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  1. So, instead of a cleavage window, she has a belly-button window? The spilled Red Pop actually enhances the look...
  2. If you bought it Uncontrolled, it would only take your action when you started it. I'd think a Continuing Charge would do the same (after all, if you set off a Smoke Grenade, you don't lose an action for every Phase it's active). That's #3: Extra DCV with the GM-option version of Ablative. That's probably how I'll do it for ease of use, with a -0 Limitation that it doesn't work vs. attacks doing, say, > 14 DC (to cover overwhelming attacks as mentioned by Doc D). Thanks, all, for the suggestions and feedback!
  3. Good point about an overwhelming attack still doing some damage. I'll have to think on that.
  4. I'm using a GM's Option version of Ablative; per 6E1:147: So for example the character starts with, say, +8 DCV (Ablative). After the first attack against her (which "misses" due to the higher DCV), she now has +7 DCV. And so on. As to autofire attacks, I'd think you'd lose DCV per theoretical hit. (If any of the attacks would have missed her even without the drones, they wouldn't have done any damage to her, so the Ablative wouldn't come into play.)
  5. I'm working on a character who has drones that buzz around her, whose sole purpose is to automatically sacrifice themselves to deflect attacks coming her way. (So if she has 8 drones, they can at most stop 8 attacks before she no longer has any drone defense, and I'm okay with the defense becoming less good as drones drop.) To be clear, I don't want her to constantly have to use her own combat actions to activate this defense -- these are automated drones. I can see several ways to do this in 6E (and know that the fine minds out there will probably come up with several more I hadn't considered), and I'm trying to figure out the easiest / simplest / best way to do this. (Messiest option, IMO, but most literal) Buy eight Followers (or more likely, Summon 8x Drones), giving them Flight, probably Mind Link among themselves, just enough defenses to absorb one hit and die, and let them individually interpose themselves in front of attacks heading her way. Buy Deflection (either Uncontrolled, on a Continuing Charge, or on an automatically-resetting Trigger with 8 Charges) along with additional CSLs in Deflection. Then, the increasing penalty (or the Triggered Charges) represents drones sacrificing themselves until she has no more. Buy additional DCV, with Ablative (loses some DCV each time an attack misses her because of the added DCV). So she starts with +8 DCV, and then goes to +7, then +6, etc. as subsequent attacks miss her due to the DCV bonus. Personally, I'm liking option #3, but am open to suggestions.
  6. Excellent work, especially after the unfortunate data loss. Many thanks for continuing this, Hermit.
  7. The man known as BugOut is a former cat burglar who stole a high-tech battlesuit that allows him to shrink to the size of an insect, and to mentally command legions of various insects to help him commit crimes. Since stealing the BugOut suit, he has studied insects to the point that he's become a fairly decent amateur entomologist. He is currently searching for a way to also command arachnids (which, contrary to common perception, are not insects), hoping to use that as a way to combat his frequent foe, Arachno-Guy.
  8. A former 100-pound weakling, Trevor Corwin inherited Majestic's incredible strength. He now fights crime as Strongarm.
  9. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more! Seriously though, sorry to hear, but glad you're on the mend.
  10. Did they have screen doors?
  11. I find myself thinking of the Lois and Clark episode where Lex Luthor created a clone of Superman (who was misguided, having been brainwashed by Lex Luthor). In the end, the cloning process made his physiology unstable and he died. Edit to add: The funniest thing to me was seeing Lex give Superman a piggy-back ride and reading him bedtime stories.
  12. There's a difference between resisting and completely ignoring. And these are anti-tank missiles, after all. They should have at least a fair chance of doing some damage to a tank. I mean, it's in the name, right?
  13. Just curious where you get that from. I could see 20-30 (it should be able to ignore heavy machine guns and the like), but 40-50 would mean it could safely ignore even anti-tank missiles.
  14. Regarding using agents against the heroes, for speed and ease of play I use mass combat rules where I group agents into one meta-character, though I also tend to give one or two agents from each group distinctive personalities or actions so they're not all just faceless mooks. For instance, a more vocal agent might trash-talk the heroes, or do something crazy or stupid (rush ahead of his teammates, etc.). The funny thing is, the heroes sometimes decide to concentrate their attacks on that hapless agent, rather than taking on bigger threats. A recent example of this was an adventure I ran when a powerful vampire had a cadre of lesser vampires, mostly college students or gangbangers she had bitten. Compared to the PC heroes, none of those lesser vampires were very powerful, so I was mainly grouping them together. Except for one... Vampire Elvis. This was a would-be Elvis impersonator the Countess had turned into a minion, and for fun I modified lyrics to some Elvis songs and sang them when he took his actions. Several of the PCs decided to ignore more pressing threats to concentrate attacks on Vampire Elvis just to shut him up.
  15. My favorite example of this was when the heroes were fighting Dot, formerly of CLOWN but I moved him to the Foxbat Five and semi-heavily rewrote him. Among his powers, Dot opens portals, similar to Spider-man's foe Spot, to attack through, grab things through, and (in this particular instance) spy through. One of the heroes noticed one of Dot's spy-holes, so he grabbed a fire extinguisher, stuck the nozzle at the spy-hole, and started spraying Dot in the eye. I ruled it an impromptu Flash attack, NND (defense is goggles / solid eye covering). And then when Dot opened a larger hole to attack through, the hero bashed him in the head with the extinguisher.
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