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  1. Well, they obviously don't want to talk about the pandemic or recession. Or Trump's taxes. Or his health. Or...
  2. Both of my daughters practiced their signatures to make sure they matched the signature on their drivers licenses before signing their ballots, just to make sure they didn't get rejected for mismatched signature. (My youngest joked that she was "forging" her own signature, since her current signature is quite different from the one she had when she got her license.) Meanwhile, my signature is so established in my muscle memory that the only way it could have matched better is if I traced it straight off my driver's license.
  3. I loved Almost Live. Only show I ever saw do a parody of Quantum Leap - Quantum Leak, where Sam Beckett is leaping through time, fixing plumbing problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3EKb9q0lv4 Also loved their game show: Who Killed JFK Today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXRslcMsGlQ
  4. I have my badge and my ticket for Young Americans. Looks like I got one of the last two slots - as of now all slots are filled. I also don't see the characters on Roll20. Could you send me a copy of the characters as well? Thanks!
  5. A hero PC in a past campaign had darkness powers. He got a lot of use of his "Shadow Sight" (Clairsentience Sight and Hearing, only from POV of shadows). Combine that with Teleport only through shadows, and you can spy on and then get into lots of places. For a villain, it can explain him knowing a lot of stuff and getting into locked rooms, etc. His defenses included 4 levels of Damage Negation - SFW was shunting part or all of the attack into the "shadow dimension". Of course, the Damage Negation didn't affect light-based attacks. The player based some of his powe
  6. Just be careful. People are booby-trapping signs to punish people who pull them out.
  7. Quoted For Truth. And even though I forgot to add a smiley, I hope you know that my "Build a wall" comment was in jest. Canadians have a lot to be admired for. As a Michigander who used to travel frequently into Canada, I've always considered Canada as almost an extension of the United States. Kinda like family members who live just a town over, the ones you enjoy visiting. Now I feel like one of us stole their jewelry while visiting, and our close family in the next town over will always look at us warily. It's bad enough to me that (IMO) Trump has done
  8. The Unemployed, Furloughed, and On Extended Leave. Because 2020 has made sure there are plenty of those around.
  9. Worked great for me. Nicely done, Hermit. (Though I'm surprised Channel 3 would have even aired the latter half of Mr. Dirkly's interview. Maybe it was shown live and not subject to editing.) You don't need to show all three news programs to cover well what you wanted to show, and I look forward to the upcoming chat between Eel and Hussar. And I loved the "Canadian blood" line. (And the justaposition with the mention of Worf. Has me thinking of a Canadian Worf. "Pardon me, if you don't mind I'm going to rip your head off now. Thank you for your understanding
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