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  1. Well, never thought of updating Java - turns out it hadn't been updated since I got the computer. I'll give that a try and see how it works. Cheers.
  2. Every so often I'll be working on a power or skill, have it open, Alt-Tab out to check something, and when I Alt-Tab back in the program is stuck. Hard to describe, but it's like the program still works, but the sub-window (ie power or skill I was working on), stops responding. I can't click, enter text, anything. However, the program is still running, because if I try and click close on the main window the sub-window flashes like it needs me to OK/cancel. The best way I can say to recreate part of the issue is to do just that; open a power/skill/etc and instead of clicking on it, click on the main window behind it - that's the flashing I get. But the issue is that I can't close out of the window I was working on. I have to go into Task Manager to kill the process, losing everything I was working on before my last save... Something similar also happens occasionally in the main window. Anything in the list (powers/skills/MA/etc) suddenly becomes inaccessible (basically I can't highlight it). This I can save and close out of however. Any help would be appreciated. It's great software, though these issues quickly become annoying (as they break up the flow of making characters).
  3. A testament (I think) to the range of ages he's touched: --My 85 year old grandmother, who is about as familiar with these things as your average Amish.
  4. I think I'm going to let it rest for a while. Lost everything - spreadsheets, lists (for FO 1, 2, 3, NV, Tactics; perks, items, at al), notes I was using for converting. Not that I can't redo it, just a lot of effort and not enough time as I had when I started it. On the plus side, I did/have learned more about the System than I realized, and when I do get to version 2.0 it should be more streamlined.
  5. For those wondering, the external drive I store my work on went and had the cybernetic equivalent of a stroke, and a heart attack. Then it really started to have issues. Basically all the work I did on my Fallout conversion is gone, along with the USB drive. I should have known that a promotional 128 GB USB drive was too good to be true.
  6. Delayed return rate means that the extra points from Aid fade at a rate of 5 per minute (normally they fade at a rate of 5 per turn) meaning they last longer. Damage over time I'm not 100% sure on (not in 5th Ed which I use) but I'm guessing that it means that the points gained are spread out over 10 turns, or 1 point per turn. The "Standard Effect" means that each power gets 10 character points worth of Aid. (assuming that's not changed in 6th ed). You could take that out, which means that instead of a fixed 10 points, you'd roll and get between 4 and 19 points. Changing that is always an option too, but remember that with the x10 END mod, the END cost will be (basically) the active cost divided over 10 turns (which right now is 15 END per turn). You'd need some serious REC and/or END to backup the cost of this power.
  7. Yeah, I know, kinda low. I think over time I've given away 15-odd lbs to community organizations, friends, etc; sacrificed many to see what they were made of**; lost some to cat, nieces, moves, etc. I'm still keeping about half, and I've spent the better part of a week slowly whittling them down (my first pass I was going to part with 10). Not really anywhere to sell them where I live (only one FLGS in large area and they kinda, really, abhorrently don't like anyone remotely trying to even come close to treading on their monopoly; even the farmer's markets steer clear of "their" stuff). Was thinking of advertising on those local sale sites, and then if I get desperate try something like eBay or Amazon. **NOTE: Using a bandsaw to slice into dice is a great way to risk losing fingers. Chisels don't work, and even in a vice a regular hacksaw wasn't too effective.
  8. So after doing some serious purging and cleaning, I find myself with 948 (that's CMXLVIII) dice! This amounts to an even 9 pounds (4.081kg). Even after keeping what I need, and a fair amount of what I want, I'm still left with an obscene amount of dice. The question becomes how should I sell them? A lot of the ones I'm parting with could be sold as sets (ie 7x polyhedrals, 10x d10, 12x d6; combinations of 'pure' color sets and mixed; blanks, specialty). Or I could sell them by weight (1/2 & full pounds?) Looking for some advice as how to best go about this. Cheers **Not actively trying to advertise here; just looking for advice **For the really interested, it breaks down to 25d4, 698d6, 38d8, 81d10, 32d00, 35d12, 39d20
  9. Okay, I recall running across this very thing in one of the 5th ed books (as a Disadvantage) as I was working on my Fallout stuff, but for the life of me I can't find it again. Anyone happen to know where I saw this?
  10. I'm only using 5th Edition Rules here, so 6E isn't in my list of available materials. (Really wish I could add that to the subject header.) I'm thinking I'll just keep the base cost of a +1DC as 5 active points (the standard) and modify it from there.
