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  1. Texas and Oklahoma gave notice today that they would not renew the grant of media rights. The current rights expire in 2025, but this is going to be a slow process regardless, so this is still a major signal that they're...not out, but completely serious about getting out. IIRC, the rule is 11 of the 14 existing SEC teams have to agree. That's not a lock. Here's one for ya. If you think it's about the money...the current football deal for the Big 12 pays $200M a year. The new deal for the SEC pays $300M a year. But wait. That's $200M split among 10...or $300M split among, presumably, 16. So they'll get LESS. The only other revenue generator is mens' basketball. Not sure what the TV deals are, but push come to shove, the SEC doesn't stack up that well in basketball. Bowl games...the biggest aspect here is that the Big 12 ties one top bowl; the SEC has the Sugar Bowl, and the not-much-smaller Citrus Bowl. Factor in that the SEC always has a team in the playoffs, and sometimes gets 2...at least at the top, there's quite a bit more money there. Some goes to the teams, but a lot is split...but again, over so many more teams. It's probably not about the direct, obvious money. It's probably more about the prestige...which ties to money in terms of boosters and merch. But I think first and foremost, it's the egos. The Big 12 is *far* behind the SEC...as is everyone else. Clemson *individually* is at the same level, but no one else is. It could be quite amusing; remember how bailing worked for Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah. If this does come about, it also might increase the push for a super conference, at least in football, and perhaps primarily for administrative and revenue sharing purposes.
  2. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/07/24/covid-vaccine-push-rural-500717 The key point insofar as this thread is concerned: Federal aid may be counterproductive, and even local officials who work their backsides off to get people to accept the vaccine, don't necessarily want it for that reason. Emphasis mine. The election fraud/lie should be temporary, altho it's increased the polarization a great deal. It won't, I think, remain a central issue but it may well be a big underlying factor. It's the second part...the obstinance, the hate isn't new. This is, tho, one of the more stark examples of it. You can blame the politicians all you like, and they deserve a lot of it. There's also a feedback effect...the lack of response by the lower-level governments feeds the deniers, the deniers inhibit the progressives and facilitate the non-responders/reopener types. And it's why the boots-on-the-ground stories can say more than the numbers. Like the story posted, what, early this week, about the problems in Kansas City. Covid's acting kinda like tornado-forming weather systems...there's mild impacts like rain or hail in most places...but where those twisters drop down, it's devastating small areas. It is revolting to think this...but probably true. Covid hasn't been enough of a threat, or done enough damage, so maybe we could *fix* the social problems or come together for unified action. It's been just bad enough to make a major nightmare, but not to compel attention.
  3. Megascale. Duplicating 1m = 1 km (6E) Megascale requires 9 purchased NCMs. Even if they're 3 points each, that's 27 points. And if you want to tack on Usable Simultaneously, that's on the base. And that's still very short range. Regional-level teleport range...call it 1000 km, 600 miles...with UOO (Usable Simultaneously form, x4 number of targets, Grantor Controls the Power Totally and pays the END, Recipient must remain Close Safe Blind Teleport net is +1 #1: Teleport 10", MegaScale 1m = 100 km, and above: 10 points with +2.5. 35 points. #2: Teleport 10:, 16 NCM mulitipliers (9 gets you 1 km, next 7 give you x128, so your max range is a bit further) BEFORE UOO and SBT: 2a) by RAW, 90 base+ points 2b) at 3 per NCM, 58 base+ points 2c) at dirt cheap 2 per NCM, it's still 42 base+ points. So active costs would be 180, 116, and 84. If you reduce the range to crosstown...and even calling 10 km crosstown is kinda pushing it., if we're limiting the notion to a single teleport, it's the 9 NCMs that kill you. It's kinda rude and kinda obnoxious, but by RAW, there are 2 basic build patterns: a) MP/VPP: 2 powers...possibly even more. --teleport self in combat conditions (lots of base move; generally wouldn't take Safe Blind Teleport) --teleport self to infiltrate...range might not have to be as high, but safe blind teleport and possibly no range mods could be applied --local teleport of a small group --rescue teleport (teleporting an unconscious person, by RAW, requires UAA)...probably requires range in the hundreds of meters --any teleport where range is greater than, say, 1 km, so as implied above, Megascale becomes fundamentally required If my teleporter can only teleport himself, it'll probably be a 2-slot MP, perhaps 30m Teleport, 1/2 END and 10m Teleport with Megascale and Safe Blind Teleport. If we're talking a very strong teleporter, then it might be a VPP with Limited Power (Teleports Only). b) Rather less effective on Teleport...a Naked Advantage. The base, combat Teleport has probably moderate range and few/no limitations. The naked advantage would be for Megascale...remember that you can't turn an advantage off under RAW, and Megascale automatically shifts your teleport to non-combat, ergo all the penalties. Because you're applying it to the slightly higher base move (than might be the case as in a) above where you can reduce the base inches once you're talking Megascale), you can throw in a Limitation like only to a fixed location, or increased END. This build pattern is one I use for Flight or Running quite a bit. I get your point, but making the NCMs cheaper just doesn't help.
