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  1. With a trigger or "just before taking damage," I'd expect it would only go off if the user was aware of the incoming attack (and thus knew he could be taking damage), so a surprise or invisible attack should still get through. But yes, this seems to have a high Cheese Factor. Also, loved the Monty Python reference.
  2. Maybe he was afraid of becoming a cereal killer...
  3. Well, it's not a movie that came out in the 1980s, but it's a movie that seems set in and pays homage to the 1980s -- Kung Fury! The team could roll around in an EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle courtesy of the movie Stripes. There's always NYPD officer John McClane (Die Hard). Or "Ash" Williams (Evil Dead). Rather than the Karate Kid, I'd have Mr. Miyagi. How about Captain Avenger (from Hero at Large, starring John Ritter)? Or Nick Pirandello (Jim Belushi's CIA agent character in Real Men). Some of the above are (hopefully obviously) tongue-in-cheek suggestions.
  4. Yeah, IMO Angel was not a great character concept.
  5. Agreed with Pariah, plus I'm not at all fond of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."
  6. Man, I really hate that Heart Transplant song.
  7. Enter the Sharknado starring Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West.
  8. What are you, some kinda hippie commie punk? (Since tone of voice doesn't always come across well on the internet, I am just joking.)
  9. Breaking the Benny Hill Barrier: When the speedster is doing something wacky at super-speed, the sound of Yakkety Sax can be heard. The Adam West Effect: When the hero punches someone, the words "POW!" "BAM!" "KA-BLAM!" appear.** ** Actually did this once. Foxbat had stolen a replica Batmobile, as well as costumes and other stuff from the 1960s Batman TV show, and the heroes figured out that he planned to kidnap Adam West and Burt Ward after arranging to have them appear at a mall opening. With part of his gadget pool, Foxbat created the Photonic Optical Waveform (POW) generator, to project holograms of "POW!" etc. during the expected fight with superheroes. He even had a "WHIFF!" projected if one of the heroes missed.
  10. For me, Dazzler herself was born and raised in Cheeseville. It's like someone said, "We need a disco-based character, because all the kids are into that disco stuff. So what can we do?" "I dunno, how about someone on roller skates? I mean, sure, Iron Man's rocket skates were the lamest thing he had..." "Lets have her convert sound to light, so she's a walking, er, I mean skating disco ball?"
  11. I'll fess up on a cheesy-munchkin build on an NPC - although he was mainly an ally of the PCs. Many campaigns ago ( in 4th edition rules / Champions Universe), the heroes rescued a man from Malachite's clutches. This NPC was seemingly completely normal, albeit with normal maxima (20 STR, 20 DEX, etc.), eidetic memory... and amnesia. The man they dubbed John Doe also could use any weapon (had every Weapon Familiarity), and had Find Weakness, AOE (cone), for any attack, with a good enough roll that he could generally get 2-3 successes on most people. Thus, he could pick up a normal pistol and find / target that one chink in a foe's defenses that allowed him to hurt even superpowered foes. The heroes adopted John Doe as an associate member, with one of the players generally running that character in combat, although since he didn't have major defenses he tried to avoid combat situations. All of the heroes efforts to find out who John Doe was failed completely. Toward the end of the campaign, the heroes went to the Malachite Islands and faced off against Malachite himself. During the fight, Malachite revealed that he had created John Doe - he was a test-tube baby, genetically engineered and rapid-aged to adulthood, hypnotically implanted with certain knowledge / skills - as well as a Berserk condition. And his "rescue" was planned, since Malachite wanted John Doe to spend plenty of time with the heroes, learning all their vulnerabilities, susceptibilities, and weaknesses. Malachite's spoken command word activated John Doe's Berserk , causing him to attack the heroes. And the heroes, any one of whom could have fairly easily put John Doe down for the count, instead opted to restrain him and talk him down, because to their minds he was one of them. It took some doing, but they succeeded. Incredible role-playing on their part. I was very proud of my players and how they handled it.
  12. Starring in a remake of the Brady Bunch, alongside Danica Patrick. "Here's the story Of a NASCAR driver Who was bringing up three very lovely girls All of them would race around Like their mother 'Til the checkered flag unfurled..." "Here's the story Of a football player Who was busy with three boys of his own They were four men, Playing with the Patriots Until their knees were blown..." NT: Other ridiculous remakes / re-imaginings of past TV shows. (Difficulty: no actual remakes, ridiculous though they may be)
  13. "(Assault and) Battery Included" NT: Celebrity resolutions for 2020.
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