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  1. Fortunately, I'm the only one in my family who can stand the stuff. It's an acquired taste.
  2. I have the Talislanta rulebook, but I've never actually used it. It has a lot of interesting ideas, though.
  3. I have reused/reimagined characters from old campaigns. Sometimes they are used as background; sometimes their backstories are rewritten to fit into a new campaign. Some of my characters from the FASA Star Trek rpg were reimagined so they could exist in my hard sci-fi campaign. In the Traveller rpg, characters can die during the creation process, but they can still be useful. Just include them as part of an existing character's backstory, such as a relative or comrade who died in a past conflict.
  4. Pretty cool, but it has some glaring omissions, like Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9. Granted, they're space stations rather than starships, but a few stations are included in this video.
  5. I just told my sister the joke. She rolled her eyes and said "Get out"
  6. I miss Waldenbooks. I got some of my favorite books there.
  7. Some kids don't recognize the old Star Wars movies. Today I compared the moon Mimas to the Death Star, and my student didn't quite get it at first.
  8. Mine-detecting rat receives prestigious gold medal
  9. True, fantasy by far has the lion's share in rpgs. There are a couple of other options. Star Frontiers was legally available for download until a couple of years ago, when WOTC asserted its rights to the material. However, the fan-made magazines Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer are still available; WOTC's cease and desist order didn't cover those. Ground Zero Games still offers Full Thrust and Dirtside as free downloads. While these are miniature wargames, you can include roleplaying elements, as per my original post. GURPS Lite is still free, and it
  10. Today is Saturday. Why does it feel like Monday?
  11. Lately, I've been taking a minimalist approach to gaming. I have thought of using one rulebook and one setting book and run the entire campaign that way. I have decided to add a couple more resource books, but I was thinking how beginners could get into the hobby without spending too much money. My advice would be to start small and build on it gradually. But let's say the people in question are willing to spend a little money, not a lot. What should they buy? And what can they get free? System: Lots of free games are available online. If you want to spend a bit of money, s
  12. This thread is for storing and sharing any ideas related to rpgs. The level of detail or completion doesn't matter. It's meant to be a place to put in ideas so you don't forget it, or want to revisit it in the future, or just because your players wouldn't be interested in the ideas. I got this idea when rereading my Rolemaster books. There are so many different types of spellcasters, most of which specialize in one form of magic. So I thought about a possible campaign where all magic must focus on a single aspect. There won't be generic wizards casting fireballs. There will be heal
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