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  1. Here are a couple more firsts in Olympic history: Estonia wins first gold medal in Fencing Philippines wins its first Olympic gold medal in Weightlifting No surprises here: Germany wins gold in Team Dressage
  2. Don't forget the western martial arts: Lee Kiefer claim's USA's first gold medal in foil Maybe I'll use these two Olympians as inspiration for a swashbuckler & monk duo.
  3. There's a difference between voicing your opinion and being an a-hole. At least justice was served in the latter case.
  4. A couple of women in Team USA have made history in fencing and taekwondo Lee Kiefer wins gold at individual foil Anastija Zolotic wins gold in taekwondo Not to be outdone, Japan dominates in Judo, where siblings win gold in their respective matches.
  5. Part of ancient supercontinent found under New Zealand
  6. Perhaps those are separated specifically for the cat to lie on.
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