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The Generational Campaign

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So I've got plans that my friend calls 'ambitious' and they probably are. Think I might be going too far?


A little background: I recently changed jobs and moved to an entirely new city. I do have friends here, and several game. We are going to be doing a Gloomhaven game on Fridays. But this is about HERO, because they want me to run a game.


Players will be small. No more than 3-4, not including myself. I have a ton of game systems available, but I hit upon an idea I've always wanted to try but never got around to it.


So the concept: In 5th Edition HERO, the various setting books(Turakian Age, Atlantean Age, Alien Wars, etc) all covered a different era in human history. My idea is to play through them all in short(ish) arcs, with the players making new characters of the same bloodline as their old ones, though maybe technically just inheriting their spirit or something. Point is, it's a generational epic to tie all the games together, starting with an ancient nemesis being thwarted in the Turakian Age and going to its eventual defeat in the Galactic Champions era.


Currently the plans are to include:


Turakian Age

Valdorian Age

Atlantean Age

Tuala Morn(maybe?)

Pulp Hero


Alien Wars

Terran Empire

Galactic Champions


So questions: Any ideas for glue? Any that I should or shouldn't include(for example, should Post Apocalyptic Hero be a thing?) Is this too ambitious?  And finally, this is the 5th Edition stuff, should I try to convert it to 6th, or is that going to be an even bigger project? I didn't have a problem with 5e, but I do tend to prefer 6th.


(Ugh, mods nix this, I posted to the wrong forum)



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