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  1. Think how much worse that headline would look if he actually briefly got away with it before anyone found out.
  2. I've seen the 'Universe Bundles' being sold in the site store for about $10, with for instance the Universe History Bundle containing Champions Universe, Champions Universe: News of the World, and Champions Worldwide. Just so I'm clear, does this mean the actual game stats/PDF of the original 5th Ed books are included, or is it something more basic? To be extra sure: I'm referring to the sets like this: Thanks for any help.
  3. One friend of mine told me that was exactly what he was going to do if it happened to him. Knowing him I believe it. This is a guy who once faced down and faked out a pair of Mafia enforcers who wanted to teach him a lesson in manners long enough for him to get out of the country.
  4. I've heard of a few cases where some teens "pranked" people by coughing on them and yelling, "I have coronavirus! -- Just kidding, hah!" I was also told that in several of these cases the teen was beaten up. And a few others have been arrested. Apparently deliberately coughing/spitting/sneezing on someone right now, even if you're just pretending to have the virus, is seen by the FBI as a potential terrorist act.
  5. More or less locally (Pennsylvania Coal Region) we had at least one woman go through a supermarket deliberately sneezing and coughing on the food while yelling 'I have the coronavirus!' to the tune of destroying $35,000 worth of groceries. When the cops came she laughed and said she was lying about the coronavirus. They arrested her anyway.
  6. Thanks to everyone who answered my question here. I'll have to come back later when I have more time to read through these properly. I was also blanking on some of the original power write-up -- I was thinking of it as 'he catches fire and can burn people while it lasts' not that he can melt bullets. Though you'd think that if he got hot enough to melt bullets before they touched his skin, touching or being touched by him would be painful.
  7. I have another oddball superpower design question. I just got Mister Watts' Golden Age Champion book, and in checking out the time-lost characters he mentions in it I found this guy, the Man o' Metal. I'd like to try doing a power like his 'metal skin that bursts into flames whenever hit by fire or electricity'. I'm mainly using 5th edition rules here. I'm guessing that one power advantage it would need is Trigger, since he apparently can't activate it on his own but has to get zapped with fire or electricity first. And of course Damage Shield. If anyone has any other ideas for how to model it I'd like to hear them. Thanks everyone.
  8. I guess the whole 'hide in plain sight' idea doesn't work so well in reality.
  9. If it's possible, I know that I'd love to see updates of both Shinyu from the earlier editions' Golden Age Champions and Dragon Queen from the, I think it was 3rd, edition VIPER book. What can I say, I like supervillainesess who can turn into dragons.
  10. If you want to use them go right ahead, but I cannot for the life of me remember where the images came from.
  11. Great to see some information at long last on the Northern Guard. Glancing through it did leave me wondering how to make some of those powers the various characters had.
  12. Thanks to everyone who responded here with the advice.
  13. I was just looking at another potential character. They're a empath who can control and inflict one single emotion, fear. The problem is they can't turn it off entirely and as a result people react badly to them because they're afraid of them, even if they don't know why. Since this doesn't help, it only hinders, I was wondering how best to handle it -- as Distinctive Features: Everyone Fears Me, or as a Social Limitation? Or is it both? Thanks for any help
  14. How else could she learn if her research was any good?
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