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I just purchased the Hero System Equipment Guide character pack.  When I try and load them into hero designer it runs out of memory and either crashes or unloads all the prefabs.  I have already increased the memory available in the preferences to 512 MB, but that still does not seem to be enough. I did a quick search on this forum and from what I found is that is the only way to give the program more memory under Windows.   


My system is running Windows 10 and has 16 GB of memory there should be no reason for the program to be having memory issues.  How can I give the program more than 512 MB of memory?

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Simply put: you don't.


You load (and UNLOAD) prefabs on an as-needed basis.  


Memory issues will be the least of your concerns with a large number of prefabs loaded -- each and every ability needs to go through multiple rounds of calculations anytime there is a change anywhere in the active character.  That is a LOT of processing cycles.



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I wish I had known that before I spent the money on the character pack.  That will be the last purchase I make for this program.  The program is turning out to be a big disappointment.  The basic program itself is actually pretty good, but it is terrible at anything beyond that.  I use Hero Lab for other games and have invested over $300 in it over the years and would have been willing to invest a similar amount in Hero Designer. 


If I have to load and unload prefabs each time I add something to a character they are not worth the trouble.  I can create the item or power myself quicker than searching through all the separate files to find the item


I know this will not change anything, but I wanted to give you my feedback about the program. 

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