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  1. Here in Michigan we have Hell (my maternal grandmother lived there, and my dad used to say he could tell his mother-in-law to go to Hell... and she would), Paradise, Climax, Vulcan, Christmas... But back to the OP. In the "Killer Frost" episode of The Flash, I liked where they had a frozen food plant with a truck outside labeled "Ledded Goh Frozen Foods". I remember someone here once said that, given the large number of ambushes that kept taking place when the heroes sat down to eat, he gave his campaign city a French restaurant: Le Piege Evident.
  2. "Scum." I think the word you were looking for there is "scum." Edit to add: To clarify, the phrase I've heard is "Cream rises to the top. So does scum." I've never heard the phrase used with oil.
  3. I've heard that facts do have a well-known liberal bias.
  4. And I'll bet they're blown away to learn you're no good with explosives.
  5. Knowing Trump's appointees, it might be the price he pays to get them to push Twitler out of office. Edit to clarify: They'd probably ask up front -- "Pardon me, and we'll go along with this."
  6. Given him repeatedly urging supporters to rally today and have a "wild time", I'm pretty sure that's been exactly his plan all along.
  7. So are we. These morons are reportedly pepper-spraying and punching police officers. I'm frankly shocked that the protesters aren't getting tear gassed. (And feel that such a response would be justified.)
  8. I said to my daughter, "I wonder how many of them will get arrested" and she scoffed, "None, they're white. White people don't get arrested."
  9. An epidemiologist, a scientist, and a doctor walk into a bar... ...just kidding, they know better!
  10. My boss said, "I find it highly suspicious that you are only sick on weekdays." I said, "It must be my weekend immune system."
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