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  1. Are you asking me or are you asking the internet? If you are asking me, you know the answer. If you are asking the internet, you likely know the answer . That said, it's not a stretch to believe that a near-perfect race such as Middle-earth's elves have a perfect (i.e., one-hundred percent efficient) metabolism. --- --- ---
  2. Tell me: when was the last time Elrond quietly extolled the humble beauty of elven toilet seats? For that matter, when has a dwarf ever spoken about the lifetime guarantee of their plumbing? Anyhow...in my games, unless I'm describing a particular set piece or arranging a bit of (action-based) drama, no one ever really hears about, uh..."waste disposal". Elves aren't - in that specific regard - special. --- --- ---
  3. Hi, Hermit. A quote just came to mind -> "Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf!"
  4. Doesn't a standard-issue 9x19mm handgun weigh much more than a TASER?
  5. "Good? Good? Ms. La Belle, elves aren't 'good'... they are better. These people can run twice as fast as you can without making a sound. They can see to the farthest horizon on a starless night and they can hear the heart beat of a mouse. They don't sweat. If they fart, you'll never hear about it. They can go into a human town and **** everybody's wives, sons, and daughters for fifteen hours straight, they are going to live forever... and can you imagine what would happen if the brand-new emperor had stood before his people and said, 'Hey, these are the people who are going to be in charge of
  6. Holy Champion of Torm*: "I find it difficult to pin you down." Queen: <strongly puzzled expression> Holy Champion of Torm (realizing his blunder): "Your skill as a rhetorician, to be precise. I have only ever seen Your Majesty speaking to the people." Player, OOC: "Even exemplars of heroic magnetism are allowed a gaffe once in a lifetime...right?" DM: "That could have been one awfully short lifetime." --- --- --- *That is the closest you can get to being a Paladin in AD&D 2e without actually being a Paladin.
  7. Though I walk through the Valley of the Uncanny, I shall fear no dolls, robots, zombies and poorly constructed CGI.
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