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Can't eliminate skill roll displayed for custom stats

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I have made two stats for "CUSTOM1" and "CUSTOM2", which do NOT need any characteristic rolls for.


However, on the HD display, it shows rolls for them, which I do not want/need displayed.


I looked through the template and could not find anything that creates or suppresses said roll.

Here is what I am talking about:


Here's the template I am using:



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Master Simon saves the day!

Thank you kind sir!  Works like a charm...


Next tough question...


That said, as in PD and ED, would there be a way I can show cumulative elements for SD in this same manner?

PD and ED show cumulative counts for PD/ED from skills/talents/powers/equipment...if it exists, can you point me to the part of the doc that shows this for HD?

Again, very much appreciate the help on this.

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