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  1. My allergies have been knocking me out for 2 weeks. I don't have to leave the house to know everything is blooming. This is in response to Cygnia's nature pictures. The trees and flowers are lovely nonetheless.
  2. Many priests were and are also scientists.
  3. How about when Hong Kong was owned by the UK?
  4. Not sure why anyone would want to read about Elrond, Thorin, or anyone else talking about their bathroom habits. It's probably not done any more in Middle-earth than it is in the real world. Some things are better off assumed to be done off-screen. Maedhros hung on the side of a precipice for decades, and Hurin was confined to a chair for a similar length or time. Did they eat, sleep, or excrete at all during that time? If so, do we want to hear the details?
  5. COVID-19 has delayed the Tokyo Olympics by a year. Now, North Korea will not attend.
  6. Thank you for reminding me about this episode.
  7. I still prefer THAC0 to ascending armor class, although I grudgingly admit the latter option can be quite useful.
  8. Then they introduced the "slotta base" idea which I never liked.
  9. Considering the fact that I was always ill at ease around strangers, and I don't take kindly to any perceived slight, readjusting myself to society will take a bit of time. Of course, the prospect of unemployment may be the motivation I need to get back out there.
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