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How to use the President

Michael Hopcroft

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Re: How to use the President


I suspect you can only use the President as an adversary if you and your players are either homogenous or apathetic politically. Nothing derails a game quicker than a GM who runs thing according to his world view and players who do not subscribe to this world view. Our GM was shocked when he instituted a superpower registration act, and our whole group decided to move to Canada. He couldn't believe anyone would have a problem with it, and we couldn't believe there wasn't a mass exodus or riots.


EDIT by "group" I mean the PC's. We would have to be pretty hardcore players to leave the country over a GM's plotline...

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Re: How to use the President


I think this season of 24 handles the idea of the adversarial President pretty well. There's nothing scarier than when the most powerful man on earth can't make up his mind. Throw an indecisive POTUS at the PCs and see where things go... one minute he'll personally vouch for their Black Ops mission behind enemy lines and the then he'll pull the plug without blinking an eye--leaving them all high and dry...

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