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New Talent: Limitless Potential (Cross-posted from Fantasy Hero Thread)

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I got the idea from Star Hero's Psionic Potential Talent, Keith Curtis' Limited XP disad, and listening to the common complaint that FH PC's tend to overlap after a while. I originally posted it at the Fantasy Hero Site, but I felt it might have a broader appeal...


Limitless Potential provides the character with the ability to spend XP beyond the established campaign limits in a specific area. The breadth of the area determines the cost of the Talent.


Limitless Potential w/ one skill: 5 points

Limitless Potential w/ 3 skills or tight group: 10 points

Limitless Potential w/all noncombat, HTH or Ranged Combat: 15 points

Limitless Potential w/ one Characteristic or all Skills: 20 Points


This talent must be bought at character creation and does not affect campaign starting limits. Limitless Potential only affects where the character may place future XP. Limitless Potential ALWAYS requires GM approval. Before approving this, the GM must be comfortable allowing the PC to spend as many XP as he recieves in the selected area.


I would use this to allow characters to call "dibs" on an aspect of their character that other PC's can't infringe on, allowing them growth in areas denied other PC's...

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I'd limit the Talent to the first two options only; otherwise I could see some serious abuse down the road.


As an aside, the Action! System dealt with this sort of thing. Its been a while since I read the rules, but the basics were each PC in a party chose a particular area of expertise to focus/concentrate development on. It gave the character incentive to develop non-combat related skills/abilities. It was an interesting concept...



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