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  1. Well since neither's played 15 games left, it would be hard. Are you sure you're not related to Pariah?
  2. One thing I love about MLB Network... Starting in the 7th, they showed Carlos Rodon...because he had a perfect game going. Clean 7th. Clean 8th. Pitch count was quite good too. Came out for the 9th. Leadoff batter grounded to first, but off the bag. RACE TO THE BAG...photo finish....OUT!!! BARELY! VERY tough play by the first baseman. Next batter...got to 0-2, tried a slider. It slid a bit too much...and caught the batter on his front foot. ARGH!!! Replay showed the ball change direction...yeah, it got him. BUT he got the next 2 an
  3. The anti-vaxers are a mixed group; I think a good chunk of em are simply dupes who've drunk the Fake News Kool-Aid. The anti-maskers seem to be more consistently opposed to anyone dictating their behavior in any way, shape, or form. But that could be mostly that I hear consistent "you're infringing on my rights" arguments from the anti-maskers, while the anti-vaxers can be much more passive about it. They don't need to say anything...
  4. ohhh...now there's something no one remembers...RPN. Then again, even in HP's heyday, only a minority of tech-minded geeks knew what it was...or how to organize things to use it. Along those lines...COBOL. Apparently there's still an enormous amount of legacy COBOL code but by and large, it's being replaced, and I seriously doubt any new code is being developed...except for tweaking those legacy systems. But one of the great nightmares in software is trying to convert older, unstructured, atomic code into streamlined classes and procedures.
  5. Tucker: "I can't think of another reason." Well, duh. You've demonstrated the limits of your intellectual capacity for years now. Does anyone else think of a rabid wolverine when they see Carlson's current on-air face?
  6. But the point is: available vaccine doses are *not* being used, despite it being much easier to obtain. He was building the argument to use against the anti-vaxers, one that maybe they'd hear, and some of the other strains of Covid-hoaxers. That hotline is run by FEMA; it just opened Monday. (I hadda google this myself just now.) 20,000 calls the first day...when I don't know how many people knew it existed.
  7. Not as far as I know. But listen to this one. It's short. The little factoid he drops is a serious jaw-dropper. Beau makes his case in some compelling ways. And a lot of his stuff was over in Political Discussion, where many of us agreed with him. He didn't rant, tho...or not much. His arguments were substantive.
  8. The surprising aspect is that the charge has been filed rather quickly, comparatively. Feels like, anyway.
  9. Nowhere near as petty as what the guy did. I agree with the judge; there's no attempt at real communication, and even if there was, it's beyond the bounds of decency. Kid was 22...high time he learned that actions have consequences, I'd say.
  10. I didn't check, but IIRC there was a headline at NYT that the 3 week interval was inherited from the clinical trials. I believe the thrust was, longer may well be fine, or even preferable. Well, I'm scheduled for the second shot Monday; it'll be 19 days.
  11. Margarita Man is a great example that what is allowable is a small subset of what is technically legal. On the flip side: given a choice between a clearly abusable ruling (clairsentience does create line of effect) versus one that doesn't (no, it doesn't create line of effect)...the latter is generally preferable. Otherwise, the game can deteriorate into little more than an arms race between the players and the GM, and rules arguments tend to displace actual play. It's not fun.
  12. Draft was formally ended in '73, altho largely effectively over in '71. So I was never close. My brother was, tho. THAC0, I don't miss, but it wasn't as bad as the hodge-podge ability score --> bonus mappings. 3rd Ed wasn't perfect by any means, but simplifying the mechanics was a big improvement in my book. An aspect of that period, too, was how WIDE open it was. I spent far too much time on system authors' boards...Andy Collins, Monte Cook (both 3E and AU/AE) and somewhat intermittently, Sean Reynolds. The interaction was dynamic and occasionally even excellent. Then ca
  13. It is amazing...with a mild qualifier that top softball pitchers completely crush the opposing lineups far more often than in baseball.
  14. Interesting read. Not entirely sure I buy the argument...the author has a focus on platforms, looks like, so there's potential confirmation bias at wok there...but still worth reading.
  15. It should run fine on any of the later versions. My last update was about a year ago, to 13, and HD runs fine. I have the source code which I'm tweaking (gradually) and IIRC, there's nothing I've been forced to change because it was removed. (Quite a bit has been deprecated, but that just says "this is allowed in legacy code but we don't recommend you use it in new code; it is subject to removal in a later version.") If the only thing you need Java for is HD, then yeah, 8 will work just fine.
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