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  1. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Does that go with "What's Eating Raoul" ?
  2. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Totally uneven - a nigh-invulnerable hero vs a guy whose energy sword has never done any damage to anything alive. Ever.
  3. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares I thought that Fire Down Below was either a porno or a sex-ed/health film.
  4. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power I won't quote all that, but it looks good to me. Should be fun to play - I think you covered the bases we all brought up (and your own, natch).
  5. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power If they both work off the same sense, then I would be wary of letting them both be on at the same time (unless they are "sense" as you said). To me, though, this does sound similar to the "multiple power attack" mechanic, and if used in this case, you'd make one die roll for both powers and use that result. If they used different senses, then I wouldn't have any problem with both on. If either had the "concentration" limitation, then I definitely wouldn't allow it.
  6. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power
  7. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power I actually thought of making that a linked power, but the whole "unusual senses" thing is a bit on the fuzzy side. There aren't any guidelines on what it can or cannot do. Whether the detect is active or passive, you can always adjust the PER roll for difficulty.
  8. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power I'd say that generally that would be up to SFX, but you can always say that some things prevent it from working, or give a minus to the PER roll due to that (-2 per 1m thickness material, or -4 for force fields). Maybe require the power to be Penetrating or AP to work through solid objects. That could work, but it would mean that it requires hardened armor or force field to stop that detect. Given that such a Detect is a staple of Sci-fi stories, and they seem to have no problem working through objects (although some force fields and powers can block the). It would be hard for a spaceship to scan another ship for life if the detect couldn't get through armor, or for the same ship to scan for life on a planets surface if it couldn't penetrate buildings.
  9. Re: Adaptive Invisibility Actually, for Transform to work it has to overcome the Target's Body and any power defense they have. A 1-point transform probably wouldn't change anything beyond a few microbes (which might not be all that bad), but anyone with power defense would see right through it. Well, the NND might take care of that, but I don't think it would take care of any Body (even Cosmetic requires 5 points per d6). edit - yeah, it would be a major transform, but it would have to be cumulative and need the "Does Body" per SteveZilla. reedit - no it doesn't. I haven't used enough Transforms to know that it is already cumulative, and it works on CP not Body, so there would be no need for that advantage either. Glad I looked it up - it's been too long playing with the system that I got rusty. So it probably could work as written. (no line-out font? Ding - wanted to use that) You might as well do an ExDim movement "To world where nothing can detect me unless I want it to" (kinda like a universe destroying spell - movement to a universe where everything is destroyed). The fun you can have with that power.... Its a bit clunky, but you can have an invisibility MP, with each slot covering normal senses and one unusual one, with the limitation "must switch based on Precog roll" or something similar. A quick sample I worked up: Of course, you can narrow that down or expand it as you desire.
  10. Re: Adaptive Invisibility Since most senses are passive, taking information from the target, how would you detect this? If the person viewing the invisible character was using an active system (active sonar, or vision that projected some sort of light that needed to reflect off the target, as opposed to just picking up reflected light, etc). It could be a detect/analyze for what normally is around (wavelengths of light, wind for scent, magic?). Clairsentience might be the best way to go, looking into the future a few seconds, maybe with the detect senses?
  11. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power Maybe a Set Effect is also appropriate. I put it in mental and detect (for detect life, etc). A bit clunky, and it doesn't protect against telepathy, but it should work for general detects.
  12. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power Sorry to post so much on this, gemphyre, but the more I look at it, the more I like your idea. I may have to...borrow...it. I'll give it right back. Promise.
  13. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power For your second point, yeah - I agree - you would only detect living (or dying but not yet dead) creatures, not dead bodies or ex-parrots. I should have made that clear (I did think of it, then had to stop my puppy from chewing a gamebook, and lost that thought - books ok, just a few toothmarks). I think the OP was correct - to even detect bacteria, I'd agree that microscopic should be needed. Which does make me think that the character would need that to be more effective. Not having to run a culture to detect a virus or pathogen could be a lifesaver. Not sure of the point cost, though.
  14. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power No more than telepathy or some kinds of enhanced senses (tracking with scent, you'd be able to identify them by their smell). If the bad guys know of this, suitable countermeasures could be made.
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