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  1. If we tweak the sense of this...that they became too pass-happy and thereby lost balance...I'd probably agree. Can't ignore that the salary issues in the secondary also started causing attrition around that point too. Salary data from Over the Cap...in terms of cap number, which is what matters for overall roster construction, for 2020 the ranking was Dak, Russell, Goff, Jimmy G, Rivers, Brady, Big Ben, Brees, Tannehill, Rodgers, Derek Carr, Jacoby Brissett, Stafford, Cousins. How many good years were in there? Who's conspicuously missing? Patrick Mahomes, first and foremost; it was the last year of his rookie deal. He had a $5M cap hit and got paid a net of $10M last year; this year, it's $45M. Lamar Jackson has 2 more years on his.deal, but the Ravens only have one more cheap year. His 2021 salary+bonus and cap hit is only $3M. His 2022 salary and cap hit is.....$23M. Quite a few of the teams from that list didn't exactly light up the win column.
  2. For which you should rejoice. Rodgers is not the panacea for the Bronco problems, and at the price tag to get him, IMO he'd be a serious net liability. Potentially a plus for 2021...but only potentially, depending on the pieces...but at best where'd they be with him? 9-7? Probably wouldn't make the wild card. Losing the draft picks it'd take to get Rodgers would slow down any rebuild. The last 2 QB miracles (Brady and Peyton) were possible because they were free agents. Buffalo and KC, they groomed draft picks. Part of Seattle's surge was another home-grown, CHEAP QB in Wilson...until his rookie contract ran out, and they haven't had the extra $15-20M to splash around elsewhere. Shaky and/or marginal QBs might get traded; Montana was still playing fairly well when the Niners traded him...but they had Steve Young ready to go. I get that their current QB situation is awful. That the Bronco front office's draft record isn't so good, and their record with QBs is putrid...it's hard to be optimistic that they'll get better any time soon. With Rodgers, tho, I think it'd be 2 years of no more than mediocrity, then Rodgers bails. Broncos are set back 3-4 years.
  3. Yeah, that's the first numbers connecting all the dots together that I've seen...football, bowl money, other sports. So they're anticipating a windfall. BTW: one thing to remember with Texas is they're NOT a former Big 8 school. They're Southwest Conference. Which...gee...died when the SEC broke away from the blanket TV arrangement, the CFA. A side thought...the SEC Network. The Big 12 Network existed but didn't show football. The SEC Network is secondary in terms of the games they show, but there are *many* compelling, interesting games in the SEC even before adding UT and OU. Found this too: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/espn-reportedly-owes-ut-for-longhorn-network-which-could-help-fund-big-12-exit/ And there's this story that makes a lot of sense...the Longhorn Network was never about...you know...showing *games*..... https://trojanswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/26/dont-laugh-at-the-longhorn-network-it-served-its-purpose-for-texas/
  4. This isn't being used to make arrests, levy fines, or potentially cause people to lose their license. Per se. The falsification angle is a different issue, as that's got to be tampering with evidence. A point of similarity may well be, tho, whether it should be considered admissible. Here, if an analyst's judgment is required? What certification has taken place to ensure the analyst is competent?
  5. Not the government. The country. And it's close to being there now.
  6. There's a roof on their new stadium. Fortunately for all concerned.
  7. IIRC they take 6 and field 4, so, yes, they subbed. Took silver. EDIT: DOH!!! In the team competition, which this was, the whole team is in play. They pick 4 per apparatus, but it need not be the same 4 each time. There is little reason to require a team to specify which 4 before their rotation on a given apparatus comes up, and AFAIK no such requirement exists.
  8. What's the opposite of "must watch?" D'backs at Rangers tonight and tomorrow. Teams are a combined 69 games under .500. Hate this stretch of the interminable baseball season. Already got teams playing out the string, but not soon enough for the games to be particularly meaningful among the contenders...like Dodgers at Giants tonight. Have to see if maybe that one's on MLB Network...... But the amusing part right now is watching the moves at the trade deadline.
