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  1. The whole problem is how Healing works. You have acknowledge the mechanics of both healing and regen. I truly do not understand your objection to regen but lets skip that. The big limitation is the max effect  of healing. But the immediate issue is over coming the greater effect issue which you might get around that with the advantages of "no roll" and "cumulative"

  2. I get that you're trying to break through the wall around their brain, but this is a 2d6 regular attack and their brains are tightly locked inside 20/20 hardened rDef to anything outside Fox et al.
  3. I wouldn't say it's both-sides-ism so much as Fox Newsitis.
  4. Probably work at least as well as Roger Moore.
  5. So are you saying Putin's real name is Blofeld?
  6. TO came out and blasted Garrett, but a) it's TO, so who cares, b) it's Garrett and almost everyone knows he has no clue, and last, c) Garrett is not the root problem, just the most obvious symptom. He's the hacking cough; Jerry's the lung cancer.
  7. This is the Cowboys. How many times in the last 5 years, has anyone said they've been well-coached?
  8. They had great college careers, but we're only now seeing the NFL adapt to what the college QBs do well. Surprising, yes, but not that shocking. Best prop bet for next week: over/under on total number of punts. Believe Howie Long suggested 3, Bradshaw was going Too high! Twould be a fun bet.
  9. Did George Lucas start coaching the Chargers' defense? Cuz it's certainly a Phantom Menace....
  10. Oh, joy. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25749860/language-new-coaches-contracts-hints-possible-nfl-work-stoppage-2021
  11. Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling out of sync? It's Sunday night...right?? Oh...
  12. Maybe. Did the guy run into the punter? Perhaps not. However, can the rusher undercut the punter like that, not giving him a clear landing area? That, I'm not sure, but overall I'd think that shouldn't be allowed. So even if the rusher didn't brush the punter's hip, I thought the call was OK.
  13. So much for taking the Colts and the points. And it's a near lock for the under at the 2 minute mark (it's 55 1/2). Who woulda figured the most effective unit on the field would be KC's defense? So Kermit stays alive while Goofy is out...
  14. Temp is not really an issue. It's 32. Granted, I bet it's a raw, damp kind of 32; but it's looking basically manageable. No snow falling, wind isn't too bad. All things considered it could be a WHOLE lot worse. Colts are just making too many mistakes on defense, and the offense is totally dead in the water. CRIPES. Colts just stop them on 4th and 5. Then the stupid lineman, WELL after the play, walks up to a ref and twerks. IDIOT. Pushed back from the 40 to the 25.
  15. Now there's a freak stat. Luck was 2nd in NFL in TD passes at 39. Mahomes beat him by *11*. That'ls like winning the Indy 500 by 2 laps.
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