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  1. Clairsentience to sight and hearing groups, Mobile, OAF plus Nightvision, OAF, Only through Clairsentience plus Eidetic Memory, OAF, only of things seen/heard through Quadcopter senses
  2. Should have had him smoking a joint. Then they'd be high koala tea.
  3. I'm continuously amazed that such people will simultaneously acknowledge that our government is full of incompetent morons, many of whom keep getting caught with their pants down (often literally), while also believing that said incompetent morons are somehow capable of putting together and maintaining an intricate, hush-hush conspiracy. I'd do a facepalm that would be heard around the globe, if the Earth wasn't actually flat.
  4. Relating to the Clairsentience, you may want to include Mobile (e.g. automobile dash cams) and possibly Multiple Perception Points (if he can cycle through different camera views). Also a suggestion: Retrocognition, with appropriate Limitations, representing the character pulling up stored audio/video footage from said camera / sensor. This might need to be done as a partially limited power, and I have no idea how that might be done. The Champions Powers book lists Only through Cameras and Listening Devices as a -1/2 Limitation. And technically, I think you'd need to possess any enhanced senses that a camera or sensor had before you could use it through the Clairsentience (even Nightvision). Sentry's idea of a VPP is an excellent idea, IMO. (You'll need GM permission since Special Powers like Enhanced Senses can't normally go into a Power Framework like a VPP, but I think having the Limitation that it only mimics the camera/sensor you're looking through keeps it from being abusive.)
  5. The thing is, I don't want the warnings literally spelled out, so magnetic letters are out (unless Shadow Boxer has the idea of purchasing some and putting them on the fridge in hopes of giving the house a way to spell out warnings - but even then I'm not too fond of that). But thank you for the suggestion. I can't see why I can't just add books to the communication method. Having, for example, Archer's suggested Something Wicked This Way Comes sitting on an end table when SB walks into a room, seems a good but semi-vague warning. Maybe a coffee table book - Masks: Traditions from Around the World (since some sources claim Nyarlathotep has a thousand "masks" or different forms). And while I'm guessing Lawnmower Boy was mostly joking, having SB's shower water being ice cold for no reason is an interesting way to say, "Hey! Wake up! I've got something to tell you!"
  6. I've neither read nor seen The House with a Clock in its Walls, nor read The Face in the Frost. But I'll take your word for it that they share a vibe. Maybe a reading of Poe's Tell-tale Heart as a warning about the coming basement intrusion? (I know there's no murder involved as in Poe's story, but it seems like the sort of thing that might pass under the players' radar at the time and then later seem obvious.)
  7. Oh, the house can also "communicate" to Shadow Boxer or anybody in residence by playing records on an old Victrola, or setting the station on an antique radio. But I don't want any such communication to be too easy for Shadow Boxer to figure out (so no flipping between words on different stations to say something specific). What form of warnings might the house give? Maybe shadowy figures in the pictures / paintings? Or something else? What songs or old radio shows might it play? (The older, the better as far as I'm concerned.) The basement door constantly being locked? Anything else? I'm open to any suggestions.
  8. I'm not bothering with Spoilers, because if the player has read this far, he'd just click on the Spoiler buttons anyway, and I'd rather people be able to discuss freely. The powerful entity in question is Shadow Destroyer, who has just come to the campaign world from Multifarian World about a month and a half ago. (Yes, the PCs are about powerful enough that they might stand a chance against him in a fight.) SD is looking for some of the Cthulhu-esque books that McGinty had collected and passed along to Shadow Boxer. Another powerful entity involved in this is Nyarlothotep, who (in one of his forms) tricked another PC into stealing one of the magical books and giving it to him. Through a round-about way, Nyarly recently found a way into one version of the Room of Requirement but not the one where any of the books are stored, and not getting there through the house. To this point, he hasn't gone from the "room" (aka the pocket dimension) into the house itself, since he didn't want to warn Shadow Boxer that he's had this access. I'm thinking maybe Nyarlothotep might use his access to let SD into the house, without telling him that the door also opens to other pocket dimensions as well (since Nyarly doesn't want SD taking the books and other magical booty).
