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  1. One thing that a lot of people new to the system don’t release is that the Hero System separates the special effect from the game mechanics. In the hero system any power can have any special effect. In most games Telekinesis would be specific power with a predefined special effect. In the Hero System it can be both a game mechanic and a special effect. Sometimes they may be the same thing, but they do not have to be. Each power allows you to do a specific thing as defined by the game mechanics. Often the special effect of a "Power"(not the game mechanic) will have many differe
  2. LoneWolf


    When you have people who are capable of being so stealthy that they can get past any observer and avoid any security system they will need to deal with that. Super Stealth is probably the most common “Super Skill”, followed closely by lock picking and security system. In a world full of Harry Houdini’s the prisons are going to be a lot different than ours. What about people so skilled at manipulating people that it is written up as mind control? Letting that person interact with the guards is asking for trouble. What it really comes down to is how good these super sk
  3. Actually you cannot link a power to STR it has to be linked to a specific use of STR. So you can link it to punch or grab or whatever maneuver you want. To create an affect that injures a target whenever you touch them you to use Area of Effect (Personal Surface – Damage Shield)
  4. It costs a lot less to be able to pull off a scry and fry with clairsentience than it does with Mind Scan. For 55 points I can purchase Clairsentience for the sight group with Targeting, Mobile Perception Point at a range of 1,600m and +5 to the perception roll. With this I can sit outside a dungeon or other structure and search the whole thing. For the same 55 points I can purchase 8d6 Mind Scan that affects Humans, Machines, and Animals. Assuming I hit the target I will on the average be able to affect a target of 18 Ego for about 1 round before he breaks the loc
  5. The reason clairsentience does not establish line of sight is to prevent the old scry and fry. In an earlier edition of fantasy hero I saw a character use this combination to clear a dungeon without even going in to it. He used Clairsentience to find all the creatures and a low dice killing attack BOECV does body. Basically if you did not have resistant mental defense you were dead. With Mind Scan you at least have to know who and what you are looking for. You also have roll high enough to attack the target in addition to hitting the target. And last but not least Mind Scan
  6. Actually Clairsentience does not establish line of sight even if it is purchased with targeting. This is specifically stated in the rules under Clairsentience. The GM can of course allow this but by default it does not. But any other targeting sense should work.
  7. In all honesty there are very few concepts that cannot be done in any game system. Some concepts take time to develop and in class based games only come online at higher levels. Also depending on where a game system is in its product development it may not have matured enough to have all the options it will eventually have. Take 1st edition Pathfinder, it has a huge amount of classes and prestige classes. Then factor in all the archetypes and you have even more options. With a little re-flavoring there is nothing on the original list that could not be built with it. Hero system has an a
  8. I am no lawyer but if I am an engineer who is required to take multiple training courses on intellectual property rights every year. This is probably going to get you into a lot of trouble. Be prepared to be sued for anything and everything you own.
  9. You can combine powers in a slot as long as the active cost does not go over the cost of the pool. So what you are looking at would be something similar to this. Don’t link the stretching to the HA and you can use them separately. You can also use a fixed slot for them because the combined cost is less than the pool cost. Don’t bother with the Climbing bonus as the stretching allows you to pull yourself up 5M and your swinging should also allow you to get up places. STR Min is usually not used in a champions game so don’t bother with that. 15 30 point multipower OAF 1
  10. Another reason not having the skill levels added to the power is that you can only use a skill level for one thing at a time. So if you have a skill level with 3 defined skills you can only use it for one thing. For example let’s say you have a skill level with acting, disguise and mimicry. If you use the skill level for disguise it is not available to be used for the other two. The other two skill can often be used as complementary skills, but the roll for them would not be able to use the skill levels for the complementary roll.
  11. From a readability standpoint the 5th edition looks better. It is cleaner and separating out the stat blocks makes it easier to find something. Bolding of the headers also makes those stand out more. If I tell the player to look for Heat Vision under powers they can probably find it faster. The 3rd edition template looks like a big wall of text. Everything seems to blend in with all the other items.
  12. If you already have the 6th edition rule books I would go skip the Fantasy Hero complete, or really any of the complete books. From what I understand those are more designed to b standalone packages for someone who wants a complete game in one book. The Fantasy Hero book assumes you have the regular rule books so does not waste space reprinting those. If money is tight why pay for duplicate material when you can get more original content.
  13. If you are putting the limitation on the VPP magic only obviously magic exists. In a campaign that magic exists there are usually at least a few villains or creatures that are highly resistant to magic. They usually purchase very high defenses with the limitation only vs Magic. By taking the limitation magic only that means that anything you create with your VPP no matter what the other special effect or game power is will trigger that limitation. Likewise any dispel or drain targeting magic as a special effect will be affect all your powers. Even if you conjure a supposed no
  14. While magic armor can duplicate any power of a technical based power armor, it does not have the same special effect. By putting on the magic only limitation on the VPP you lock in the special effect. Without the limitation I could have a spell that creates a suit of armor but after the suit is created it is non magical and is not affected by things like dispel magic. Maybe the spell is summoning an ordinary suit of armor instead of actually creating it. With the Magic only the suit of armor I created will still be magic. The game effect is exactly the same, but the suits of armor are no
  15. Depends on what the drove does. A surveillance drone could be bought as clairvoyance with a focus. An attack drone could be bought as a vehicle.
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