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  1. I'll accept a moral responsibility, but I do not believe a legal responsibility can be supported. It is clear that 2 deaths...the officer from the blunt force trauma, and the woman shot attempting to breach the barricade...can be considered as part of the results of the riot. The other 3 are listed as medical emergencies; looking...one is reported as a heart attack. Where it happened, I'm not sure. I'm not trying to trivialize these deaths, BTW, just thinking about the legal implications. The 2 deaths in the Capitol seem straightforward applications of the felony murder rule. Considerin
  2. I don't think we have to worry about that with Peyton or Romo. They're perfectly happy to make gazillions off the field. If Brady retires, do you think Gronk will follow? Seems pretty likely.
  3. Ehhh....I'm not convinced we aren't seeing the effects of age on both Brees and Brady, honestly.
  4. Not terribly often, but I do have one example: "GPS" as a talent. Bump of Direction is Detect Direction; GPS extends this to direction and position. So from "a single thing" to "a class of things." 4 points. But by the same token, yeah, the fact that every talent can be taken as a power, suggests there's no need for talents at all as a separate section. I will say it's cleaner overall; I take several of the talents reasonably often. And the talent names are easier to work with than the powers descriptions. Also, some don't fit cozily into the powers structure. Environment
  5. Heck, nothing I mentioned there requires Indirect. It's an *option*, sure, but the ear box shouldn't need it. Nah, I'll leave it as written. Unless Dan objects. Heh...re-doing a very nasty brawler concept in 5E and 6E terms. The tricks: Extra Limbs, Stretching (limited body parts, no noncombat stretching), and a bunch more STR, only with the extra limbs. Translation: poor man's TK, since a TK punch has a range mod and this *doesn't*. But Stretching gives a degree of Indirect too. Bear hug me???? Bwaaahahaahaaa.... It even works out very nastily in 5E where
  6. I think it's by far the most legit counter. I'm not sure the ear box should get full damage, but there's a heckuva lot more leverage there than for a head butt, and you're striking with YOUR head which is clearly less than ideal.
  7. Yeah, these are cases where SFX can readily come into play. A bear hug is chest to chest with the attacker's arms wrapped around the victim's back, and squeezing. Head butt: always allowed. Question is, what should the damage be, and what risks are there to the head butt-er? Head butts are risky as heck. Ear box...always allowed unless the hugger has armor preventing it. And if they don't they deserve to take the damage their vic is about to dish back. (He gets to do his full damage, translated to an AVLD vs. hearing flash def if that helps.) On the
  8. By the same token, I also agree with LL that this should *not* become the norm in American jurisprudence. But like everything with Trump, this situation is unprecedented, and I believe warrants the move. I should put up the Gildor line to Frodo for my sig here... Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say No and Yes.
  9. And a change of venue wouldn't help unless it was to another planet.
  10. You can publish the name of an arrested person, and the crimes of which he is accused. You can publish the name of a person suspected of involvement in a crime too. Even that is routine, when the subject can't be found and when publishing the name doesn't compromise an active investigation. What is one of the key pretrial activities? Jury selection. One key element there is to reduce the risk of of potential undue influence. Can you *imagine* the difficulty in finding an impartial jury if Trump were to face seditious conspiracy charges? 😆 😈 😬
  11. Ugh. We'll do multiple bad numbers. Today: world deaths passed the 2,000,000 mark. Tomorrow: US deaths will pass the 400,000 mark, and cases will pass the 24,000,000 mark. EASILY in both cases unless tomorrow is wildly idiosyncratic by comparison to the last few days, and the last few non-holiday-hangover Fridays.
  12. Been there, done that. I usually blame inadequate caffeination.
  13. The counter to that? "I say potato, you say po-tah-toh." Your statement is correct based on the facts you accept. Others will say they're patriots fighting a corrupt system, and thus it is oppression. Their 'facts' are completely otherwise. A difference here, and why this is not an enemies list, is that the names being added to the list are, as far as I know, connected to an act of violent insurrection threatening the legitimate officers of state. The forceful attempts to breach the barriers is more than sufficient to lead a reasonable person to assume that they m
  14. I hear ya but...this is the age of disinformation, too. Would you put it past those arrested to claim they've been arrested on spurious charges? Well, they'll call anything spurious, but charges far above and beyond anything they've actually been charged with. Also, once an arraignment is made, that information is public. At least; I think it's true for an arrest. The arraignment, tho, for sure. One can argue that ok, but one doesn't see the government doing this in an organized manner...but I'll go back to the disinformation issue, as well as press interest. I don't think it can be ar
  15. But the confederate flag was a political symbol from the get-go, given that it was the common symbol of the confederate government. Your argument would hold up better had the swastika not been the centerpiece of the Nazi flag, and used more as a personal symbol...say, as an alternative to the stylized SS tabs.
  16. This debate is not new. https://www.freedomforuminstitute.org/first-amendment-center/topics/freedom-of-speech-2/personal-public-expression-overview/fighting-words/ But it's rather nuanced: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/fighting_words Your example of a parade with swastikas is flirting on the border, IIRC. Some such have been turned down for permits, others have I believe received them. It'll also have to be decided by the courts whether more clearly violent expressions in social media *outside* the event in question, becomes a factor. Also, t
  17. CNN did an interview with a Democratic congressman from California because he took an insane amount of harassment from *several* Trump supporters. The brief version is here: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2021/01/11/rep-lou-correa-dulles-airport-harassment-orig-jm.cnn The longer version showed while the congressman was talking to Don Lemon had multiple voices and much more stridency. And Tricksta, this was Delta's response; the passenger wasn't put onto the national, TSA No-Fly list. Just Delta's. Here's the question on whether this is an overrreaction: imagine this happened on
  18. Thus proving the Daniel Webster corollary to Newton's Law: for every example, there is an equal and opposite counterexample.
  19. Yeah but Cinderella could take Donald. Walt hadda just be jealous for other reasons.....
  20. You are. We all know you're actually Daffy.
  21. The most amusing comment I'm hearing from the ESPN folks is "I feel sorry for Steve Nash."
  22. Well...it happened. Nets are betting the decade on this, if I understand the trade details right. And yeah, I hope it totally blows up in their faces. In part because if it works, the league structure is at extreme risk, as it feels like it'll cement the players' overweening power.
  23. If it ever happened. Questions are cropping up whether Kyrie wants to play, or at the very least, whether it's his priority. Another issue with Harden to the Nets, UNLESS it was for Kyrie...interesting thought there, trade problem children...Kyrie, Durant, and Harden apparently all have player options for the 22-23 season.
  24. And now, there's a big question if Harden is really trying. Postgame interview tonight was "yeah, we're a bad team." Dismissively, and pretty clearly not trying to do anything to fix it. His last 5 games, counting tonight, have been lame. One was a win but Orlando apparently forgot to play. Tonight was the 3rd time in 5 games he didn't even reach 20 points...and that's going to tank his already-low trade value. Meanwhile, what the heck is up with Kyrie? Sounds like he's gotta lotta splainin to do. Lucy....
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