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  1. If all you are looking to do is to adjust the OCV, DCV and damage a skill level based martial art work fine. Where it has problems is trying to simulate the anything else. While anyone can attempt a disarm or a grab the standard maneuvers don’t give you any extra STR and skill levels don’t allow you to do that. Throws face similar problems. Martial maneuvers may not be the only way to throw you opponent, but other methods are often more difficult and many of them do not guarantee success. Without maneuvers things like killing strikes, martial flash and nerve strikes are going to have to b
  2. I don’t have a problem with a character changing out charges for another limitation. What I do have a problem is making changes to the charges limitation. So if the character wants to replace charges with something like extra time or reduced DCV that is fine. But once he chooses the charges limitation he cannot make changes to that or choose it again to get a new set of charges. I would also suggest that the charges limitation be paired with a focus limitation of some kind. When I run I usually make my players come up with a list of limitations they will be using. They can
  3. Like anything in the hero system skill can be purchased multiple ways. Having a KS, or PS of something accomplished by a full skill is perfectly legitimate and should be encouraged. You can even have different skills of the same name as purchased differently. Generally KS only give you the knowledge of the subject and don’t allow you to actually do anything. PS give you the ability to do something but limited knowledge of the subject. So someone with KS plumbing knows a lot about plumbing and its history, but can’t fix anything. Someone with a PS plumbing would be able to fix the sink, bu
  4. The way to do it is to purchase a high dice attack and put increasing limitations on each dice past the base. So purchase the normal amount of damage for his punch with no limitations and put ¼ limitation on the first increment, then a ½ on the next, and /34 on the next until you reach the maximum dice. Check with your GM for what he thinks the limitation is worth. If your campaign has limits on damage this probably is not going to work without a waiver from the GM.
  5. Blocking can speed up combat, especially in fantasy hero. In most fantasy hero games the players defenses are kind of middle of the road. The attacks they are facing are also not as high as in a champions game. This means that outside a lucky shot it takes a while to take down someone. When you block you stop the opponents attack cold. You don’t have to roll damage, and hit location or figure out how much they character takes. If you use the speed chart like my previous posts suggest you actually have a better chance of taking down your opponent. You are doing more damage a
  6. That is completely untrue. The only time you cannot abort to a defensive action is if you have already gone. Besides if Bob is smart he is not even going to try to go first, he is simply going to declare he is blocking.
  7. Actually when Steve stabs Bob in 9 he does not abort he continues his block with a 10 or less chance. A 10 or less is actually a 50% chance. Even if he misses Steve still needs to roll to actually hit. This means that the odds are that Bob does not get hit. So on 10 he can attack Steve. Basically by blocking Bob gets two segments of attacks out of 5. Steve on the other hand is probably not going to get any attacks off. Bob blocks in 12 & 3, attack in 5 blocks in 6 & 9 and attacks in 10.
  8. Using martial arts instead of standard maneuvers is the way to go. Buy a couple of extra damage classes to get the damage where you want it. The big thing is not just the damage, it is also the ability to do cool things and keep out of reach. Passing disarm and Flying Dodge are two examples of what you should be looking at. Martial Escape is also one you want to consider. The special effect of that is you move to fast to be held. For the stats you probably want your SPD to be around 1.5 to 2 times the SPD of the average character. Movement should be at least twice that of t
  9. Blocking is quite common in the group I game with. I suspect the reason your players are not blocking is they are not familiar enough with the system. Hero system is a very complex combat system with a lot of options Players from games like the D&D often don’t take advantage of the tactics it allows. I guarantee if your players went up against the players from my group they would get slaughtered. Proper use of blocking often depends on using the SPD chart to your advantage. This works very well if your SPD is different than the opponents. It works if you are faster or sl
  10. It depends on what the roll is for. If it is an opposed roll then the better the roll the harder it is for the opposing roll to succeed. So for an opposed roll this is already kind of built in and not a lot more needs to be done. In combat using the critical hit rules pretty well takes care of it. Add in some fumbles on a bad roll to cover the opposite spectrum. For some rolls the results are binary by the nature of the task. When you are trying to disarm a bomb with demolitions you either succeed or fail. Sure you could say that if you make it by more
  11. A mental transform can be used to remove memories and even skills. You are transforming the target into a person without the memories you took from them. You could even take all memories leaving the target with absolutely no memories at all like having total amnesia.
  12. The only time this is going to be a problem is if the character is moving at non-combat velocity. Since you can normally add or subtract up to your movement speed to your velocity this means that in combat this is usually not going to be a problem. But if a character has a high non-combat multiplier and is moving at fully speed it may take him a few segments to slow down.
  13. A mental transformation is probably better than a drain INT. An INT drain does not actually remove the memories. It may make it harder to recall some things, but the target can always take extra time to think about them. The partial transform may be appropriate for this, so that it starts losing some memories even without fully transforming the target. 3d6 Telepathy is probably not enough. Boost up the telepathy and use that as the main power instead of the drain. Link the transformation to the drain. If you add continuous to the transformation the target keeps transformin
  14. If this is the only way to recover END on the reserve buy a linked healing instead of recovery. That way you get all the points when the drain occurs. Recovery on an END reserve takes at least a turn. Since healing is adding character points it should not take a lot of dice to make it work. Aid could also work, but has a fade rate which does not work well.
  15. Multiform gives you two or more completely separate forms. Anything not paid for by a form cannot be used by that form. That includes skill, contact, perks or anything else. This is not a matter of one of the forms choosing not to use something they literally cannot use what they have not paid for. This is not a matter of a character choosing not to use a skill, they cannot use it period. If one of my players tried buying the skills only in one form then he would forget what those skills gave him when he switched forms. If Clark Kent has all the investigative skills and they
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