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You don't have to be crazy to work here


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But it helps.


This is just an idea for a campaign basis for Dark Champons:The Animated series style campaign that I've had for awhile.


Basically, take the dark urban world of any Dark Champions game. Add the lunatic theme based villians and their improbable gadgets and small army of inexplicably loyal (despite the fact they are dressed in silly costumes, get a small cut and are sacrificed/murdered on a whim). But these guys are coming out of the woodwork. No one can explain the sudden surge in costumed villiany, where they are getting there equipment/men or anything else. Normal means of investigation have all turned up nothing, even forensics tends to draw a blank.


The explaination? The "super villians" are all crazy. And that is the key to their power. An experimental drug being tested on the criminally insane in (Campaign City) has unlocked the key to superhuman powers. But these abilties manifest as "solid" hallucinations and invisible mental manipulation of reality. The Gambler's "throwing cards" are just ordinary paper reinforced unconsiously by his TK. The Heckler's joke gadgets really don't have any working parts and his "goons" are either summoned psionic creations or mind controlled dupes.


The PCs would either be a special crimes unit on the city police force investigating increasingly weird crimes and trying to get to the source of the problem. Or, for a twist, they could be victims of the same treatment but those who's pychosis has taken a more heroic bent and the delusions manifest as extreme "skills" and gadgets.



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