-usa-programs/ But the process isn't over. Heck, the commissioner flat-out said, the goal really is to revert back to 10-12 in time. Which may well be nothing more than acknowledging that every school and every conference will chase every last dollar they can. And you wonder where the athletes learn to chase every dollar...???
  3. If my empathy was a 1 hour time candle, then for the unvaccinated, it's been lit for about 58 minutes now.
  4. The Big 12 probably won't do a full no play on Sunday policy; their regular scheduling, IIRC, doesn't include Sundays for conference games anyway. There might be occasional conference games, but as long as it's not a full slate, accommodating a single team isn't hard. That said...IIRC, the Big 12 conference tournament final is, I believe, on Selection Sunday and changing that is a bit trickier due to TV broadcasts. And for non-conference games, there's 2 types: made-for-TV conference-vs-conference "challenges" and the usual run-of-the-mill games. The former are usually during the week...Monday-Tuesday or Tuesday-Wednesday IIRC. The latter are scheduled by the teams, so avoiding Sunday is no big deal. As far as the musical chairs, I think it's mostly a scramble to find a decent landing spot for the teams, and for the conferences, staying viable enough to maintain things like bowl tie-ins.
  5. And as the league kicks off...first 2 games of the season were last night...dysfunction is already raging on the East Coast. With Irving gone until he accepts vaccination, or the pandemic recedes enough to take the indoor mask mandates down (several months away at best, I would think), the Nets are threatening the same issue as last year...no cohesion. Not that I like Kyrie and Harden in the same backcourt in the first place, but they need consistent on-court time to work things out, if they can be worked out. And then the whole Ben Simmons fiasco in Philly. Think it was some of the ESPN talking heads suggesting the Sixers are going to get him on the court, and let the fans express themselves. This IS Philly, the town that booed Santa Claus. I think they're hoping for enough dereliction from him so they can cut him loose altogether *for cause* so they can get out from the $140M they owe him through the 24-25 season. (Yep. $140M. Fully guaranteed, but that's usually out the window if the player's actions break the terms. Like when Jay Williams signed with, IIRC, Detroit after his college POY at Duke...then injured his leg badly racing on a motorcycle...a prohibited activity. All that money...PPPPOOOFF!!!)
  6. No doubt about that. Especially for, say, national endorsements like, say Under Armor. More boosters, probably, but the bigger key is much greater exposure. How many people watch an Alabama game...quite often on CBS or ESPN in a major time slot. Comparatively, when's the last time UAB was on TV? And what were the ratings? The schools are NOT involved in NIL...at least not overtly. In fact, if a school became active in connecting up its athletes with sponsors, they'd probably be breaking rules. Nope...these are individual contracts with businesses, whether local or larger. Now, yeah, as a recruiting tool? "Come play for us and your NIL potential is way better" is sensible. A secondary angle here is that LOTS!!!! of players may end up transferring due to limited playing time...meaning their NIL income potential is being curtailed. Another aspect is that NIL is likely to increase showboating; the flashy dunker will get more followers (and therefore $$$) than the Tim Duncan types, unless they really are as good as Duncan. Also figure there'll be some increase in complaints over calls...because if foul trouble forces you off the court in basketball, say, it'll cost you down the line.
  7. US is still seeing 10,000 deaths a week. <sigh> Someone on my neighborhood app posted a notice from the state, related to crisis conditions due to the ongoing strain from the pandemic. This, of course, ignited another firestorm; the post, which started out as a news statement informing us (I hadn't seen it, so I was quite appreciative of the OP) ended up being deleted. (Which is a separate issue with the mods, but also somewhat understandable.) The claim resurfaced: that hospitals get paid more for calling a death from Covid. GAHHH!!!!!! SO convenient to spew conspiracy theories, the more wlid, the better, so as to blow off facts that conflict with the distorted reality they live in.
  8. Very cool. Good first step, altho I can hear the howls of certain types claiming even trying to do so is an abomination.
  9. Found a very good article about NIL here: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/name-image-likeness-what-college-athletes-should-know-about-ncaa-rules Also: the compensation is specifically not tied to their athletic performance directly. Boosters are still not allowed to pay a kid to go to the college they support; schools are still not allowed to pay the players. The athletes are allowed to profit from their recognition and fame.
