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  1. Jedi training? My thoughts on this:
  2. I went to Maker Faire today. Most of the things we discussed in this thread made an appearance in the faire. Here are some photos and videos I took. Let me know if you have trouble viewing them. Edit: While I didn't try my hand at flying a drone today, I bought a small one. I will try to learn how to fly it ASAP.
  3. I had a bunch of stress dreams all night. This one started out the same but changed. I was in a bar or restaurant with some friends. Apparently, it was my birthday. After the event, I started to leave when I realized I wasn't wearing my jacket. So I went down a short flight of stairs. The men's room was there, and a bunch of 20-somethings were there. One guy was hiding near the door trying to sneak up on one of his friends. I went to another area where there was a cloak room, but my jacket wasn't there either. There were a few couples standing around; one couple was having a heated argument. I went back to my original location. But the restaurant had turned into a hospital, a haunted one at that. I remembered being in this hospital before, and I may have heard a young girl's voice that time. This time, I didn't like the look of a certain hallway, so I took another corridor. I was halfway down the hall when I saw movement at the end. A gardening tool suddenly levitated and smashed itself against the wall. I knew it was the ghost. I panicked and ran down to the basement. The I realized my mistake: I should have run back to where I had come from, where the exit was. Now I may be trapped. There was a large door in my way. I hoped it wasn't locked and tried to open it. Fortunately, it was unlocked, so went through. I was looking for the elevator and found it, but it was broken. There were two service elevators on the other side with large up/down lights. One was glowing red; the other glowed violet. I chose the latter. I was about to close the doors when I saw a man in a suit running down the stairs. He was probably also spooked by the ghost. I thought about holding the door open for him, but I couldn't find the right button. The doors closed, and the elevator started rising. I hadn't touched a single button to indicate which floor to stop. So I pressed the first floor button, then the second floor button. I may have already passed those floors considering the elevator's speed....
  4. Extra tummy rubs for that cat! The pain will be worth it.
  5. Why am I never given an expensive bottle of wine? The employee got off lightly. Most are fired for making that sort of mistake.
  6. I will pass this recipe to my sisters. I think they will like it.
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