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  1. Does anyone know the exact published order from the end of the official 6e hero stuff through the highrockpress/Kickstarter stuff?
  2. Here are my latest acquisitions. See That Masked Man's post for full covers.
  3. Reminder to post a detailed update once I get a good nap.
  4. I am having a third brain surgery tomorrow. Evidently the last one had two more bleeds that caused massive headaches just as the scripts were running out. Lucky I had some others left from last year. The bleeds also caused another recurrence in my right arm control issues. The surgery should fix the headaches but might not fix the latter. Only time will tell.
  5. Oh it's one of the best buys in the game as not only is it better than the free Dodge but it also gives all the benefits of a DFC with no roll or being prone afterwards.
  6. I don't know the character but the easiest question is what MA does he have? That is, is it a real world art or a super one?
  7. Re: Flying Dodge The only examples of it in any of the various books and editions is in speedster martial arts writeups and other supers stuff. It doesn't show up in any real world examples. HM
  8. Bumping as I have many updates to make. i think I have finally completed my 5e physical collection and only have a few Star Hero 6e books to get to get that finished as well. This includes 3rd party and Kickstarter stuff. PDF only stuff has not been a priority. I'll post new pics as soon as I can. HM
  9. It sucks not being able to fully use your right hand when you're right handed.

  10. Sorry, I was referring to the other normal export he also added in the Champions forum and it just happens that both had what I thought were similar issues. HM
  11. The hidden click to view feature is really cool way to reduce clutter. It may need documentation added to a central navigation Tab so folks know it's there. The Notes appear to still need a space and/or a hard return added as they currently display immediately after the END costs instead of the next row like they should (IMHO). The Power descriptions also need a space added after the ":" and the actual mechanical build. Dave
  12. Awesome! I wasn't even attempting that. Very cool option on the phone.
  13. Something else I forgot to mention is that John shows the Notes in the Mobile app but Clark and Barry do not. I'll hazard a guess that has something to do with differences between the Heroic and Superheroic templates.
  14. Wow. The latest updates look great on the iPhone and PC. tested with Clark, Barry and John. 2 minor issues: 1) I built Lightning Reflexes as a power instead of talent so its secondary value would appear in the characteristcs block. I also set modifiers to not affect base characteristics. I think that should keep skill rolls from displaying the invalid 2nd roll value. Otherwise it would be an export specific change needed. 2) The Notes feature is needed or needs a hard break added in some places. Thanks for all the hard work.
  15. I finally cranked up my old laptop and did a LOT of updates so I could try this out myself using Clark in the mobile app. It looks really good. I would recommend getting the 'Notes' feature to display as well. It's indispensable on complicated characters.
  16. Something else I wanted to mention that I keep forgetting. I cannot begin to imagine how anyone could get through something like this without help from family and friends. My mom has been my rock. I don't know what I would do without her.
  17. I've also stopped the cancer pills and will start a monthly immunotherapy infusion once I can safely stop the steroids. They just have higher likelihood of side effects than the pills did. Blood clots are one of the common side effects of melanoma cancer.
  18. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I am already back home with mom. The pressure from the blood clot seemed to be the cause of right hand & arm issues. They have me on perkoset, Keppra for seizures and steroids for swelling. They are also going to setup home health care (PT & OT) to help with using arm. They gave me a brace to wear at night to keep it from curling up and already have noticed a small improvement. I was able to hold a spoon in right hand to eat cereal, a first in weeks. Anyway, sorry for the flood of details but those who know me understand that's how my brain usually works. Dave
  19. I'm back in the hospital again. The last year had seen slow progress with the melanoma cancer in my brain and body. 3 types of radiation treatments and oral pills. Last month's followup MRI and PET scans showed improvement in all areas. 2-3 weeks ago I started gradually losing control/dexterity of my right arm and hand again. I thought and hoped it was a pinched nerve in my back so went for a massage last Thursday. No change so oncologist scheduled new MRI for Monday. It found one spot grew from 7mm to 35mm so they did surgery on Tuesday. Looks like most was a blood clot. Gotta learn how to use my right hand again. And yes, I am right handed. Fun fun fun. Hyper-man / David K. Stevens
  20. I have an iPhone 6s with 128gb storage over 50% free. I think I have just about EVERY free app storage or otherwise installed. Accounts are not setup for all. I opened the example character from 'files downloaded to phone'. Once open any tab beyond combat will not scroll down. It will start to scroll but bounces back to the top when I let go.
  21. Yay. I can load the example character now. However, I can't scroll down to see all abilities in a single category .
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