  10. The illusion of the student-athlete has been nothing more than a fig leaf for several decades. I don't think NIL was about that; NIL was discriminating against the athlete. NIL rules, AFAIK, didn't apply to normal students.
  11. Nah, twasn't quite that bad. But hey, did you realize that Soylent Green was set in 2022???
  12. I have no idea if this will have any teeth, but... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/19/world/americas/bolsonaro-pandemic-investigation-brazil.html
  13. Anyone else notice what that says about the schedule? That's 6 weeks, basically on the nose, so the NHL is playing every other day. Pretty crowded pace there. I presume that's another part of the adjustments because of the Winter Olympics. Team coach is saying "we'll see when the suspension is over" about how the team will proceed. Not exactly a vote of confidence. Would not surprise me that this is the last straw; his off-ice history is *severely* tarnished, and this might be the last straw...if they can find some way around his contract, especially. It's got 3 more years, at $7M per...fully guaranteed. Oops. For reference, according to Sportrac Connor McDavid is the highest-paid player at $12.5M, and hockey's salary cap is only $81.5M. So that would be a very painful contract to have to eat.
  14. Can't recall any time I've seen anyone so thoroughly disgusted on air. Got to agree with almost the first thing he said...Fox Propaganda Network. Or perhaps we could call it Fox Strawman Network.
  15. If I have to sacrifice a season, it's worth it, because not firing him would be all kinds of wrong. The mandate itself would be called into question. It's also easier to do it because this is a firing for cause...which means the rest of the contract is voided. Even if the coach had guaranteed money or a buyout, *POOF*. On the conference merry-go-round...I think one conference is likely to simply collapse and leave some schools scrambling. Might not be C-USA...some of those are decent programs, altho I agree not big names. But one (or more) conferences is getting gutted, with little hope of being truly significant. There's only so many good football programs out there.
  16. Who says grand slams are rare in the postseason? Back to back innings for the Sox...then back to back *games*. Astros' pitcher gets the first out of the inning then walk, double, walk, single, tough hop scored an error, grand slam. 6-0 as the Sox bat around in the 2nd...and it's still going. 2 on with 2 out now, and the starter's getting yanked. This is a SEVERE!!!!! problem...because in the first 2 games, the starters didn't complete 4 innings, so the bullpen's had to suck up 23. And they're stuck for over 6 no matter what here. That's way, way too much work in a very short span. EDIT: Fox just flashed the Astros' starting pitcher stats. As noted, 5.1 innings total. ERA: 20.25. Ouch.....but hey, even if they can't come back, it's still only 2-1 Sox despite the starters' woes. EDIT 2: OK, things are completely falling aport. 3 more in the 3rd. I'll predict it now...Astros use a position player to pitch at least the 8th, possibly the 7th and 8th.
  17. https://wsvn.com/news/nikolas-cruz-pleads-guilty-to-assaulting-jail-guard-guilty-plea-for-massacre-to-come-wednesday/ If the name doesn't ring a bell, this is the Parkland shooter. I phrase it like this because his attorneys told the judge that he would plead guilty to the Parkland charges on Wednesday. In a related story, the families of the 17 people killed reached a settlement with the Broward County school district for negligence, for $25M to be divided. The details weren't announced. This isn't the entirety of the civil litigation; there are some families pursuing separate suits. EDIT: wow. This happened over 3 1/2 years ago. Early February 2018. it's disturbing to me that it's faded into the background SO much in just that period of time... Or maybe it's just me.
  18. They may well get burned by this policy. They're located in Miami. https://covidactnow.org/us/florida-fl/county/miami_dade_county/?s=24401354 Almost 75% fully vaccinated; approaching 90% has received at least one dose. The area apparently had a horrific summer; the peak on August 15th was nightmarishly high. But it's dropped down massively since. One of the local Miami TV stations had a story where they reported That said, there are no sound conclusions to be drawn just from that...biased sample? How many? Lying by omission...was it all the parents or just some? In a similar vein, they tried to talk to the owners/founders; a time was set, and the founders didn't show. Again...more than one interpretation possible. Lots of smoke there, tho.
