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Third Party Heroes Product Listed as 6th Ed., uses 5th Ed. Mechanics


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I recently purchased a third party product listed as a Heroed 6th Edition product. However, the product clearly was using in it some, if not all, of the 5th edition rules (hexes of movement, aids and drains that dwindle slower than 5pt/turn costing less than +1, explosive seemingly separate from AoE). This isn't particularly detrimental to me, as I bought it for campaign ideas, not pre-built powers and vehicles, but it seems like a pretty glaring inaccuracy (giving the benefit of the doubt). Are the material in the website store vetted by anyone associated with Hero games?



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I've noticed some discrepancies in the store since the switch to the new software a year ago. I suggest using the "Contact Us" option at the top of the page. That way someone can address your concern about the purchase, or at the very least get the description updated if you just want to let them know that.

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