  9. One of the issues for USA Basketball is that the NBA's become largely a freedom of movement league, with an overwhelming focus on 3s. That game can be squeezed...the Bucks showed this quite emphatically. International rules allow much more physical defense...like, gee, what the Bucks did to the Suns. It also shows the problem with the thought that if one superstar is good, 7 is better. NOT necessarily...particularly this year with little time to acclimate to each other. They don't know how to play *together*, don't know who should be doing what. They're thinking too much, not reacting. Basically, they're this year's Nets. And on the flip side, going with too much offensive focus leads to defensive weaknesses...so you can't squeeze the other team. I also think that scheduling played a big factor. The 2019 Finals ended a month earlier, which means every other round completed faster. There was no time to assemble this team. Whoa...this in, Simone Biles withdraws from the Olympics before the team finals.... Mental health cited. This is going to raise eyebrows.
  10. So astronomy is simply popping up as the newest one. Go back, let's say, 40-50 years, and antagonism to any form of non-conformity was, if not the norm, then at least very common. It takes considerable conscious and ongoing effort to quash it. Heck, ya gotta start by even allowing the notion, for example, that women belong in science...that's STILL not universal. And something backwater? It's gonna take longer. Male Privilege is still A Thing in much of the world...white and non-white. The fact that we're seeing this called out is actually a positive sign. On the JWST...gah. Is this legitimate sensitivity or overweening political hyper-correctness? That ANY perceived slight requires full and complete redress. This attitude has significantly contributed, IMO, to cultural splintering and the rise of the Polar Society we have now.
  11. CDC has had to reverse course and recommend masks even for vaccinated people, in areas where surges are occurring. Unfortunate but sensible. The ani-vaxers will seize on this as 'proof' that the vaccination is pointless, or some other spin, when the explanation is, the failure to vaccinate is the major factor behind this.
  12. My reading was ESPN was paying $300M/year, where CBS was paying $55M/year under the current contract for the SEC rights. And that's not per school. The rights that the schools sell to the conference aren't independent of this; I would assume, in fact, that they're for a slice of that money. (And the money from other contracts.) That means it might not be even...but...come on, Oklahoma and Texas aren't going to get more than Alabama...and given the longer SEC reps, Georgia, Florida, or LSU. If it's even, and if Texas and OU get equal sharer, it's less than $20M per school per year. And obviously Texas and OU stop getting shares of their existing contracts...which pays them $20M a year, assuming it's split evenly. So it's not as if they're finding some new, substantial income source. I think the key to getting OU and Texas playing together is a shared view that the rest of the Big 12 is Not In Our League. Remember back in the 70s and 80s, when the Big 10 was Ohio State and Michigan and the 8 dwarves...I think that's the situation in the Big 12 now, from the OU and Texas perspective. Ya gotta remember that Texas' football ego is second to *no one*. Including Alabama. Mack Brown had them at that level 3 times, which is exceptional in the era of organized recruiting and scholastic football factories...but...from 1980 to 2000, they had only 2 years finishing in the top 5. Brown's stretch from 2001-2009 was exceptional...and beginning to look like both exceptionally good, and an exception to where they've been, because since losing the BCS title game, they've been poor. So really...by the long term record...they've generally been nothing remarkable since the days of Darrel Royal. Doesn't matter, tho, not to them. OU has the better argument that the rest of the league isn't at their level. They've won the league 14 times since 2000. But they've never gotten a top-2 seed in the playoffs...and a big reason's always been the conference, or at least the *image* of the conference...all spread offenses, run and shoot, defense-optional teams if they're any good at all. Well. We shall see how it plays out. Personally, I'd *love it* if the SEC says NO, but I have to think OU and Texas don't expect that to happen or things wouldn't have reached the current point. But hey, maybe whoever leaked the story...A&M has been suggested...might've forced their hands. So maybe it won't happen. And OU and Texas end up severely embarassed. It'd be much like the soccer Super League debacle.
  13. Texas and Oklahoma gave notice today that they would not renew the grant of media rights. The current rights expire in 2025, but this is going to be a slow process regardless, so this is still a major signal that they're...not out, but completely serious about getting out. IIRC, the rule is 11 of the 14 existing SEC teams have to agree. That's not a lock. Here's one for ya. If you think it's about the money...the current football deal for the Big 12 pays $200M a year. The new deal for the SEC pays $300M a year. But wait. That's $200M split among 10...or $300M split among, presumably, 16. So they'll get LESS. The only other revenue generator is mens' basketball. Not sure what the TV deals are, but push come to shove, the SEC doesn't stack up that well in basketball. Bowl games...the biggest aspect here is that the Big 12 ties one top bowl; the SEC has the Sugar Bowl, and the not-much-smaller Citrus Bowl. Factor in that the SEC always has a team in the playoffs, and sometimes gets 2...at least at the top, there's quite a bit more money there. Some goes to the teams, but a lot is split...but again, over so many more teams. It's probably not about the direct, obvious money. It's probably more about the prestige...which ties to money in terms of boosters and merch. But I think first and foremost, it's the egos. The Big 12 is *far* behind the SEC...as is everyone else. Clemson *individually* is at the same level, but no one else is. It could be quite amusing; remember how bailing worked for Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah. If this does come about, it also might increase the push for a super conference, at least in football, and perhaps primarily for administrative and revenue sharing purposes.