  9. First off, if one of the players in Just Cause, especially the players of Shadow Boxer or Malarkey, are reading this, please read no further. I'm looking for some feedback and suggestions, and will have to reveal some info but don't want to spoil things for you. Are they gone? (looks around) Okay, here goes! Very early in my current Champions campaign, set in Boston, one of the PC heroes (Shadow Boxer) inherited a house that is semi-intelligent and has various mystic properties. The hero team doesn't really have a base per se, so this place is the closest thing they have to one -- it's where they store stuff they don't want getting out and about, like powerful magical items and Cthulhu-esque tomes and such. Its properties are: It is only visible to anybody whom the owner or then-current resident has taken there (or pointed it out to), in the same manner as Number 12 Girmmauld Place in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As far as the PCs know, the only people who know where it is are: the PC heroes, one hero's magical mentor, the lawyer who handled the estate, and a pizza delivery guy. Probably a cable TV installer. Oh, and Paddy McGinty, since he was the original owner who left it to Shadow Boxer, plus a supposed descendent of Paddy who moved into town. (I say "supposed" because Shadow Boxer suspects the woman isn't who she said she is.) It has a room in the basement, kinda like Hogwarts' Room of Requirement, albeit without a potentially endless supply of potential rooms. It can become a library, an armory, a regular-tools type workshop, a wine cellar, a dark arts workshop, a miscellaneous junk room, a danger room / workout room, and maybe a few more. That's where the PCs store most of their procured magical booty. It appears to have some sort of mystic danger sense or somehow know what may happen in the future, at least if such things would affect it. (When Foxbat turned a chunk of the city into a giant snow globe, the house knew about it beforehand and tried to warn Shadow Boxer.) The house "communicates" with the owner / residents by changing the pictures/paintings in frames. For instance, during the snow globe incident, all the pictures showed snow scenes even though it was the middle of summer. This manner of communication is obviously not very detailed. It appears to have emotions, such as fear -- when the supposed McGinty descendant showed up, the front door started sticking so it was difficult for Shadow Boxer to answer the knock at the door. It's self cleaning, and they haven't discovered this yet but the house is able to make simple repairs to itself, at least during times nobody is watching the damaged area. Shadow Boxer also has a "follower" of sorts - more like a Contact, really. If you have Blackwyrm Games' Algernon Files, he's the two-dimensional movie gumshoe/PI come to life (can't recall his name). He can step into pictures or TV screens and talk to the people in them (a form of retrocognitive clairsentience). That gumshoe lives at the house, though he does venture out when Shadow Boxer needs help on a case. To date, nothing has really happened at the house, except for the incident with "McGinty's relative" knocking on the door and chatting with Shadow Boxer. However, in an upcoming adventure a powerful other-worldly being is looking to acquire something stored there, will eventually be able to get past #1 above and I'd like to know how the house might react.
  10. Hey, maybe the door doesn't swing that way...
  11. Sorry, WCW, but I have to agree with Duke there. I found the video amusing but to my ears, at least, that woman's voice has a mild whiny-ish tone that gets on my nerves after a while. Don't worry, though, I took a long look at that scowl too.
  12. I really like this idea (though don't let it hinder Fish Guy Part 3). For the New Samaritans one, I suggest you start with a short story that introduces all the characters (perhaps from Mabel's POV?) so an uninitiated reader understands how they're all linked. Are you steepling your fingers during the "mmm" part? If past performance is a predictor of future performance, I'm not terribly worried about not enjoying it.
  13. They've done that in the past at the children's hospital where I work. Apparently, they do this quarterly. My favorite part in the video is when the Superman window washer pushes off the window and does the "Up, up, and away!" flying pose.
  14. That creepy "do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do, doodle-oo!" music. When did my life acquire a backup band?
  15. Maybe Slime too. After all, that's a team on the low end of both the experience and power spectrums. Presumably they'd be starting out in another city, so there wouldn't necessarily be a lack of villains there. Having another member and a little extra "oompfh" wouldn't hurt. I'm looking forward to seeing what Hermit does with this. Should be fun.
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