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  1. This is a disaster in more ways than one: California Vineyard Spills 97K Gallons of Red Wine that has Leaked into the Russian River
  2. Death tribble discovered how to produce free energy, but Nikola Tesla stole his designs and cheated him on royalties.
  3. I enjoyed his work. RIP.
  4. True. I was trying to be diplomatic about it.
  5. There are many beers that are better than Corona.
  6. For some strange reason, I suddenly remembered this performance when I was at work today: I know Marilyn Monroe was the original singer but I specifically remembered this performance. I haven't seen this clip in almost 40 years, and I had forgotten about it until today. I still can't figure what triggered this memory.
  7. This display is not high tech, but it is definitely cool! https://luminightlanterns.com/gallery/ Edit: There is an app that you can download where you can see the displays move (on your phone, that is) through Augmented Reality. This is where the futuristic part comes in. https://luminightlanterns.com/app/
  8. Via YouTube: King Arthur's Britain - The Truth Unearthed
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