  14. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/07/24/covid-vaccine-push-rural-500717 The key point insofar as this thread is concerned: Federal aid may be counterproductive, and even local officials who work their backsides off to get people to accept the vaccine, don't necessarily want it for that reason. Emphasis mine. The election fraud/lie should be temporary, altho it's increased the polarization a great deal. It won't, I think, remain a central issue but it may well be a big underlying factor. It's the second part...the obstinance, the hate isn't new. This is, tho, one of the more stark examples of it. You can blame the politicians all you like, and they deserve a lot of it. There's also a feedback effect...the lack of response by the lower-level governments feeds the deniers, the deniers inhibit the progressives and facilitate the non-responders/reopener types. And it's why the boots-on-the-ground stories can say more than the numbers. Like the story posted, what, early this week, about the problems in Kansas City. Covid's acting kinda like tornado-forming weather systems...there's mild impacts like rain or hail in most places...but where those twisters drop down, it's devastating small areas. It is revolting to think this...but probably true. Covid hasn't been enough of a threat, or done enough damage, so maybe we could *fix* the social problems or come together for unified action. It's been just bad enough to make a major nightmare, but not to compel attention.
  15. Megascale. Duplicating 1m = 1 km (6E) Megascale requires 9 purchased NCMs. Even if they're 3 points each, that's 27 points. And if you want to tack on Usable Simultaneously, that's on the base. And that's still very short range. Regional-level teleport range...call it 1000 km, 600 miles...with UOO (Usable Simultaneously form, x4 number of targets, Grantor Controls the Power Totally and pays the END, Recipient must remain Close Safe Blind Teleport net is +1 #1: Teleport 10", MegaScale 1m = 100 km, and above: 10 points with +2.5. 35 points. #2: Teleport 10:, 16 NCM mulitipliers (9 gets you 1 km, next 7 give you x128, so your max range is a bit further) BEFORE UOO and SBT: 2a) by RAW, 90 base+ points 2b) at 3 per NCM, 58 base+ points 2c) at dirt cheap 2 per NCM, it's still 42 base+ points. So active costs would be 180, 116, and 84. If you reduce the range to crosstown...and even calling 10 km crosstown is kinda pushing it., if we're limiting the notion to a single teleport, it's the 9 NCMs that kill you. It's kinda rude and kinda obnoxious, but by RAW, there are 2 basic build patterns: a) MP/VPP: 2 powers...possibly even more. --teleport self in combat conditions (lots of base move; generally wouldn't take Safe Blind Teleport) --teleport self to infiltrate...range might not have to be as high, but safe blind teleport and possibly no range mods could be applied --local teleport of a small group --rescue teleport (teleporting an unconscious person, by RAW, requires UAA)...probably requires range in the hundreds of meters --any teleport where range is greater than, say, 1 km, so as implied above, Megascale becomes fundamentally required If my teleporter can only teleport himself, it'll probably be a 2-slot MP, perhaps 30m Teleport, 1/2 END and 10m Teleport with Megascale and Safe Blind Teleport. If we're talking a very strong teleporter, then it might be a VPP with Limited Power (Teleports Only). b) Rather less effective on Teleport...a Naked Advantage. The base, combat Teleport has probably moderate range and few/no limitations. The naked advantage would be for Megascale...remember that you can't turn an advantage off under RAW, and Megascale automatically shifts your teleport to non-combat, ergo all the penalties. Because you're applying it to the slightly higher base move (than might be the case as in a) above where you can reduce the base inches once you're talking Megascale), you can throw in a Limitation like only to a fixed location, or increased END. This build pattern is one I use for Flight or Running quite a bit. I get your point, but making the NCMs cheaper just doesn't help.
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