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  1. Re: Learning from the mistakes of others Like "must appear in every comic the company makes"?
  2. Re: Learning from the mistakes of others That's how I see it . It's a note to say that "Hydrophobic Man" doesn't suddenly lose his Fear of Water and replace it with Fear of Dust Bunnies without the GM looking at it and approving it. They could have put a Stop sign next to it, but since it wasn't in the powers section, maybe the writer thought a little note might be better. It could have been written a hundred different ways, but that won't stop someone from reading it any way they want. We've always allowed Disads to be bought or swapped out as the story progresses and they ca
  3. Re: DEX vs. CSLs That's the whole issue. I've rarely seen NCM used in superheroic campaigns. I'm not sure of published materials, so maybe I'm outdated here. I just looked at 5er and didn't see anything under the description giving any recommendations. Is NCM common in superheroic games that you have seen? NCM is merely a limiter of the average - people can get up to strong bodybuilder or weightlifter class, but it takes serious effort (ie in CP in game terms) to go above that "muscle ceiling". The only issue I remember coming up was the issue of the more intangibles (Int, E
  4. Re: What do you think The problem I see is that two different characters can perform the exact same actions, use the same amount of energy, but one is a workout and one isn't. A Brick whose body uses the energy more efficiently is getting the most out of his oxygen than the other guy. If one uses 100% while another uses 10%, unless Mr 10% has lungs 10x the size of MR 100%, he's not going to last longer. Right, and I say that's meaningless. More efficient is more efficient is more efficient. It should carry through the whole system across. If I bought Mr Brick t
  5. Re: Yes, but what about the other guys? Actually, "The Philosophy of Superheroes" does sound like an interesting book, but (I haven't looked yet) one probably exists and probably isn't as good as one we could come up with here. Maybe we need to start a thread. Gaming (as everything else) brings up ethical and philosophical issues all the time, and can be an effective teaching tool as well. I wish I could convince my principal the utility of RPGs so I could game all day! Well, this is what I find first: http://www.amazon.com/Superheroes-Philosophy-Justice-Socratic-Popular/dp/08126
  6. Re: DEX vs. CSLs Honestly, I agree - for superhumans. For normal humans, I still prefer the NCM, although that does get into the cost/benefit of the characteristics. That's really what I was trying to get at - the whole "intense training time" limitation cheese was meaningless and you don't need that distinction. I probably could have ended without that last sentence since I said the same in the paragraph above it, but I was trying to type while keeping a psychotic puppy from, well, everything. Ever have a juvenile delinquent dog? Sheesh. Anyway, sorry if that wasn't cle
  7. Re: Learning from the mistakes of others That sucks, to be frank. But it also reflects reality - I've seen racists work side by side with a guy, even seem to be good friends, but then they turn around and say "he's an XXXXXX". It's sad, but that's the way some people think. In a way, the player could have been playing that type of person. But it still sucks and to me runs counter to the goal of bringing the players together and having fun. That's the same thing that I used to see with the "dwarves hate elves" bit, and the old "racial preferences" table. Between that and
  8. Re: Yes, but what about the other guys? I agree - the argument I'm proposing relies upon the supposition of one universe, or else it would just be another multiversal theory. For our own world, I don't think it can be proven yet, and I'm not sure it will be, but from my own readings and thoughts on the matter I don't see how. Theoretically, according to a new paper out this year, scientists somewhere have proposed that time travel via wormhole might be possible, but only from and to the moment the wormhole was created. You wouldn't be able to go to a time before the wormhole wa
  9. Re: What do you think To summarize: if EP's spend the most END, their powers ARE more physically taxing, and they have greater reserves of END before they need to stop and catch their breath. That being the case, they WILL logically last longer in an anaerobic environment than someone who recovers more quickly - he is denied that recovery due to the lack of oxygen. Or they are more fit and can take in more oxygen while they are working, and don't need to stop and catch their breath in big gasps. I see what you're saying, I just don't agree with the mechanic for it.
  10. Re: DEX vs. CSLs In other words, tomato-tomato? But not a +0? So in other words, the only difference is what is in the skills, and what is in the physical dexterity? Seriously, since they are the same to you, where's the problem you have? Actually, mindwipe comes to mind, temporary amnesia of the comic book kind, a character that leeches skills, the old "idiocy field" - hell, even the superfriends cartoon where Dr Frankenstein drained Batman's detective skills to put into his robot (well, he drained his intelligence, which in practical terms was t
  11. Re: Questions from a New Hero Wow -- I had to look that up. I don't think this ever happened in any of my games, but it's nice to know. She would get to use the advantage if she kept her active point cost of strength equal to or less than the unmodified active total of the advantaged attack. But the minute she uses more strength, she can't use the HA AP. I never knew that. Thanks.
  12. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Does that go with "What's Eating Raoul" ?
  13. Re: Questions from a New Hero It would still be a 12d6 attack, even if only 4 dice are AP. You'd have to keep them separate, or else pay for the naked advantage for her 40 Str. Might not be a bad idea. Normal person (8 stats)...ahh, never mind. With a 2 PD, either way he's going to be toast...or maybe jelly might be better . Of course, that is why you don't hit norms with full STR attacks...at least not if you want them in one piece.
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