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Retired Heroes


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Barring the long lived or immortal heroes out there, an interesting scenario for a campaign would be post retirement heroes. Ether they live in world where (supposedly) most of the troubles have been put to rest or have signed out for the younger generation. Either way, for some reason something from thier past drives them out. Now they have to deal with retraining thier skills, dealing with lower back pain and younger hotshots who lack any experience.


Sorry if the idea has crept up before. But would make for a good suppliment for Champions.

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Re: Retired Heroes


Kinds sounds like the current JSA in DC Comics, though your players would be a little more decrepit(maybe, after all, a lot of these Superheroes are in unusually good shape...though the continual fighting would take a toll on their bodies...so it could go either way I suppose, depending on the characters).

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