  11. Spreadsheet is in the home stretch here. Think I got Armor worked out, Weapons nearly done, and looking at Perks. The one thing I'm having a real hiccup on is perks that add damage. Can't seem to track down any specific rule that allows for adding Damage to existing attacks. What I want to do is be able to design something that adds, say +2 DC, versus robots only (-1). Closest I could come up with was that 1 DC equals 5 active points, and was thinking about doing it just like that, or maybe even 8 points (+1 CSL for all combat). Also trying to decide what kind of limitation "Limbs Only" would be: ie Adamantium Skeleton (in Fallout) offers 50% Damage reduction to limbs. I am designing it as: Physical and Energy Damage Reduction 50%, Limbs only (-???) Radiation Resistance has also become a slight sticking point, but I think I've managed to overcome that (perks, drugs, and armor-wise). In a nutshell, just add the two together, with a maximum of 95%. The values won't be correct, but the alternative would be recalculating the combined value everytime the situation changed.
  12. Actually I'm not doing anything for FO4 at this time. Like I said, it's just too complicated. As for Power Armor in general, I've built it as Hardened Armor, given it Life Support, Radiation Damage Reduction, STR bonus (0 END, no Fig Char) and a DEX reduction. -- Had a thought, reread some rules I really didn't look at. Going to have to re-evaluate STR bonuses (and remove/reduce DEX penalties) for Power Armor... Armor (as a default) in general is not "Fallout 3/NV" style meaning it doesn't degrade, and in theory 100% coverage. I've included stats for coverage (based on images), activation roll (for those not wanting to use hit locations), and both levels of ablation, and combinations there of.
  13. So, I've finished (mostly) statting weapons for Fallouts 3 and New Vegas. Now I'm looking at the armor and trying to stat them in relation to the weapons. I decided to include armor coverage/activation rolls as an option, based on the graphics of the armor. Most clothing was left out as it served little defensive purposes and the stat/skill gains were either a) trivial in value or b) too hard to justify stat gains. Perks and Talents will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Some will get completely statted, and some will receive New Vegas presented a minor issue with weapon mods, but they weren't that complicated and were easy to stat. Weapon/armor condition isn't something I'm going to worry about at this point. Statting Fallout 4 on the other hand has proven to be a logistical nightmare. Piecemeal armor (which is interesting given the setting) wasn't too hard a concept at start, and the weapon list was surprisingly small by comparison, but the game's extensive use of mods (some weapons have 4 mod "slots", with as many as 10 mods in a slot) makes trying to track and stat them nightmarish at best. Plus the idea of weapons dropping with a "Legendary modifier" just made my head hurt. Great console game I'm sure, but lousy to try and turn into a PnP version. Don't know if I'm going to bother with FO4 at this point anymore or not. Hoping to have my spreadsheet for weapons/armor up early June at this point.
  14. robert - Thanks, I'll look into that. Since I'm not trying to assign them point values, I think I know what I want to do. Working through the weapons, starting with already statted weapons from the books. Keeping weights and ammo counts from Fallout (for now). The one simple weapon that is causing me some issues is the sledgehammer (there is no stats as far as I've been able to see). I'm using the Maul as a base for now. Any thoughts? Will do specific weapons after I have some baselines for statted ones and look at armor (next on the list).
  15. So, I was trying to build the following mental power: A Telepathy/Empathy that is always on and that the character has to 'focus' on to shut it off -- like a telepath that is always 'hearing' the thoughts around them until they learn to build 'walls' to shut them out. What I was thinking: Telepathy; Area of Effect (Radius) (+1), *Persistent (+1/2), *Reduced Endurance (0 END, +1/2), Always On (-1/2), Can Only Read Surface Thoughts (-1/2), Receive only (-1/2), Standard Effect (+0)... Mental Defense; Costs Endurance (+1/2), Affects Personal Mental Powers (-??) [Basically I want the Mental Defense to block their Telepathy; but because it's there just as much to keep the noise 'out', it keeps their mental powers 'in' as well. Costs Endurance to represent the strain caused by having to keep the 'walls' up full time, low enough to be covered by REC but could pose a problem if they start exerting themselves too much. Want to make having the Telepathy "on" (as in not blocked my Mental Defense) to be distracting - maybe a Physical Disadvantage?] The other idea I had was to build it as a Disadvantage (Physical or Psychological, All the Time/Fully or Very Common/Total, 25 pts) with the powers. Thoughts?
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