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Low Level, Mid Level, High Level.

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[This thread is a continuation of another.]




The rules of this thread are simple ->


  1. You first choose a topic typical of tabletop gaming such as "Dragon", "Battle at Sea", "Paladin's Mount", or "Unorthodox Treasure". I prefer topics centered around the fantasy genre, but I am not opposed to those associated with science-fiction, superheroes or even the "mundane" world of action/adventure films.
  2. Then, you describe what each topic would look like if tailored for a low level, a mid level, and a high level adventure; you can be as serious/funny/brief/elaborate as you wish. Feel free to be abstract...so long as you are at least somewhat on point 😃.
  3. Once you've finished, suggest a topic for the next poster to tackle; the thread will continue for as long as people are willing to contribute.


--- --- ---


"Magic Sword"


Low Level: A well-crafted but otherwise plainly embellished broadsword that is sharper than similar specimens. What makes this blade unique is that it was once wielded by the village hero before he returned home for retirement; he had hoped to pass the weapon onto offspring of his own, but events (fate?) conspired to make you the next prospective champion.

Mid Level: Maguslayer is a matte grey cavalry saber owned by Faris Lakram: leader of The Mage's Bane (a mercenary company specialized in combating wizardry). Most know that this implement of death is wickedly effective against spellcasters. What most don't know is that Faris had to search far and wide for a rare ore - a meteorite from an unknown world - in order to craft his most prized possession. Held in hand, Magusslayer diverts magic directed at its owner the way a river boulder stands fast against the current.

High Level: What you see before you defies all logic...all reason. There is a hilt that corresponds to the size of one possessed by a typical greatsword, but it is composed of a perplexing amalgamation of refined metals, raw minerals, masterfully cut gems and even soft-looking organic material that should be yielding to your touch but is as rigid as the rest. Where a flat, finely sharpened piece of well-fitted metal would normally be is instead an endlessly scrolling line of words (of all languages from every time and place) and imagery that originate from one end of nothingness and fade at the other. Swords display varying levels of sharpness; this creation is the concept of "sharp" manifested into tangibility. Indeed, the eagle-eyed and worldly notice that every word is a culture's translation of "keen", "slice", "split", "cut" and so on and so forth. The images are moments where things are rent apart: a child cutting paper, a woodsman splitting a log, a tyrant being decapitated by a paladin, a dragon's claw cleaving a stone pillar in twain, etc. Not only can any physical matter by injured by this concept-blade, but barriers formed of energy are vulnerable as well. Sages who witness the manifestation of sharpness in action suspect it can even sever cultural constructs (such as hypocrisy and lies).


--- --- ---


Next topic: "Wilderness Inn"

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