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  1. Yes, true, but I would argue that if PRE is anything is is psychological. I'm happy with a lucky 'overly impressive' roll. Sometimes you panic. You would not normally, you do not know why this time is different, but something is. I find myself arguing against me. Ha. OK, here is my problem with PRE attacks: generally I do not like the idea. We were playing DnD once, Slave Pits Of The Undercity, IIRC, S1? and the party had a run of great luck. Three or four criticals in a row and even the non-criticals caused serious damage. The DM decided th
  2. I don't like the PRE attack mechanic: it is like an AOE Instant specific command Mind Control that costs no END. I genuinely feel that it is more of a GM call than an important mechanic. It should either be scrapped or SERIOUSLY developed.
  3. Oh this is such another thread However, we've started, so - HERO uses Thresholds i.e. we have subtractors from damage in the form of Defences. If you have 12 PD you are completely immune to a 2d6 Normal attack, not not from a 3d6 Normal attack (although you are on average). Adding a couple of dice of damage to an attack that would already penetrate defences means that ALL of the damage gets through, whereas if you were not scoring any (average) damage on a target, a couple of extra dice means that most of the extra effort gets through. Usually. A better e
  4. There have been many attempts at producing a decent but manageable killing attack, right? Maybe we have been going about it all wrong… So, thinking about damage, superheroes seem to be largely immune to Body damage from Normal attacks, right? How about this: 1. Normal Defences only count half against Body damage. 2. Killing attacks are a +1/4 advantage and mean that Normal Defences only count a quarter against Body damage. So: 50 points: 10d6 attack against 20 (normal) pd: Average Roll: 35/10 = 15 Stun th
  5. Ah. I said there were a couple of things, right? See the 'I Feel The Need' thread to address that one.
  6. So another thing I was thinking about, whilst walking the dogs: Speed. I like the Speed Chart. I don’t know of another game that has anything like it. It is great. But. If Crimson Blur is Speed 8 and has a Run of 30m, she can get up to nearly 45mph in combat. Meanwhile the Inedible Wombat has a Speed of 4, but a Run of 60m. He can reach the same velocity in combat, almost 45mph. Yet, the damage the Wombat does with a move through is considerably more than the Blur does, even though they have similar Strength. That seem
  7. I'm a fan of granularity. And, you know, doing things in a cock-eyed manner. Maybe we could consider, instead of extra CON you buy extra PD, something like: I'm still standing: +5 PD (Only to avoid being stunned) Now obviously this only applies to normal physical damage (although you could buy resistant defence or defence against other damage types). It would not reduce the STUN damage you take and it would only really matter if you took damage over CON but less than CON+5, so the limitation depends on how often that would happen. I'm thinking at least -1
  8. If we are talking realistic weapons then we are probably looking at a Heroic game and there are rules that allow for quite realistic damage, such as hit locations, disabling and bleeding rules. Quite often gunshot or stab woulds are not instantly fatal but do kill because of bloodloss. A bullet to the head is worth two to the chest (or something like that). Massey points out that realism is a movable feast (I paraphrase), but most people would agree that a normal being shot or stabbed should have serious consequences, barring body armour. On the flip-side, as Ninja-Bear points o
  9. Hell hath nothing to show me, It's Heaven I really fear, For if this is Heaven, Then she must be here...
  10. Agreed. However, I think that familiarity breeds contempt: if you are used to seeing someone bounce tank shells off their chest or crush a medium size family car to a 1m cube by main strength, you will be less impressed that if you are seeing it for the first time. You'll be less impressed if you can do that, or something similar, yourself. Duke makes the point that is what differing levels of PRE are for, and I can see that, but, at the same time can see a character that would be seriously swayed by, say, Unearthly Beauty, being largely unmoved by Unholy Violence. I
  11. If you do a move through and no KB then you take the full damage that the move through would have done, so I figured that was like hitting a planet. It is all a bit complicated: you can work out the momentum of a falling object easily but the force that is applied in stopping it *almost* instantaneously is harder to guestimate and isn't necessarily that useful as it is hard to compare that to, say the force a super strength punch generates. Agreed - hit locations (and bleeding) make damage far more deadly. The NND Does Body thing is an attempt to unify the worlds of normals and s
  12. Sad = True AND Funny = True SO It's funny because it is sad. It's sad because it is funny. Also I have a real munchkin build for macaroni cheese....
  13. Don't know Modiphious, but Chaosium is % chance to hit, IIRC. I think that people understand percentages and if you have a 45% chance they instinctively know that is 1 to 45: above that is bad. Also Chaosium doesn't (or didn't) have an equivalent of DCV. Psychologically, I think Hero is different. If you work out in advance what your hit chance is and call for a roll of 13 or less, that is fine, everyone knows where they stand, but the way the system actually applies hit rolls in combat is, frankly, weird. It is not intuitive to add 11 to your OCV then subtract your
  14. Hmm. Always wondered about the 'violent' action bonus: a minion might think melting a bus with an energy blast is terrifying, a super villain might just think it is a challenge. How about this: Make an attack but do not actually apply damage. No need to roll to hit. For every 10 points of stun (or part thereof) and 1 point of Body that WOULD have got through defences, you get +1d6 on your PRE attack. If NO damage would have got through defences, the target is unimpressed and you take a -2d6 penalty on the PRE attack. That sort of addresses another issue
  15. So…walking the dogs and I got to think about a couple of things. First off, never been entirely happy with the falling rules. Straight off the bat, 30d6 seems like WAY too much damage for a terminal velocity fall. That’s the equivalent of taking a punch from someone with 150 Strength who can lift 26 million tons. I know, right? WAAY too much. Anyway, makes no sense. Terminal velocity is about 120mph unless you are in a deliberate dive, which is 53 or 54 metres per second. Call it 54 because 53 is prime. That should mean that you do 27d6, using the same calculatio
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