  19. Which has to be giving anyone projected into that lofty a draft position nightmares....
  20. C'mon, Iuz, we know you moved your reliquary in there... Especially since Sporting News' projected rankings....Georgia, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Bama, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Iowa. Iowa gets dinged, I think, because their overall strength of schedule is pretty poor. Mildly surprising that Ed Orgeron announced he was stepping down at the end of the season...after beating Florida. Not his departure...but that a) it happened after a win, and b) that he's being left as a lame duck for the rest of the season. I'd have expected an outright termination. Then again, contract language might come into play. LSU can start the coaching search now; the assistants can start brushing up resumes.
  21. I was thinking to post Seattle was done for the season during halftime. Well, that almost was a huge mistake. But they lost in the end, and now 4 games back of Arizona, and 3 back of the Rams. It's interesting to note that there are 5 NFC teams at 5-1 or better. Then you drop down to the Saints at 3-2, but does anyone think they're notably better than a .500 team? Right now, that last WC spot is a cluster of very flawed teams. AFC...important game tomorrow. If Buffalo wins, they join Baltimore at 5-1, and then a pack at 4-2 and 3-3. But I figure a couple teams may be about to stumble badly...Raiders, of course, but also the Browns if Mayfield is out for any period. Apparently he dislocated his left shoulder on a hard impact with the ground...and this one had a labrum tear. If it goes to surgery, he's out for the rest of the season.
  22. Sounds like....nothing I want to become familiar with. Doing goofball is HARD. I think you're trying scale a sheer wall in a sleet storm. It's soooo easy to screw it up. One aspect that is, I think, necessary, is some degree of connectivity to the character....he's gotta at least be a likable one. This? I didn't see *anything* to like. Characterization tends to be greatly compressed in a series...not as much as in a movie, but still quite a bit...and doing that with a schtick like this is almost certain to mean it's overdone.
  23. 6E has the Takes No Stun, but it's a huge influencer IIRC...not only expensive, but I believe it jacked up defenses costs quite a bit, because all you had to address was the BODY of an attack. You might be right that spirits generally have no BODY in a custom version for Horror.
  24. Even something Desolid still has a BODY score. It's not the "physical body'" it can be the effort needed to disrupt it. That said, I agree that thematically BODY damage isn't quite right. But that brings up a point: would an intelligent ghost, with an EGO score, be attackable by this means...even tho it's desolid? One could argue it either way. If you're not using a drain, then you're using an AVAD...which might be worse, as to do 'real' damage you'd need to add the equivalent of Does BODY. It makes no sense for your attack to target PD when it's targeting something insubstantial. I would probably define this as AVAD, versus Ego Def, Does BODY, with either OECV vs. DECV or OCV vs. DECV (which'd be another advantage). But, in addition to the recovery issues Duke mentioned (altho Healing that targets EGO is within the rules)...one thing this'd do would be to flash a honkin' big warning sign: NEED SOME EGO DEF!!! Which might make a mentalist even harder to play. Unless this "soul attack" is seriously rare.
  25. I wouldn't be surprised that the pandemic and Brexit have soured the NFL on putting a team in England. I agree the logistics would be brutal, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if a) the NFLPA screams...the travel is just sick. London to San Diego? Google says it's 11 hours. Each way. In some ways, I think the *@#$&@#$ London games might be *worse* than TNF. And imagine a London team as a #3 or 4 division winner, or as a wild card...with travel that's, say, London to Arizona, then London to Dallas. We hear about back-to-back cross-country being draining...this is several times worse. b) the immigration issues are tricky as heck. But worse? Who'd WANT to play there? With those logistics? With moving a family to England? What are the tax implications...other than a LOT messier? Toss all that in, and ya gotta figure free agents will rarely look there, and many players will flee as soon as their contracts allow. The London games now are, I think, less about getting a franchise into England, and more about trying to grow their market. The US market is probably largely saturated; there's few new fans to find and indoctrinate. Even if you only get a small percentage of the English market, it started at zero, or darn close.
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