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Sub-Window Stops responding (Random Issue?)

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Every so often I'll be working on a power or skill, have it open, Alt-Tab out to check something, and when I Alt-Tab back in the program is stuck. Hard to describe, but it's like the program still works, but the sub-window (ie power or skill I was working on), stops responding. I can't click, enter text, anything. However, the program is still running, because if I try and click close on the main window the sub-window flashes like it needs me to OK/cancel.


The best way I can say to recreate part of the issue is to do just that; open a power/skill/etc and instead of clicking on it, click on the main window behind it - that's the flashing I get. But the issue is that I can't close out of the window I was working on. I have to go into Task Manager to kill the process, losing everything I was working on before my last save...


Something similar also happens occasionally in the main window.  Anything in the list (powers/skills/MA/etc) suddenly becomes inaccessible (basically I can't highlight it). This I can save and close out of however.


Any help would be appreciated.


It's great software, though these issues quickly become annoying (as they break up the flow of making characters).

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Post a copy of the trace.log file the next time the problem happens.  


Most likely due to an issue with Java on your system, as there's nothing in the application code to cause that. You may want to try uninstalling all copies of Java from your system and reinstalling the latest release from www.java.com

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Also pay attention to the title bar of the window/dialog -- if it's grayed out, that's a good indication that there's another modal dialog open on top of it.  Some versions of Java will allow a modal dialog in the background to be raised over the active dialog. The active dialog is still there and has control, but you need to switch focus back to it in order to do anything.

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