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  1. The Facts of Death: Six teenage girls and their house mother defend their boarding school during the Zombie Apocalypse. Fashion Police State: Paranoia and conspiracies abound when a bureaucratic dystopia is ruled by an ancient comedienne with an acid tongue and an iron fist. The Little Cabin on the Prairie: American pioneers are sacrificed to appease an ancient evil Highlander 2: Electric Boogaloo (or Breakin' 2: the Quickening)
  2. Kolkhov was born Ivan Ivanovich Semyenov on a Soviet Collective in 1930. He was always a little bit faster and stronger than any of his peers. Some old wives whispered to each other that the boy was draining the other children of their strength, but noone dared call the Overseers boy a witch. When the Nazis rolled through in '42, they gathered his collective together in the dairy barn to exterminate them. Only Kolkhov knows what went on that day, but he was the only person left at the collective when the Red Army came back to reclaim the farm. No bodies were found, and Kolkhov was babbling in a mix of German and Russian for weeks. Kolkhov gains strength and speed by siphoning it from the crowd around him. He is already as strong as a hundred men, and in a crowd of thousands, he gains the strength of a thousand men. The limits of this power are unknown to him at this time. Kolkhov can also drain an individual of all energy, absorbing his psyche into himself. His teammates do not know that there is a village full of people and an entire German regiment in his head.
  3. Re: Social Effects of the Undead in the Empire I imagine that intergenerational warfare would become the norm in such a society. Junior Nobleman can't get his hands on his inheritance, because Daddy has decided to live forever. Disenfranchised, the younger generation will see the undead as evil, and try to move the peasants into an uprising. Perhaps some enterprising revolutionary will invent a machine designed to remove captive liches heads from their bodies...
  4. Re: WWYCD: The Invasion Is On... This is Golden Eagle's bread and butter. He copies the data, and hands it over to the UN He quickly converts his factories over to build orbital defense droids, with an empty slot for the superweapon he and Team Eagle will develop to exploit the armada's weak spot...
  5. Re: what non-fiction books have you read? please rate it ... I am reading a book on the Weimar Republic, two biographies on Christopher Isherwood, and Christopher Isherwood's Berlin Diaries. I have applied to direct Cabaret at my local theater, and I want to be prepared.
  6. Re: My Player Betrayed Humanity. Now What? It is entirely possible to be a good friend and not be abusing your friendship by being annoying in a game. If he were being a prick during Monoploy we wouldn't be having this discussion. As a theater director, I have encountered the actor who insists that his character would do something a certain way, when neither the text nor common sense supports it. In the context of a play, I have tremendous advantage, because I can steer an actor in ways that a GM can't, but I can't make him do something he doesn't want to do. My advice to you is to confront him with the core of your argument:" Other players are not having fun." Let him give every argument he cares to make. concede every point. Then return to the core argument. "Other players are not having fun." He might rail some more; let him. But return. "Other players are not having fun." Don't get distracted by his side arguments, they are irrelavent to the core argument. Eventually he will come to one of two points: He can either have fun with the group, or he cannot. Only he can decide what he wants to do. Don't let him tell you that he is being kicked out. He is choosing to have fun with the group, or to find another way.
  7. Re: My Player Betrayed Humanity. Now What? This seems to be an out of game problem. Talk to the player, and tell him that you don't want to run a game that pits player against player, and ask him if he is willing to change his mode of play for the good of the game. If the player is willing to change his behaviour, here is how you fix the game. Let the PC's report back. Have a big showy confrontation. The big muckety muck kicks him off the team. All of a sudden, the player's Actual Character bursts through the door, and yells "That's not me, it's an impostor". The alien posing as the character solliloquoys "That's right, I kidnapped you so I could mimic your powers. Now that I have samples of all your DNA, I have all your powers combined! No one can stop me now! Long live Empress Vhan! Bwa ha ha ha!". Battle Royale ensues, PC's kick aliens butt, foiling Vhan's double secret backup plan.
  8. Re: Alternate Earth 20: Paradise Island Lost Protector would be a militant masculist, what Randi Limbaugh would call a "Mascu-Nazi", and would be especially concerned with crimes of husband abuse. He would quote Sartre's "Le Deuxieme Sexe" and Hefner's masculist magazine "Mr." He would also wear a tighter outfit, on the belief that men can be both sexy and powerful... Golden Eagle would be the man behind every great woman. He would have gone to Harvard, the "brother" school of Radcliffe, looking for a succesful wife. He would have quickly fallen in love with an MIT Woman, and would sit in on her classes and take notes for her. After they were married, he would help her get ahead with his technical ideas, which she would turn into million dollar patents at her company. Supremely bored as a homemaker, he would turn to crimefighting, building a crime lab in the basement to solve mysteries before getting dinner on the table.
  9. Re: Answers & Questions Q. What did Roman Hairdressers say before fighting to the death in the arenas? A. A ten gallon jar of mustard.
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  11. Buster, sans wrecking ball Here is a picture of Buster, created with the (free) Freedom Force Character Editor, using a Savage Dragon Mesh
  12. Actually, Wolverine acted within state and federal law. When armed men enter your home without announcing themselves, you are not required to retreat, and are allowed to use deadly force. This doesn't mean he is a hero for doing it, though...
  13. Yes those are Hero Machine 2 Beta. Well worth the $10 donation to www.heromachine.com They are meant to be twisted versions of the Original X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Doom Patrol. Children of the Scalpel More Children of the Scalpel More Children of the Scalpel
  14. My favorites: NYC's power-armored police: Emergency Xenogenic Threat Response Agency Our world's answer to SHIELD: SPecial Agency for the Removal of Terrorism And Crime in the United States
  15. The Children of the Scalpel belong to a cult that exposes its members to unstable, explosive mutagens. Those that survive tend to look like this... Children of the Scalpel More Children of the Scalpel More Children of the Scalpel
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