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END cost for Multiple Attack with a gun with a STR Minimum



Hi Steve,


While researching some heroic level gun use abilities in this thread I ran into a question I am not sure about.


Does the END cost of meeting the STR Minimum for *non-musclepowered ranged weapons (guns) mean the character only pays END once per Phase when using them regardless of whether a Multiple Attack or Autofire is also being used with the gun?


*Wording used in 6e2 page 207


Same question worded a different way:

Does having a STR Minimum have a direct bearing on determining if using a weapon is considered a **STR-based attack?


**Wording used in 6e1 page 41


If the answer to both is NO, then is it safe to assume that firing a bow (a musclepowered ranged weapon) Does cost END per shot but does not get any additional Limitation for this?





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I don’t currently have access to all of my books and materials, which have been packed up as part of my home renovation project, so I reserve the right to edit or change this answer at a future time. ;)


As noted on 6E2 199, wielding weapons built as Equipment costs END based on the STR used to wield them. A character using Multiple Attack (6E2 73) or Autofire (6E1 327) has to pay END/Charges for each “shot” taken, and the STR rules specifically note that this applies to “STR-based attacks” such as Autofire HA or a Multiple Attack (6E1 41). Thus, a character firing a gun (to use your example) using Multiple Attack or Autofire in a campaign where he’s using weapons obtained as Equipment would pay END for the STR used for each shot. (Though of course the GM’s free to change that if he prefers some other method.)


“STR-based attack” isn’t a term of art; it’s really just shorthand for “any attack involving STR, or to which STR adds damage.” I’ll leave it up to the wisdom of the GM to define whether a given attack is “STR-based” for his campaign. :)

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