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  1. A livestream from the San Francisco Opera. The summer and fall seasons were cancelled due to COVID-19. Some of the performers would have made their San Francisco debuts this summer. This was a way for the performers to showcase their talents. Since the singers and the new musical director are scattered across the globe right now, the musical pieces were previously taped, but the interviews were live.
  2. That was the first time I walked out of a movie theater feeling cheated. The other times were Phantom Menace and The Force Awakens..
  3. Like Doctor Who? Maybe it wasn't big in the US until recent years, but it was pretty popular around the world.
  4. Here in San Bruno, police made 35 fireworks-related arrests and seized 58 pounds of fireworks. I wanted to link the story, but it wouldn't let me read it with my ad blocker on. There were a ton of police and other first responders down the hill a couple of days ago. The neighbor shooting those fireworks has been quiet since then. Maybe he or she was one of those arrested.
  5. It would make one hell of a familiar.
  6. EVERY DAY in this week has brought something to raise my blood pressure. I'm way beyond cranky, or even livid. Wrathful? Furious? Enraged? None of these words seem strong enough to express my feelings right now!
  7. A lot of channels now offer merchandise and Patreon if they have monetized their YouTube accounts.
  8. I hope I didn't wait too long. I know the cutoff is 200, and there were already 170 people registered when I joined in.
  9. Stupid bleeping glitch in the MMO is keeping me from finishing my quest. I just wanted to relax after a stressful day, and it just stressed me out even more. I probably won't sleep tonight because I'm bleeping mad.
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