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Odd Idea for a Campaign...


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See... there are a lot of great Pulp resources out there, and I don't have time to run a campaign for each one, so the following idea seems to have taken root to solve the problem.


Cast of Characters: The Usual Suspects, my Fantasy Hero Group (Dawn, Jeff Jr, Brian, Dan, Laura, Bridget, Nathan.... no problem there)


PCs: 150 pt characters (75 + 75 most likely)


Setting: Different each week. Same Cast, Different Film (Like A Fish Called Wanda and Savage Creatures)


Dawn's Amazon and Brian's Two-Fisted Hero would be the same, but the conditions of their lives would be different, allowing me to run Solar Smith one week, then Dordogne Zodiac the next...

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Re: Odd Idea for a Campaign...


Sounds like fun! Years ago R. Talsorian Games had a sort of RPG out called Dream Park, from the Niven and Barnes novel of the same name, that basically used that premise. Your character was a person who'd visit the Park, taking on different roles each time as the scenario demanded.


Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.

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Re: Odd Idea for a Campaign...


There have been a few games and books that took this approach.


A fun comedic version of this was Stellar Games "Late Late Late Show." The characters were actors, the adventures were the movies they were staring in, and the most important stat was Fame. There wa also the option of calling in your Stuntman to take risks for the character.


A Paratime campaign (H. Beam Piper) would take your PCs to different worlds in each session. No reason they can't all be Pulp worlds. Add in some Jack L. Chalker, and each time they shift worlds they can gain a new set of memories in addition to their old memories, thus adapting to the new world.


In my own pulp game, many of the pulp sub-genres (Lost Worlds, Space Opera, Cowboy, Crime Fighting) will be explored just by having them all available on the same world. Space Opera comes in with the Rogue Planet Crisis (Mongo from the Flash Gordon serials), and the rest can be found just by wandering around on Earth.

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