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Killer Shrike

Netrunner (card game)

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Way back in the day there was a Richard Garfield card game called Netrunner. I loved it, but found it difficult to find others to play it with.


I've often reflected back fondly upon it over the years as one of my all time faves.


Recently my nearly-7 son has gotten into card and board games. He started off with pokemon, but has matured past that and has wanted to play some more advanced games.


He's precocious (I wont be so immodest as to imply it is due to him inheriting vast uncharted intelligence from a parent bearing both an X and a Y chromosome), and usually does reasonably well even on games rated 14+ with a little guidance on the trickier bits.


We've been having a lot of fun with the Legendary Marvel game from Upper Deck and he's become very adept at deck management, and has started designing decent pokemon decks as well (previously I would help him make competitive decks).


But imagine my surprise when, shopping for some new games at a local game store, I noticed some marketing material advertising a new re-released version of NETRUNNER! From no less than Fantasy Flight Games, a company I like quite a bit. The store was sold out, but I ordered a basic set as soon as I got home. We're expecting sometime next week, and I can barely wait. Hopefully my son will enjoy it and I'll finally have someone to play Netrunner with. I plan to let him win the first few games as that usually increases the odds that he'll like it ;)


It's kind of sad that I had to _breed_ a gaming opponent, but hey, whatever works.


Anyone else ever play Netrunner? Old version or new.

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I used to play the old game and snagged the new one as soon as I could. While I only have the first expansion, I LOVE the game. I think it captured some of the old feel, while having some fresh ideas. My only gripe is that I miss the old playmat that the original game came with. ;)

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