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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I got bored. Started writing. Made a PDF of extreme martial arts moves one might find in an episode of Dragon Ball Z (or worse). 12 pages, more than 60 Techniques, some jokes and a hint of a campaign unplayed.
  2. Here are a few of mine. Just finished this. The HDC is not up to date with the PDF...but when is it. really? Error Code - Doragon-Ken.pdf Techniques.hdc
  3. Présenté sans commentaire. Error Code - Doragon-Ken.pdf
  4. Oh, that's not bad at all! Thanks!
  5. I'm translating Villains and Vigilantes' The Centerville Incident to HERO System. Yay! One of the characters is Special Officer Koniji Hirakarini, a space cop. She's got a gun, a short skirt, and all the anime tropes you care to apply. Her weird thing is Proxima; who is her armor and ship and best friend. They are the same person. This is a really cool idea, but how to build it? Do you just build a multiform for Proxima? Can a person (android) multiform into a vehicle? Proxima is an android? Easy enough. Proxima is a ship? Multiform to a character with all the powers required to simulate all the bits a starship would have (Merchant ship from Star Hero) Proxima is a battlesuit? Just a bunch of powers for Koniji with the limitation that Proxima isn't available while the armor is active? Handwave it? I'M THE GM AND I SAID SO is hardly good HERO Math.
  6. The Dragons of Caleon have various response to those who would employ their hides as haberdashery. Riachadda doesn't take offense so much as revenge. She sees her kind as noble beasts, standing apart from other creatures. While generally a force for good, murder is another matter. Korgalath is often amused. The armored character is often barbecued. Zinzalor might like to know if the hide in question was a friend. His reaction is generally based on the answer, as he has a number of rivals that he'd like to see on a dwarf's backside in one way or another. Nornastor is a close-minded reptile. He isn't easily roused or torn away from his books and scrolls, and rarely takes interest in anything else. Nornastor doesn't adapt. He's already hidebound. Gidraash, the Hidden Lord of the Drakeholds, is rarely seen and couldn't be bothered for an answer. The last time he was polled on a matter, the questioner was turned into rather startled cloud of drifting ash and regret. Onn, resting atop a pile of enchanted bone that would make any necromancer worth his salt quiver in vile, void-powered ecstatic glee, would probably like to know if the hide in question was his own. He'd like it back. Gethrimax will likely trade for it. He'll offer 3000... Degrees... Fahrenheit. Kaathrixis simply doesn't care to know who's being worn this season. She's rather busy these days and has no time for gossip. Boltakainen will cry tears of fire at the loss of one of his kind. He will beat his chest, roar in titanic sorrow, thrash his tail in anguish. He will lament for the fallen, for the Civilization of Solitude are few in number. Lastly, he will gently reach out, grasp the armored character in his forgiving claw and beat the remainder of the party to death with him.
  7. The Accelerationist
  8. I'm seeing the same issue, but having been a software tester for more than 10 years, I went through the steps above (even before reading this thread) and I still get the SPDEFENSES parsering error. HD is up-to-date, the Combat Manager is the most recent version, having been downloaded to this PC just the other day. Both characters are 6E, using the 6E export v1.1. The combat record is in the same directory as HCM. The file I tried is attached. I should note that this has worked in the past, but these are new installations. Is there a newer version of the export than the 2014 release of 1.1 that I'm somehow missing? Fight10.XML hcmlogging20200614073858.txt
  9. So... what about Autofire? I have a player who doesn't realize it, but he will be asking that question. Soon. So very soon.
  10. Jkeown

    Star Ship Gear!

    A certain hi-tek culture coreward of the Union (but not so far that you are tripping over Aurorans), the Kellis, have a dirty habit of removing dead soldier's brains and putting them in weird ceramic modules. These modules have life support and neuro-interface sockets. They build robots with compatible hardware (they built some others that weren't compatible. I can get those for you cheap). Now, a Kellian warrior doesn't just die for his world once... but over and over as maintenance schedules allow. When not actually hooked up to a battle-bot, hover-tank, or neuro-fighter, Kellian Warrior Modules live in a semi-simulated world with just enough bad news to keep their minds busy. When needed, they're transferred to a new robo-form and sent out to inflict as much harm as possible before getting snuffed again. A Mostly Dead Kellian is very like a creature with the Possession Power. He has EGO, INT, PRE, OMCV, DMCV and some Skills. Everything else is sitting on the Battle-Bot's hard drive. To upgrade, he or she (or eir, for that matter) need only plug into another cyber-shell. Is this an abuse of the Possession power? I think with the right Limitations on the Possession Power (Limited Power - Only With Compatible Hardware), this could work very well. Especially in a military or espionage thing. My apologies if this has been discussed before and I've missed it. How does this compare with just having characters use sleeves as vehicles?
  11. Jkeown

    Star Ship Gear!

    Telerons are fickle little bastards, are they not? Well done!
  12. I want to turn all of this, and the other 135 entries, into a giant Space Bestiary product, but I can't get a response from HERO Games.
  13. Jkeown

    Star Ship Gear!

    Thanks! I try to be this weird in real life, but you can't edit as it as easily.
  14. The Zara Template Humans are still terribly fond of cosmetic changes to their offspring. Billions of teenagers now resemble Zara Temple from the catastrophically popular Hyperspace Phantasm enneaology of action-casts from 2580-2589. She starred in Hyperspace Phantasm, Hyperspace Phantasm II: Goldberg’s Revenge, Hyperspace Phantasm III: Stellar Catastrophe, Hyperspace Phantasm IV: Black Hole Sun, Hyperspace Phantasm V: Frozen Stars, Hyperspace Phantasm VI: Iridium Crisis, Hyperspace Phantasm VII: The Return of Goldberg, Hyperspace Phantasm VIII: Again with Goldberg, and Hyperspace Phantasm IX: The Zara Protocol. She has become the highest paid actress in Human history. Many of these children (not all are girls) are named Zara as well. Rebelling against this, many of them drastically alter their appearance, take up “street-names” or otherwise try very hard to distance themselves from the image of Zara. Zara Temple herself has publicly decried the practice of copying her, to little effect. More Zaras are crafted and born every year. Estimates range from 2 to 5 billion Zaras extant in the Union, the Cooperative, and the Unclaimed Reaches. You can even buy cheap over-the-counter gene-mods and back-alley chromosome cocktails if you can't afford the good stuff. (Warning: Take Only As Directed) Last time I encountered one of these copies, she was at a place called the Three Sheets on Argos (that dump near Hykene). Looked pretty confused, kept dodging around and checking corners before slipping around them. I tried to make small talk as she attempted to climb into a ventilation duct. As it happens, it wasn't a Zara Template at all, but some guy's leaky, wrist-mounted Holo-Tainment (tm) system. The character had escaped into the ambient info-space of the bar and was trying to stalk and kill Goldberg and his psychotic psionic sidekick, Happi Thoughtsponge. Didn't end well; nothing involving uncontrolled, self-aware holograms ever does. Points Ability 6 +2/+2d6 Striking Appearance (vs. All Characters) Value Complication 10 Distinctive Features: Zara Template (Conc, Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses
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