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  1. Howard kind of did in several of his Westerns, save for the Breckenridge Elkins stories which were deliberately broadly comic. Or at least he wrote characters who were as amoral yet honorable in their way as Conan. There are also the El Borak stories, in which a gunfighter from Texas ends up in Afghanistan somewhere around the time of the First World War (which is depicted like something from a Kipling story, only with more people getting their heads lopped off) and gets into all sorts of blood-soaked adventures.
  2. I just did edit/remove it, my apologies for taking this long.
  3. I meant 'some people' in the sense of 'I don't get some people'. It's worse here as I thought I knew them.
  4. Agreed, though elsewhere I've seen some people sniffing over 'five years just for writing a pair of names on some old stone wall nobody cares about anyway'. Some people.
  5. Look at it this way. In a few thousand years, science will regard his inscription as just as valuable as theirs.
  6. This is great news! I'm already looking forward to what you do with them. Just as I'm looking forward to seeing whatever organizations Tiger reworks for 6th Ed.
  7. Mr. Shomshak, I can only say that I remember all of those groups, as well as your writing for Hero Games from 4th edition on, and I would love to see more information of any or all of those groups. Especially the Hunter's Moon and Ouroboros. Even the related Dragon cults mentioned in the 5th Ed. Mystic World like the Sons of Kingu and the Bone Children would be something I'd buy.
  8. Now I imagine a pair of geriatric superhumans, one American and one an old-school Communist, trying to have one last battle to settle it all, as their kids frantically try to stop them from killing themselves.
  9. They're still great pieces of writing. I love all three. Thanks for creating them.
  10. I'd like to see all of those groups get written up for 6th Ed.
  11. I'd like seeing write-ups for any and all of them.
  12. I wonder if they'll ever find any of the pieces he probably ended up in?
  13. I love the work he did for Hero Games, especially his 'Golden Age Champions' which will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything you did for us, Mr. Watts.
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