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Restrainable overload?

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Again, with an anti-munchkin question...see the attached...player is trying to claim "restrainable" on ALL of his movement powers...is this valid?




Pretty sure he has to tell me HOW it is restrainable...or can he declare generically ANY form of restraint?

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That depends on how he's describing restrainable.  If by grabbing his arms or is in handcuffs, he can't run, that would be restrainable.  If he's entangled and can't teleport, that would be a limitation.


Basically, the rule of thumb is "If it doesn't limit the character, its not a limitation."  But a corollary to that is, "If its already limited by the rules in the cost of the powers, you don't get points for the limitation."

Running using your legs is a natural limitation of the power running.  So, no, you don't get a limitation by saying you have to move your legs. 

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