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  1. Here in Michigan we have Hell (my maternal grandmother lived there, and my dad used to say he could tell his mother-in-law to go to Hell... and she would), Paradise, Climax, Vulcan, Christmas... But back to the OP. In the "Killer Frost" episode of The Flash, I liked where they had a frozen food plant with a truck outside labeled "Ledded Goh Frozen Foods". I remember someone here once said that, given the large number of ambushes that kept taking place when the heroes sat down to eat, he gave his campaign city a French restaurant: Le Piege Evident.
  2. "Scum." I think the word you were looking for there is "scum." Edit to add: To clarify, the phrase I've heard is "Cream rises to the top. So does scum." I've never heard the phrase used with oil.
  3. I've heard that facts do have a well-known liberal bias.
  4. And I'll bet they're blown away to learn you're no good with explosives.
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