  4. It is very hard to give no offense when so many people are looking for any opportunity to take it...
  5. Spiders would've been cool but Guardians isn't bad. Inevitably, the subject of the Braves came up; when will they change their name? It was mentioned that when Aaron died early this year, the talk was maybe they'd switch to the Atlanta Hammers. It would be quite fitting, and it was noted, the logo really wouldn't have to change that much. Well...it was too good to last. D'backs won 4 in a row at home. Today in Chicago? Javier Baez hits a 3 run bomb in the bottom of the first, and it's basically over. Cubs got it up to 7-0; final was 8-3.
  6. I don't remember it. But the glaring point is, McD's doesn't *draw* the gourmet-burger crowd. Especially back then. Now? It wouldn't be out of line with their existing campaigns, which have been overbearingly pretentious. ("It's not a drink....it's a McDonald's drink!" GAG!!) I do remember a 'deluxe' style burger from them, but not one with bacon. Don't remember the name tho. What's your favorite burger? For me...fast food, the Whataburger Green Chile double. Green chile goes beautifully with beef. Serious...it's a good thing I don't live in Denver. 5280 Burger Bar, on the 16th St mall. Oh. My. Gosh. Was there 3 years ago for GABF. The place was 2-3 blocks away from the Convention Center, which is where GABF is held. Was in town for 4-5 days...must've hit them 4 times. Nice beers...a bunch of local beers only on tap for GABF...great burgers. So. So. So. Good. At home? Commercial ground elk and venison can be found. It's not a lot more than higher-grade ground beef, and it's 90-10. It's a little more coarsely ground than most commercial ground beef. Portion (I like 1/3 lb patties); add a bit of olive oil (helps prevent sticking, adds a bit of flavor w/o adding saturated fat), some soy sauce (moisture and salt), and whatever seasoning you like. Might be a blend like baharat from North Africa, or a smokehouse style (ground chiles, cumin, coriander, garlic)...or just chipotle powder. Or garam masala sometimes...the Indian analog of Chinese 5 spice, more or less. That works better with chicken, tho, in my book. Or a heavy hand with garlic powder, onion powder, and Italian herbs.
  7. 2 thoughts here... #1: Is it even *possible* for the anti-vaxers to learn without being compelled? #2: Can the FDA pull their collective heads out and issue a full authorization based on the existing evidence? One of the major, ongoing complaints about US medicine is that the process takes MUCH too long and costs FAR, FAR too much money. The overall new cases rate has tripled in the last month...but some areas are, of course, rather worse than average. A scary part is, the death rate's never dropped much below about 250 people per day, nationwide. The new cases surge has only been in the last month...so it's not being reflected yet. It's likely enough that the death rate won't climb up to nearly the same degree, but still, it's going to go up. EDIT: Kansas doesn't update case counts daily, so it's a little hard to gauge. Missouri does. They're showing new cases at a per capita rate of almost 1 per 2000 people...that's pushing November rates. Florida? Does it surprise anyone that theirs is pushing 1 per 1500 people?
  8. Unfortunately, this feels rather too plausible. Activision's response didn't exactly fill me with confidence.
  9. This might've been mentioned, but I just added it into my HD so it's on my mind. Performance Skill. Functionally identical to Professional Skill; it's a subset, but I like calling them out separately myself. Also, a new Skill Enhancer...Performer. Analogous to Jack of all Trades. No real mechanical differences, but they present better, IMO.
