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Drains vs. Entangle BODY

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I see that in 6E1:217 it says:



Negative Adjustment Powers, such as Drains, can affect Entangles. For these purposes, an Entangle’s BODY costs 2 Character Points per point; its PD and ED each costs 2 Character Points per point.


Is this already (effectively) taking into account BODY and PD / ED being Defense Powers (since an Entangle is actually an Attack Power), or does the Drain effect rolled still need to be halved, in addition to using the costs above?


For instance, Dr. Deathtouch has a disintegration field (2d6 Drain BODY, AoE Personal Surface, 0 END, Persistent, No Range, Always On).  Captain Gummo hits Dr. DT with his Entangle 5d6, 5 PD / 5 ED, and Gummo rolls 5 BODY.


Dr. DT rolls 8 on his damage shield Drain.  Does that mean he Drains 4 BODY from the Entangle, or 2 BODY?

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