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  1. Have any of you ever received those fire-and-brimstone religious fliers in your mailbox? I was sent this intricately Photoshopped depiction of an apocalyptic-looking background with fairly standard "the end is nigh" imagery overall...but what REALLY stood out to me was - and I kid you not - Jesus Christ armed with a bow-and-arrow while he sits astride a horse. If I'm able to locate this cartoonishly hilarious piece of fundamentalist garbage, I'll take a picture and upload it here for everyone's amusement.
  2. "Just because 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' doesn't mean you gotta start looking for construction crews when someone does you a solid."
  3. Thank you for the hyperlink? Still, I find it difficult to accurately articulate just how much I despair when I discover that someone I used to associate with has apparently fallen down the libertarian rabbit hole. A part of me wonders if they wouldn't have succumbed had I or someone else on the same wavelength played a greater role in their life.
  4. It's possible that she dyed her hair. Henna was a thing during her time...right? --- --- ---
  5. It is a disquieting experience to reunite with an individual one hasn't seen a while only to hear them say the following words, "Taxes are theft."
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