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  1. If the mission is to enforce federal labor law, then a virulently anti-union stance would clearly seem to be a violation of the organizational charter. Republicans are whining the action made the position political. Perhaps so, to a degree, but it's also plausible to say he was never doing his job in the first place.
  2. I've long felt Rogue might well be the single most expensive character to define, at least among the everyday-style Marvel characters. Not more powerful per se...more expensive. Think of the number of dice to drain a 15d6 blast...that's at least 75 active points. Sure, you can take a few phases, but it's still gonna need to be 5-6 dice at least. Then start piling on the advantages: --any power --how many powers at a time? Believe it was several --return rate to victim On Rogue's side, it can't be Aid as written. It's a 15 point Transform. And you've still
  3. I'm not a fan of the Fire OS, either. It was far, far too intrusive for my taste, and IIRC VERY slow to boot up. AND, I've been a Prime user for years. I basically deregistered my Fire, tho, and it just sits in a discard box. However, if you want to go tablet, there's no Android tablet worth a damn, honestly, and hasn't been for some time. Well, OK, I might be a power user. But I'd look at a slightly older iPad as my alternative. Don't go too small on the screen. A Chromebook can be a very reasonable choice. It focuses around Chrome...not to be pedantic, but that is its foc
  4. There's a fairly extended debate about why Transfer was dropped, IIRC from some time last summer. There is at least one fairly common logistical problem with having them combined; that's if you want to tweak the fade or return rate. By 5E, each side (fade or return) has to be bought separately, but the costing is being applied to the "combined power". IOW: 1d6 Drain, 5 points per minute (+1): 20 points 1d5 Aid, 5 points per minute (+1): 12 points 1d6 Transfer, 5 points per minute fade, 5 points per minute return (+2): 45 And of course tha
  5. The differences between Cruz' stunt and Boebert's: --the Republican Party is internally divided; it remains to be seen how that plays out. If Trumpism wins, Boebert may not see much long-term backlash. --the money may NOT continue to roll in for Boebert, altho how long the corporations continue their stance remains to be seen --Boebert's too easy to connect to crackpots like Paul Davis, the idiot that filed the suit to overturn the *entire* election. FiveThirtyEight showed polling that immediately after the Capitol incursion, 16% of Republicans supported removi
  6. Yeah I might've heard that too, I can't recall for sure. But that was also the first class, so all the early players were up, including Cy Young. He didn't make it. Then you've got regional bias...much stronger back then. Are Boston voters gonna vote for Ruth? HECK no. So saying "no one can possibly be deserving" is just a joke because it was never about "deserving." But the BBWAA has always had its share of egotistical <bleep>s. Mariano had everything...numbers, titles, awards. Sustained *excellence* for well over a decade. The reference standard for re
  7. Neither was Mays. Or Mantle. Or anyone until Mariano. That said, your sentiment's one I've heard on multiple occasions, from baseball people.
  8. Last point made in the article is that the lawyers filing this, may be subject to sanctions. Disbarment works for me. The Guardian article ties to the fantasyland aspect, but the assertions are even worse. This is the court filing: https://beta.documentcloud.org/documents/20459500-paul-davis-lawsuit-in-texas
  9. SportCenter's been spending a great deal of time tonight on a tribute to Hank Aaron, as you would expect. They just showed erudite tributes from Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden. Apparently Trump didn't hear the story.............
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKPmtJgpg0z/?utm_source=ig_embed Just LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE FREAKING WAVE, relative to the surfer!!!! EDIT: there's some videos that actually start a bit earlier in the ride https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/20/makua-rothman-wave-hawaii-100-foot-surf-video/
  11. Ugh. Hope things don't get too bad. My FB groups are all book-related. In one of em, a member noted that his father had passed away the day before, from Covid. He was a major fan of the series; the son asked if his dad's name could be used as a character. The author's done this before, several times; some of the older group members have had their names used. And sometimes other authors he knows. The author is active in that group, and he said "consider it done."
  12. I was like a lot of kids; not a big fan of a LOT of foods. Quite a few were based on how they were cooked; not that my mother wasn't a good cook, as she overall was (and a better baker) but hey, 50s, 60s, early 70s...lots of things were hard to find other than frozen or canned. And the style of the times led to tuna casserole with canned tuna, canned cream of mushroom soup, and potato chip topping. GAG!!!!!!!!!! I adore tuna. LOVE it. But we're talking fresh tuna, very lightly cooked. Or on sushi. But I've basically dropped almost anything canned or frozen, with
  13. And it's compounded because the grounds make the election fraud allegations look substantive. And just as Biden takes office? It makes the entire Republican Party look bad. Another aspect is, while the people in her district might approve, will her contributors? She's already in hot water for objecting to the electoral college vote. Moves like this will only lock down the feeling in corporate America that she's not one to support.
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