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  1. I feel emotionally better today. Because...I just checked the news about 20 minutes ago, for the first and only time today. Told myself...don't do it. And didn't. Checking once in the evening to see if there's any updates I really *do* need to see...fine. But spending multiple hours.....so not fine. I am gonna *try* to maintain this for a while, so won't be posting much. But, I hope, sleeping better.
  2. Not necessarily in that order.
  3. The good things about being retired and single: less financial worry (not none...inflation is a huge threat), shopping for 1 is MUCH less stressful than for 4+, and I'm fairly used to being by myself. The bad thing is...this is qualitatively different. Being by oneself is not the same as being alone. Right now it feels the latter. What I need to force myself to do, is get outside and do the yard work that needs to be done, and do things *other than* fixate on covid.
  4. Day's not done. Coming up on midnight GMT, which is close of day for worldometers. US deaths over 1300. Also, that France death toll isn't entirely correct. Saw this the other day. France wasn't reporting deaths in nursing homes...just hospitals until a couple days ago. So starting with that really big spike of 1300+ deaths, it looks like they are. They may not have happened *today* tho. US has 40% of the world's new cases. Or...at least among those whose reporting we think is reasonably honest.
  5. And that's why the argument's made for masking. Because so many people are believed to have it but not know it. The argument *against* is the supply issue primarily. It's already true, as Michael noted, that supplies are brutally hard to find, and the profiteering is pretty gross. Not like that surprises anyone, right?
  6. I could see going for the key chains just to openly flip the bird to the virus....
  7. Found these: https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-coronavirus-chicago-police-new-crime-stats-20200331-utnr2apdtbdzhagsehlzvq4lvi-story.html https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/coronavirus-hit-new-york-slammed-by-crime-wave Note the point about the week of 16-22 March in the second story. So probably somewhat, yes. It seems likely that "professional" crime will drop, as targets are fundamentally scarcer. Many fewer homes are empty of an evening, for example. What is likely tho, is that desperation-driven crime will rise as this crisis extends.
  8. Well. NY Times is reporting WH is considering a face mask announcement. Probably won't be required, so I'd guess...encouraged? I dunno. Experts are still somewhat divided. It's not about keeping yourself safe...it's about not spreading it if you have it *and don't know it.* My take today was...as long as I'm not interfering with the supplies needed for those with real need...it's probably a good idea. And, I think it's likely enough to become policy. So I did some checking online. Amazon first. Plenty of offers...almost all from China. The kicker? Estimated delivery for MOST of them was typically May 12th to late June. If you've ever ordered direct from China, that kind of window isn't surprising....usually it's 4 weeks, but obviously now, all deliveries are being delayed. (Amazon itself has been laggy; given the computer power they have behind the scenes, that's frightening in its own right.) So I tried walmart.com. They had some. Item description said April 13th....as good as one can do, I suspect. Click on thru. Estimated delivery at the end...the 17th. Ugh, but...right now, that's still understandable. AND it's a DARN sight better than mid-May. Also: I did longer-term shopping. Been doing salads and veggies for 3 days; I did 5. A few more vac-packed meats....turkey breast at one, and got some vac-packed sirloin steaks next door at Target. These are great because they'll *keep* for 3 weeks. I tend to get a day or two of "use now" proteins and rotate through "use soon" or these longer-term packs. So the next trip out won't be till...next Tuesday, most likely.
  9. Some of that is testing is FINALLY starting to pick up in the US.
  10. Ouch. Death rate per million worldwide may break 7 before the day is done. It was...what, 4, last Thursday or Friday. A statistical site had growth rates...the deaths around the world are doubling every 7 days right now. Some places, of course, much worse than others. Guess who's among the worst? Also just found this. Not claiming it's authoritative, or anything close, but their arguments are nowhere close to one-size-fits-all. https://www.vox.com/2020/4/1/21203198/coronavirus-deaths-us-italy-china-south-korea
  11. <sigh> According to worldometers...yes. We have now passed 1M cases and 50,000 deaths. With much of the reporting day left.
  12. The only point of disagreement I have is, neither incident was despair-related. The first incident was the Missouri bombing attempt: And this one is just a paranoid whackjob, who thought it was part of a government takeover. There will, I fear, be many cases that do fit your pattern. And couple that with a big spike in gun sales......
  13. So this is #2. There will be more. I limited my thinking to bombings; that was unwise, perhaps, but not that many people can try to do something like this.
  14. ~ 76,000 new cases yesterday. Total number, ~ 936,000. ~ 4900 new deaths yesterday. Total number, ~ 47,000. Do the math......oh. Double whammy day. Break 1M cases and 50K deaths. Michael: I know that anguish. I hope it's nothing serious.
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