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    FenrisUlf reacted to Vondy in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    I was terribly sad to hear Darren had passed. He was far too young to go. I enjoyed the content he produced and the few interactions I had with him were genial and productive. Our little corner of the community is a niche within a niche, but his loss is felt.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to AlHazred in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    It was the biggest shock to hear about. My condolences go out to his family.
    I would think he'd be reincarnated as El Santo, living out the various movies!
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    FenrisUlf reacted to Theala_Sildorian in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    I'm very sorry to hear it.
    I envision a heaven filled with great apes.  He loved ape characters as I recall.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to Lord Liaden in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    Honestly, for the former President of Hero Games, I can't think of a more fittingly-named escort.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to steriaca in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    I would love to feel that he was greated by Death of the Endless and taken to where he wanted to go (as it is her job to be the ultimate soul transporter...the Greeks have a word for that, and Mercury was one of them, but the name escapes me).
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    FenrisUlf reacted to steriaca in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    He will be missed. 
    And if you actually take stock in Isakai style reincarnation, he is newly reborn in his favorite fantasy world right now. Have fun Darren Watts. 
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    FenrisUlf reacted to Jason S.Walters in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    It's a beautiful thing to think of Darren being reborn in an eternal World Series where the seventh game never comes to pass.
    As for me: I honestly can't get my head around his death. It doesn't seem real.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to Keith Phemister in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    I'm heartbroken at the news.  I still remember the DunDraCon where Darren had been speaking *a lot* over the four days.  His voice was absolutely shot, but we'd all gathered at a nearby watering hole to have a post-convention get together.  Darren suggested we go from there and get dinner at a "topless restaurant" he knew.  A bunch of us cocked an eyebrow, but it was Darren, and he was saying the food there was good, so we were game to go.  What we discovered when we got to the restaurant was that Darren was saying *TAPAS*.  It was a good restaurant.  It was a great time.  I'm gonna miss him so much.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to C.R.Ryan in R.I.P. Darren Watts   
    It's been many years since I've regularly posted here. In the late 90s and early 00s, though this was my first real community. Darren Watts was decent fellow and will be missed. This is a sad day.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to Jason S.Walters in Heroes In A Hurry is now available on Amazon!   
    It will be shortly. I'm waiting for a small print run to come in, then I will make it available via PDF as well.
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    FenrisUlf reacted to Jason S.Walters in IHA: Pride & Prejudice Available On Amazon!   
    We are going to price the physical book (plus PDF and HDC files) at $30.
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