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  1. If they haven't figured that out by now, with Trump, they never will.
  2. I'm looking at the Judge Dredd wiki, and unless the comics or movies actually show it doing the Bugs Bunny stuff, I'd suggest doing it as a straight OCV bonus. It's far simpler mechanically, and I daresay it's actually a lot cheaper, if you model what's needed to do the multiple passes. But even in the comics, my handwavium has limits. This is WAY beyond that. And it breaks KISS. YMMV, of course.
  3. I'd say it's all but implicit. The destruction and rebuild both provide cover ; they're such wide-scale, overarching circumstances that the little stuff can go unnoticed. Which is why Trump thrives on creating chaos, and why he loves having people reacting to his moves...so he can sneak smaller stuff through the cracks, and so his opponents can't focus.
  4. And we know why now. Titans-Steelers has been postponed until......who knows? They don't share a bye week. This is a huge mess; in a 16 game season, the impact of missing even a single game is much more dramatic. And football doesn't allow the compression, the ability to play a bunch of games in a limited span, as baseball did. I think the NFL is terrified by this. The zero-tolerance, harsh punishment approach is saying, look, our entire *season* is still on a very tenuous basis, so TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!!
  5. That's not how a heat seeker works. The principle of a heat seeker is to identify a massive heat source and home in onto it. If there isn't anything that triggers its IR, the warhead actually doesn't arm. Once armed, if the target starts moving *away*...the missile blows the warhead. So it's more like a major bonus to OCV on a trigger, as eepjr noted. Second: 400m isn't "missile" range; for combat, that's way too short. A surface-to-surface missile doesn't have to be fast; the target speed is quite low. That can mean the missile's not terribly fast either, so the range isn
  6. IPE means basically that it's not apparent that the power is active. So, for Desolid, yes, it's so that you can't tell the difference...i.e., the person appears solid. If the invisibility is completely separate from the Desolid...and note that Desolid has some disadvantages...then what I suggest is to buy the base Invis, ergo with a fringe. Then buy the No Fringe adder as linked to the Desolid. The powers complement each other in that regard.
  7. On top of not scoring... Game 1, first inning. Load the bases with 1 out, fail to score. 9th inning, commit the error with 2 outs, then give up a walk and a 2 run single. Game 2, first inning. Load the bases...ok, 2 outs. But fail to score again. 8th inning, 2 outs, down 1...a pinch runner gets picked off. Failures to execute in key moments. COMPLETE failure of the offense; granted that hitting is a lost art, but 7 hits total in 2 games? Granted that it's not indicative of every game, but these 2 games, and game 1 of Reds-Braves...37 Ks, Reds als
  8. If those are required, then what's the point? Say you had a mute button. What's gonna happen? Trump is gonna bombast, blast, and/or lie. Biden is going to be forced to waste his time countering Trump's BS. The actual amount of policy elucidation will still be VERY small.
  9. So, today, 2 streaks collide. One of them must end!!! Astros-Twins. In this corner, we have Dusty Baker! His teams are 0-10 in postseason close-out games! In that corner, we have the Minnesota Twins, losers of their last 17 playoff games! It's a battle royale you don't want to miss!!! Twins really, really want to jump on top and never let the Astros feel like they're in the game. Not after yesterday, where Polanco just *botched* a simple throw by being way, way too casual. Never moved his feet, threw across his body, threw away what should've been the 3rd out. Y
  10. Maybe. I skipped it. I think my brain actively chose to reject that it was gonna happen because it figured it was going to be a horror. Looked at the recaps...a very common theme was, if it's going to be that kind of debacle, what's the point of having them?
  11. The most overused, pointless phrase for the last several years, has been "perfect storm." Not any more. Its replacement is "out of an abundance of caution" Yeah, right. You know BLOODY DARN WELL that you have to be proactive, or cases that you have found, can explode. And thinking about it a bit more...we bitch about, say, Trump's dismissiveness. But that whole phrase is actually dismissive. "Oh, it's not a big deal and we could go on...but we can't pass up an opportunity for virtue signaling! See what good citizens we are!!!"
  12. Which begs the question of whether the Titans can actually play Sunday, with no practice time, no way to work on a game plan, at least on the field. Vikes are shut down for today; not sure what their plans are. They had no positives, so they might return to normal prep soon enough. How delicious...I was seeing if Vegas' odds had changed yet. Not that I could see, but this is still pretty recent news. The delicious part is, the Titans had intended to allow fans. Only 10% of the capacity, but still.... Now? We'll see. I love irony.
  13. Cub fans seemed to me to adore wallowing in their self-martyrdom a little too much, so...you don't wanna go there...Besides, all they had was a good stretch, that just happened to be at the start of the season. As Brian Kenny, likes to say...Small Sample Size Theater. Short runs say little overall. ONLY the first rounds are being played at "local parks"...and even at that, all 3 games are at the higher seed's park. NO in-series travel at all. Division series are being played in LA and San Diego, Arlington and Houston. All of which should be dry and reasonably warm sites. But
  14. The link is to an old (archived, I presume now) web page. It contains links. BitDefender is bitching about the links...which is only a little overly cautious. It lets me load the page, but I have to confirm. I suspect your AV might be just saying No. Compatibility is a double-edged sword. Yes, it helps existing players transition, but it can also impede the ability to fix issues by forcing the system to carry over poor/awkward features.
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