  10. EVERYTHING in comics got rebooted. Sometimes repeatedly in short order. It wasn't a prime factor in turning me off; I think the really pathetic artwork that took over was the major reason. There was less actual drawing in an entire issue than there was on a single page from back in the day. But frequent reboots destroy anything like dramatic tension or suspension of disbelief, and that didn't help. Names, names, names...coming up with separate names for when the dups are distinguishable...and tending right now to the mildly irreverent If the prime is Larry...the others might be Moe and Curly. Then there's Alvin, Simon, and Theo, if the prime's any of those. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Then there's Snap, Crackle, and Pop, especially for "hero" IDs, or perhaps better, villain IDs EDIT: now here's one for ya, if the dups are somewhat different from each other, and especially if the prime is a blond. Blondie, Tuco, and Angel Eyes (for the unwashed junior heathens among us, AKA, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)
  11. Ouch. Chris Paul just joined a pretty select group...not in a good way. He's the first player to lose 4 playoff series after leading 2-0. A 4peat worthy of the Bills....
  12. No longer than they have to. I'm not following this very closely, but my broad sense is that the city's more at fault here. That's separate from the Raiders' long-running circus, as I don't necessarily believe Al Davis was dealing fairly with them. But, the repeated issues tend to support the A's. With the Rockies...we're closing on the 100 game mark. They're 12 back in the loss column to the Padres. With 60-odd games left? Not likely. Worse, they've played 53 home games, compared to only 43 road games. Adding a piece makes little sense when their ceiling is to play in the WC game...on the road, too. (They're 17 back in the loss column to the Dodgers, who have the 1st WC right now.) Sell? That should be all about, what pieces are we gonna lose? And Mr. P might know, but I don't....
  14. Another pretty big, well-known brand does a pivot. Uncle Ben's rice products are now "Ben's Original" and the facial drawing has been removed. Motivation was very to pull the perceived stereotyping involved, quite similar to Aunt Jemima's recent shift. Bigger news... Unlike the tobacco lawsuits that were dragged out as long as possible, the opioid cases are being settled relatively quickly. New York announced their settlements; tentative settlements were announced today, involving 40 states. They have not been approved; the states individually will probably have to do that, but it's still a significant milestone. And we're talking $26 BILLION dollars. So quite clearly, both sides will proceed with great attention to detail. This doesn't cover everyone; Purdue Pharma declared bankruptcy, for example, so that complicates things. The currently proposed settlement plan got *blasted* this week... https://www.npr.org/2021/07/19/1018028179/justice-department-blasts-purdue-pharma-bankruptcy-plan
  15. noted this in Main6E; it's probably in the others. I believe this is from a fairly current version... <LANGUAGE TYPE="Eskimo-Aleut" DISPLAY="Eskmo (Inuit, Inuktitut)"> </LANGUAGE> I presume it should be "Eskimo" in the display... Since there's no similarities on it, it's got no possible functional impact.
  16. <WHAPS SELF> Yeah that was it, wasn't it? Not like I've seen an LSH in... .... ... Too far ago to consider, and DARN SURE to mention........................ Steve: the 3 ages wouldn't fit *here* but it would be fun. But it also feels like, if you're doing that, you'd be doing alternate duplicates. At least to some degree; maybe not that much.
  17. These have been drawn out. END Regen that is not allowed to be faster than per turn, doesn't impact the choice to apply Reduced END. In the comparison versus Reduced END, I was considering END Regen per phase. (Or more abusively, constant Heal END, where you can massively increase the END recovery for VERY little.) That may have gotten lost in the shuffle. I do not consider Regen END, where it's defined as a net 1 CP, therefore 5 END, per time unit and per units purchased, as balanced, but I will also admit to a bias to higher-power (ergo typically higher-SPD) character builds. At lower SPD, the problem may not exist. I'd rather deal with standard effect generally. But if I can buy it like this...I don't buy 1d6. I buy 1d6+1. Basically 1/3 more...58 active, 29 real. Let's stay with standard effect, it's 2 CP per phase, to each. So it's 60 END and 24 STUN per turn. It's a mathematical anomaly based on how standard effect and the halving rule play together *badly*. Note that if it was allowed..."1d6-1" Healing for 7 points, with standard effect of 2. Same as the full die on standard effect. Now it'd be 31 active, 15 real, for 12 STUN and 30 END. And...should we even mention that Healing is NOT a Special Power, and thus, unless we also reclassify it as such, this could be added to an MP or VPP? That would make it MUCH easier to add. Math issue. 3.5*6/2 is improper math. If rounding is Hero-normal, then half of 1 (rolled) is 0.5 --> 1 CP to apply. Ergo: roll 1 or 2, apply 1 CP. 3 or 4, apply 2 CP. 5 or 6, apply 3 CP. So the expected value...the overall average character points you'd gain...would be 2 per roll, or 12 per turn. Not 1.75 per roll and 10 or 11. Conversely, if half of 1 -->0, then you get (0,1,1,2,2,3) or 1.5 CP...9 average CP per turn. You have to compute the expected value on the final result...the CP to apply...not on the raw roll. Your computations are off because they fail to consider the implications of the discontinuous, integer math hiding in there. It happens to show up *glaringly* here because the values are so small. It's also why shifting from 1d6 to 1d6+1 happens to have a huge impact.
