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  1. Barbara Eden as Poison Ivy Frank Zappa as Professor Hugo Strange Charles Nelson Reilly as Two Face
  2. Barbara Eden as Poison Ivy Frank Zappa as Professor Hugo Strange Charles Nelson Reilly as Two Face
  3. Characters in games I have played include Johnny Angel and Barracuda. The rough side of town is known to the locals as "Town without Pity"...
  4. The Facts of Death: Six teenage girls and their house mother defend their boarding school during the Zombie Apocalypse. Fashion Police State: Paranoia and conspiracies abound when a bureaucratic dystopia is ruled by an ancient comedienne with an acid tongue and an iron fist. The Little Cabin on the Prairie: American pioneers are sacrificed to appease an ancient evil Highlander 2: Electric Boogaloo (or Breakin' 2: the Quickening)
  5. Kolkhov was born Ivan Ivanovich Semyenov on a Soviet Collective in 1930. He was always a little bit faster and stronger than any of his peers. Some old wives whispered to each other that the boy was draining the other children of their strength, but noone dared call the Overseers boy a witch. When the Nazis rolled through in '42, they gathered his collective together in the dairy barn to exterminate them. Only Kolkhov knows what went on that day, but he was the only person left at the collective when the Red Army came back to reclaim the farm. No bodies were found, and Kolkhov was babblin
  6. I prefer allegorical worlds. Nothing is real, but everything is based on some historical reality.
  7. Surface dwellers will be obsessed with flying. Balloons may make cartography more accurate. Are the Naran amphibious? If so there may be a history of raids on the surface. Beaches would be covered in traps and barbed wire. Is there trade? ideas and culture exchanges might lead to hybrid creatures. Are they beautiful creatures or hideous monsters?
  8. The Franchise Army: from the brochure Is the FA For You?, "The Franchise Army is the largest military organization in the Galaxy. From police forces to full Armadas, the Franchise Police has a solution for any government, corporation, or individual with the material wealth to finance a campaign. Whether you want drones, or vat grown soldiers, or merely want to train and arm your own patriots or zealots. The Franchise Army has a plan that can fit most budgets. Our turn key operation ensures that your new army will conform to the highest standards and discipline in the galaxy." The Franchis
  9. Less homage, and more ripoff. I wanted to run a game with element of Star Trek and Star Wars, without the back story of either. Straight up Space Opera for me.
  10. The 13th consigliore computer was sabotaged weeks before going online. Intel reports that the city shields flickered for a microsecond, coinciding with a orbital slug attack. 50,000 persons died in an instant.
  11. dbsousa


    Squatch world, where Sasquatches were the dominant lifeform in the Americas. Super-Rome, where Rome never fell and now uses Slider tech to conquer other worlds. Calipha, where the Islam dominated the crusades, and is the dominant religion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C.S.A.:_The_Confederate_States_of_America Dreamworld, a world in which people spend 23 hours a day asleep, hooked up to networks that provide a shared reality to the dreamers.
  12. Berserkers Some members of the Order have found a way to draw upon their rage to enhance their abilities. This hubris is abhorrent to the Order, and extreme efforts will be taken to correct the member, or to dismiss them. Galactic History is filled with cautionary tales of Berserkers who gained followers and wreaked havoc on worlds and systems before being destroyed by their own rage and the intervention of the Order. Even against this threat to the galaxy, the Order makes every attempt to solve the problem without killing the Berserker. They perceive the rage as a separate entity, and beli
  13. This is a campaign I have been kicking around for a while, and recently polished up. Commonwealth of Suns: A Brief Introduction Setting: Billions of Solar systems orbit the galactic core within the sphere of Traveled Space, and each system supports life in some way. Connecting them all are the Spinward and Contrary Hyperstreams, traveled by pilots and pilgrims, paladins and pirates. The Players: All PC's are citizens of the Commonwealth of Suns, a group of over 1000 sovereign systems bound by low tariffs, democratic principles, and the belief in the dignity of personkind. Member
  14. Lightning Grenade Edition 6e Power Build 3d6 Ranged Killing Attack, 20m Explosion (+1/2), Indirect (+1/4), Real Electricity ( -1/4*), OAF(-1), Range Limited by STR (-1/4) 1 Charge (-2), Only works outdoors (-1/2) Extra Time, Full Phase (-1/2) 10d6 Hearing Group Flash, same advantages and Limitations, except swap Real Electricity for Linked (-1/4) Real Cost: 23 Weapon Familiarity: thrown weapons Description: First used by the Franchise Army in street fights against the Commonwealth of Suns, this grenade creates a massive positive charge to attract a bolt of lightning from the sky
  15. dbsousa

    Pulparize It!

    Re: Pulparize It! Mistress Garrett is by day a responsible house mother for a respectable girls boarding school. At night, what goes on behind closed doors is both a sin and a crime. When a tough talking dame from the other side of the tracks and an airy debutante become ensnared in Garret's evil web, it will take a two fisted hero to teach them... THE FACTS OF LIFE
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