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  1. Christ almighty...the stream of people claiming that COVID-19 is a hoax is apparently neverending.
  2. This music is a touch gloomy even during the best of times and our current circumstances are far from optimal, but I still find it hauntingly beautiful.
  3. TBT, I have only ever consumed reconstituted dry milk either by itself or as a (required) supplement to cereal. Using it as part of a recipe where a multitude of other ingredients can help to mask its flavor may be worth considering...
  4. Indeed. When it comes to how a GM/DM portrays their shapeshifted form, I've experienced the gamut: from "humanoid with a quirk" to "humanoid that behaves noticeably different but is still approachable" to "humanoid in appearance only".
  5. Same here. There's always enough butter, salt, sugar, kidney beans, etc, kicking around somewhere in my house. Plus, outside of window shopping or casual perusal of a much desired luxury (that I often end up purchasing online), I don't exactly relish going to the supermarket.
  6. It is always tragic when the young are reared during a period of distress (especially for an extended time); what we consider irregular or even despairing is normal to them. To see so markedly different an attitude in one that has yet to experience the wider world is just...
  7. In certain settings, dragons are capable of shapeshifting into humans or, more generally, humanoid forms.
  8. Sometime in the near future, I may expand on this potential game over in the "General Roleplaying" forum.
  9. The amount of hazard pay some people are receiving during this pandemic is, quite frankly, anemic...and pathetic.
  10. We could always get a play-by-post game going?
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