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  1. I'd say yeah, it would have to be a working socket for the electrical teleporter to be able to travel in or out of it. You can't step through a door if it's welded shut or otherwise can't be opened. If a derelict warehouse's power is no longer on, does that mean it's no longer connected to the electrical grid? I know next to nothing on this stuff, but am assuming some switch is set by the electric company that keeps electricity from going to those wires at all. Which would mean the teleporter shouldn't be able to get anywhere in there either, at least from outside.
  2. I agree with Hugh. At 5 points per d6, it seems awful cheap for the potential effect. 60 points for 6d6 gives an average roll of 21 - enough to mesmerize your typical 10-15 BODY person for a while, if they have to roll 2-3d6 each Phase to get the effect down to 0 to break free. Out of curiosity, why have it go against BODY? It seems different types of mesmerize could go against various characteristics: Charm or Placate against EGO Sleep against CON Confuse against INT Taunt against PRE Hold against STR Disorient against INT or DEX
  3. True. Though if the teleport is "Only along electric lines" then the "Only to perceive teleport locations" limitation might already cover that. Edit: Or maybe you were saying to replace the "Only to perceive teleport locations" with the "only places that are connected to the power grid" limitation?
  4. I wasn't proposing putting Fixed Teleport Locations into a VPP or MP slot. I figured you'd have a handful to put you in the general area (within a few km) and then use the flight and/or shorter teleports to make for more exact travel. Of course, if you're thinking to spend 20+ points on a lot of locations, you're probably better off with a Megascale Clairsentience to more accurately target your teleportation. Given the electrical nature of the character in question, as a GM I'd allow a special Navigation skill (electrical grids) as a Required Skill for such a Megascale Clairsentience. Let's see: Clairsentience, Targeting, Megascale (1m = 1 km; +1); Only to perceive teleport locations (-1), Instant (-1/2), Required Skill Roll (-1/2) - that's 60 AP, 20 RP, plus say 5 points for the unique Navigation skill at INT roll +1. That gives you a 300 km range, and as a GM I'd give the user a decent level of accuracy depending on how well they make the Navigation roll - probably not down to a specific room in a building, but at least to a building close enough that you could make a shorter, more accurate teleport to where you really want to go.
  5. Is ANFO another nickname for Trumplestiltskin? Because he is destructive, has an explosive temper, and is full of manure...
  6. Actually, a slot costing 4 points (for the Flight) and a slot costing probably 3 points (for the Teleport, with limitation "Only Along Wires" (-1/2 according to Champions Powers)), to be precise. So a savings of 5 points, and you can make the Teleport as Megascale. Or have two Teleport slots (one Megascale, one not), and still save 2 points over the Flight Usable as Teleportation. Personally, I'd spend the extra points on Fixed Locations scattered across the campaign city, so you don't have to guesstimate where you're going all the time and sometimes end up in an embarrassing or dangerous place. (Hey, "Safe Blind Teleport" only keeps you from teleporting into something solid. It doesn't stop you from accidentally teleporting into the women's bathroom at the grocery store or the mess hall in the local VIPER Nest.)
  7. Hey, babe, they say all is fair in love and war so... (bow-chicka-bow-bow)
  8. When you stay the night, you're sleeping atop a pile of gold.
  9. Anyone know exactly when that lawsuit was for which they disabled the handgun to use it as a prop in the lawsuit? It appears to me the way they disabled it was easily undone (and by extension, redone). Knowing many gun owners, I can't imagine any of them leaving a gun disabled long after doing so had served its purpose. (How many gun owners have argued against trigger locks, pointing out that a handgun isn't any good for home defense if it can't be readily able to fire?) This is, after all, a couple who seem very ready to pull out weapons to defend their property. Call me skeptical, but it seems to me just as likely that they'd have restored it to working condition after the lawsuit, and then disabled it again before having their attorney hand it over to police two weeks after the incident with protesters just so they could claim it wouldn't have worked when she was pointing it at protesters. (Original incident was 6/28/20, handgun was turned over 7/11/20.) This is a couple well versed with the legal system (to put it mildly), and cops aren't the only ones who can alter evidence to cover their heinies. If this were the case, the circuit attorney may have been practicing due diligence by having the crime lab show the handgun could have been "readily capable of lethal use." Maybe it was. Just sayin'.
  10. "Okay, so we've gone through extra helpings of hurricanes, wildfires, pandemics, murder hornets... how are those meteorites coming along? I'm thinking a good dose of 'flaming death from above' should get my message across."
  11. I've used: VIPER - both as minor players as well as major foes, depending on the campaign; there have been some great nemesis moments between the PC heroes and a few of the Nest Leaders. I prefer the 4E version to the more recent creations. DEMON - mostly as minor annoyances in past campaigns, but in the most recent one they were major recurring foes Genocide, renamed in the last few campaigns as the Purity League - in one campaign as major recurring foes, though mostly as one-shot adventure fodder ARGENT - major recurring foes in one campaign thanks to a PC hero taking them as a Hunted and writing them into his backstory PRIMUS - mostly as official hindrances to the heroes, but a few times as allies / close associates UNTIL - typically allies to the heroes, though not working closely with them all the time. PSI - had one campaign with them as major recurring foes, but more often the were mostly they were background or one-shot adventure fodder I think I might have used COIL once or twice, but never as a major foe. They never really appealed to me all that much for some reason.
  12. Excellent work! More great stuff. I'm wondering about Bramble's near-slip toward the beginning.
  13. The article says she pulled down her pants, so I can't see how it's accidental. I'm befuddled that she had stolen things from another store, and then caused such a ruckus that the authorities are called, increasing her chances of getting caught as a thief. Then again, everything else points to her not being the brightest bulb in the lamp, so I shouldn't be surprised.
  14. Not China. You eat Chinese, you're just hungry again an hour later.
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