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  1. We got a nasty surprise. One of the local Wal-Marts...a well-positioned one, there's no competition for it in a high-growth area...had 4 people test positive. State Environmental Department ordered them locked down until several measures (test EVERY employee, disinfect the whole store) were completed. There...was some flak there; it stayed open for several hours. There might be reasons; the most obvious is that the local store has to run that decision up the chain. (Or chose to, as a stalling tactic.) Story is that the cops came by and blockaded. BUT...the advice is, anyone who'd shopped there since 22 June should get tested. Believe me, that will be a LOT of people. Fortunately, not me. I really loathe Wal-Mart for many reasons; I do sometimes use that one, tho. BUT, I checked my credit card charges...none in that period to Wal-Mart. So, *that* bullet dodged. Several of my neighbors won't be so lucky. And quite a few are not amused with how the store handled things.
  2. I think it's fair to say that the bowl season as it was, is dead for this year. How's bowl selection gonna work? If the schools are saying "only in the conference"...how does that fit with a bowl game? Another big issue is the TV contracts. I strongly suspect that's why they're holding out for *some* form of games, to keep at least some TV revenue flowing. Still, it seems likely that Fox, ESPN, and CBS will be arguing for notably lower rights payments. And there's no way in heck that fans can be at the games. So it looks like the athletic armageddon is inevitable.
  3. One thing I remember pretty well from that season. NMSU had a very, very good team. They got a 6 seed, in part because they *beat* UNLV at home that year...was at that game. And IIRC, they actually led at half at Thomas and Mack. This was the Johnson/Augmon/Anthony team that won the title; the next year's when they went undefeated until the national semis. IOW, a GREAT, GREAT college team...and the Aggies beat em once that year. So when I heard they got LMU first round, I was going.....oohhhhhh NOOOO..... Because LMU had time to get past the gut wrenching phase. With Gathers, that team was also about a 6-8 seed, depending on how much credit the committee gave. Lots of times back then, ranking and seeding didn't jibe. And they had all the motivation in the universe.
  4. You might be thinking of how small forwards play now. Gathers died in 1990...a completely different era. There were teams where he wouldn't fit, sure, but Alex English was still active, for example. Grant Hill had a little different game, but he was excellent. Injuries were his problem...and being in Detroit at the wrong time, with Jordan in Chicago. Even today...Gathers was 6'7" and agile. If your 4 or 5 is playing on the wing, you can use a Gathers in the middle, to threaten short rim runs rather than drives starting from the 3 point line. He's got the perfect size for positionless defense, too.
  5. And Loyola Marymount, whose most famous sports story is unfortunately Hank Gathers. But that's not the biggest issue. The WCC has had public universities as members in the past...altho there's a good (very reasonable) chance they'd prefer to stay with what they have. (Lessons from the old Big East.) But...WCC doesn't do football. Only BYU and San Diego even have football teams. BYU is independent...which hurts a lot these days. San Diego is FCS, in the Pioneer League. The...what? No, I'd never heard of it myself. VERY spread out, it's a football-only league. Biggest school is Morehead State (11K+); second biggest is Dayton (8K+), and 6 of the 9 schools are under 5000. So they're in conferences where they don't play football at all, or what looked to be more common, the schools didn't want to play FBS level. Several good basketball schools...Dayton, Butler, Davidson. Football...not so much. Nice 2 lines to lead a story in the Seattle Times about the Pac-12's decision. The SEC is set to meet Monday to discuss options; it's suggested the favorite might be to defer the fall sports until the spring. Shades of mid-March. This time the time pressure isn't there, so decisions can (and should) be made with more deliberation. But...by and large...I think it's going to be the same end result.
  6. WorldOMeters just closed their data reporting day. <whimper....> 71,787.......
  7. Best summation of 21st century America I've seen so far. South Africa...eww. Yeah. Last 2 weeks, case numbers are skyrocketing. Looking at 1 new case per 5000 people per day, which to me kinda feels like the point where panic should be setting in. The growth is particularly bad...they went from 13th as of close of data day yesterday at WoM...to, probably, 10th today. The US is going to smash through 60,000 and set another high water mark. The dismal question is, can we stay under 70,000. OH, which, BTW...66,000 is when we get to that 1 per 5000 mark.......
  8. Perhaps the closest comparison would be the flak when smoking in public places started to be restricted.
  9. Or the way they play, the Redshirts.... Filibusters would've been very fitting back in Gibbs' day. Carpetbaggers.
  10. I'd give it a snowball's chance on my driveway tomorrow. Big Ten says all fall sports will play in-conference games only. They hope to retain flexibility And the Big Ten commissioner couldn't promise that even these games would proceed. (Oh, it's only supposed to be about 105 tomorrow here, BTW.)
  11. Peru and Chile have passed Spain and the UK in terms of total number of cases. Brazil's death count exceeds that of Italy and France combined. Brazil's daily deaths graph is horrifying...a clear reporting pattern based on day of the week, but the numbers within the pattern have been quite consistent for 8 weeks now. And new cases counts continue to rise.
  12. I'd caught the Ivy League move...but not the moves by Stanford and Ohio State. (OSU suspended voluntary workouts by its mens' basketball and football programs.) Those are all huge. The Ivy League's move is the most radical...flat-out cancelling. But Stanford and OSU are A+-listers. If you care at all about sports...and, no, I don't mean just college sports...read the article.
  13. The 25 June...perhaps. But not yesterday and today. They DO make sense. Case numbers started to rise just after the solstice...and now the death counts are rising. Over 750 today with a few hours left. And it's gone up by 6 in just a few minutes while I was looking at some different things... At this point you can't look at the longer-term trendline for daily deaths; it's now meaningless, with the massive upswing in cases. It would be interesting and possibly informative to take the daily case counts and daily death counts, do some normalization on both (say, divide daily cases by 60,000, daily deaths by 2000, so they'd be on similar scales) then offset the daily deaths by 2 weeks, and perhaps another offset by 3 weeks, and see how well they overlap.
  14. Uh oh. Just one day...but...WorldOMeters' US data is showing almost 1000 new deaths today.
  15. That's between MLB and the PA. Back in March, they agreed that all players would receive full service time...which is huge for the young players, as it means they're aging out from their rookie contracts. The players on one-year deals will probably all become free agents. Demand for them might be an interesting spectator sport. The older guys...they're a year older and that's a lotta rust to take off. It's an early look at Life After Baseball for the players, too.
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