  18. Your memory is better than mine. All I remember is that Duplicate Girl *used to be* Triplicate Girl.......... Oops.... I like weird combos of impossible, supra-normal abilities and basic biology/physics...like mass conservation. The melanin split just follows; everyone's skin, hair, and eyes are a combo of those 3 types. I just thought of a side effect on the recombination...figure the DNA happens to change at the genes responsible for melanin production. Well maybe they don't *quite* recombine the same every time....
  19. The president of the Raiders resigned today. Schefter posted his reasoning...basically that this phase was complete, and pretty much saying, 30 years was enough. 8 years as CEO. Still, not exactly the best way to roll into a new season.
  20. Cavendish may have slipped up a bit; he got himself boxed with nowhere to really go until it was too late, so he didn't pull off win #35. Green jersey was never at risk at the end; he gained another 3 points at the intermediate sprint over the guy in second, making it 32. Yeah, there were 50 points for winning the end sprint, but it also pays 20 places, IIRC. It'll be interesting to see if Wout van Aert will get advanced to be a GC rider. Won the sprint today; won the TT yesterday; won a climbing battle. In Olympics news, Coco Gauff tested positive and is out. Believe I saw 55 athletes or staff have tested positive. Only 3 in the village itself, but we can only hope things don't change.
  21. The fan who threw a ball, from the stands and hit a visiting team player, has been banned for life from all MLB games. There is the obvious question of whether this will be enforceable, and I'd still like to see even misdemeanor charges, but still a necessary move.
  22. The scariest part of this, IMO, is absolutely the plausible deniability point. I saw this...when did it get posted here first, a week ago? Didn't pay attenion...thought it was a 100% Lego. NOT a Glock covered in Legos. I cannot recall anything more idiotic. Or wrongheaded. I can even see a lot of serious, responsible gun owners, and they're darn sure out there...and probably a lot of police officers...who'd support banning something like this *in a heartbeat.* Any product liability attorney would *cringe* at the implicit liability aspects, should any kid shoot himself or someone else. There'd be some shared blame implied...how was the gun left out? But the dimwits selling this kit would catch a LOT of the blame.
  23. Me...way too long. Started with...ok, need a dark, rich skin tone. Lots of variations there, but the Pueblo tribes hit my fancy. Had a wealth perk listed...cuz I can, of course...so that went into...why? And that led to "tribe found a small but rich silver and gold deposit"...then moved forward from there. So, WHICH tribe? Map time...where are the New Mexico reservations? Mescalero Apache...cool, and I love where they're located, but their reservation is also national forest land. Keep looking. Isleta...ok, that works.... Then there's the name. Hmmm...mama's Catholic, lemme see some good patron saints. Yeah...oh and there's a cool middle name. Now...last name. That's actually tough; I did find a repository of native American census-based names, and they included Pueblo and Tiwa (the actual tribe) names, but a LOT of them are Spanish origin. Hmmm...well..there's one that looks and sounds good... All in all, probably an hour spent, but hey, it's Sunday afternoon.
  24. And note that you can toss on limitations like 1/2 DCV and Full Phase (to activate). This shaves off a great deal of points, altho it might be tougher to include in a multipower that's reasonable. Even a 1/4 limitation on a 100 point power takes 20 off.
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