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  1. "I dunno, I've never heard of an internet created from All Bran cereal..."
  2. You may want to skip ahead to about 3 minutes into this.
  3. One is a soul-less sociopath who should be locked away for the good of society. The other is a fictional character.
  4. I've only been to a Steak 'n Shake twice. The first time, they got my steakburger a bit wrong - I asked for no onions, and it seemed like they put *extra* onions on it. Yuck. The second time, I asked for a steakburger with cheese, no onions. To be fair, the burger I got had no onions, so at least they got that part right. But also no pickle, no lettuce, no tomato, no condiments at all and even no cheese. Just a plain burger in a bun. And since I got it to go, I didn't discover this until I got home. To say I was pissed would be an understatement. I've vowed to never go to another Steak 'n Shake again.
  5. Toward that goal, I submit the following: Hey Foxbat, someone said I should try convincing you that you're a chair. A chair.... pfft what? How the heck does anyone think I'm a freaking chair?! I'm a supervillain! I'm brilliant. I'm funny-looking. But I most definitely am not a chair. I know. Clearly, you're a table. A Table??! You must be joking. I am not a piece of furniture! I am a supervillain! A brilliant and diabolical supervillain! With a ping pong ball gun. Yeah. A ping pong table. That's so you! Wha-, No! I'm not a stupid table! What's with all this damn furniture?! If I really am this furniture, then what am I? I can't be a chair.. or a table... Then what?? A throne! Worthy of the emperor of the world! A Throne? You know what.... this... this works. It is a fitting title. And it will only add to the inevitable confusion that a villain of my stature deserves.
  6. Regarding names for NPCs, I've always been terrible about coming up with names on the fly.* Then one year a player in my Champions game brought back a paper copy of this from GenCon: The Everyone Everywhere List - Erik James Olsrud | DriveThruRPG I've kept a paper copy of this in my GM binder ever since. More recently, I bought the PDF, then bookmarked each nationality so I can quickly go to whatever country of origin / ethnicity I'm looking for. I highly recommend it. * But to be fair, at least I'm not as bad as one of the other GMs in my gaming group. We've caught him pulling names for people and places from bags of chips and other snack foods.
  7. Technically, you probably should have said that the Champions are as real as he is.
  8. I'm not sure whether it would be okay to post this in the Jokes thread, so I decided to put it here. I read somewhere that Franklin Roosevelt once said his favorite joke he had heard about himself was the one about the businessman who would always buy a newspaper at the train station each day. He'd take one glance at the front page and then toss it aside before boarding the train into the city. One day, the news vendor asked him, "Why do you buy the paper just to look at the front page, and then get rid of it?" The businessman said, "I'm looking for an obituary." "But the obituaries are somewhere in the middle of the second section of the paper," said the news vendor. "Not the one I'm looking for," said the businessman.
  9. Great show. I'm very happy to have picked up the series on DVD, and have watched it several times. My wife is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and we currently live just outside Ann Arbor. When Jim Harbaugh was still coach of the University of Michigan's football team, I put on the last episode of Brisco County Jr. for my wife to watch a portion of it, then asked her if she recognized one of the bounty hunters chasing Brisco. She was shocked when I pointed out it was Harbaugh.
  10. I once dated a girl who was a communist. It didn’t work out. I should’ve seen the red flags.
  11. Heh. Just tried it out. We talked about him and Leroy stealing the last cherry pie at Whole Foods, which segued into him stealing all the cherry pies, Twinkies, cupcakes and all other types of baked goods to distract the heroes, a brief aside on stealing the moon, and him commenting on the heroes being too preoccupied to see the bigger picture. I suggested he build a shrink ray to make the bigger picture a bit smaller and easier to read, which got him to say I was the true evil genius. Very gratifying.
  12. Well, there's Leroy... I mean the Incredible Exo-skeleton Man. Depending on the source, there may also be Harmonious Fist, Agent One, Agent Orange, Agent x, Charly, Alex Hampton, and some FoxBots. In my campaign worlds, he's also been joined by the likes of Dot, Garble, The Amazing Static Man, Batfox, Professor Robert Steriaca, Blinky, and The King. (Not all at once, thankfully.)
  13. I don't. They eat the grass in patches, and their milk tastes funny.
  14. Whine. A lot. And claim conspiracy. A lot. Basically, live in complete denial and refuse to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. And I truly wish it was an "extremely high possibility" as you state, but have my serious doubts.
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