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A new Dark Champions game looking for players


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Dark Champions: Hudson City Chaos is PBEM game set in Hudson City after the assassination of the Harbinger of Justice unleashes anarchy on the streets. Rival gangs are in open war, criminals of every sort are flooding in from around the country and the world, the police and the courts are utterly overwhelmed and helpless, and the tide of lawlessness threatens to swamp the city entirely…unless a new generation of vigilantes can turn that tide and restore order. You are those new vigilantes, men and women willing to risk their lives to turn back the darkness and bring justice to those who think themselves beyond the law.


Hudson City Chaos will be using Hero System 5th Edition rules. Characters will be built on 100 points base + 100 points in disadvantages, plus a further 30 points that can be spent on “Character Hooks†to allow the PCs to exceed normal human maxima. Many Super-Skills will be allowed, but the PCs are intended to primarily be “normal people,†although certainly ones a cut above the common run of humanity. Because of the general dangerousness of this genre, players will be allowed to have 2 PCs if they choose.


One of your PCs may, if you wish, join “teams†that are being sponsored by various mysterious benefactors – however, this isn’t required. The game will be just as friendly to solos as it will be to teams.


The overall tone I’m shooting for is something like a really good action movie: Die Hard, Desperado, the Dirty Harry series, Bullitt, The Getaway, Lethal Weapon, the original Shaft, Hong Kong action masterpieces like Hard Boiled, City on Fire, and The Killer, and even the entire genre of films where kickboxing cops knock the crap out of gun-wielding thugs. The overall tone will be rather darker than many of the American films, however, since you’re fighting incredibly violent people in an urban cesspool and permanent victories will be hard to come by.


The game will be moderated and run from Yahoo! Groups. I’ve placed it in the Adult section, since the game is likely to be extremely violent and bloody; also, a variety of adult situations and themes, from drug abuse to sex, will almost certainly be explored. I understand that some gamers don’t want to deal with sex in their posts, and nobody will force you to write anything along those lines that you don’t want to, but I want the option to be there for people who want it. Because of this, all players must be 18 years or over to join the group.


To apply to the game, visit the group site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HudsonCityChaos/ or, if you have questions, feel free to email me at theuglyamerican@comcast.net.

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