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  1. If it's possible, I know that I'd love to see updates of both Shinyu from the earlier editions' Golden Age Champions and Dragon Queen from the, I think it was 3rd, edition VIPER book. What can I say, I like supervillainesess who can turn into dragons.
  2. If you want to use them go right ahead, but I cannot for the life of me remember where the images came from.
  3. How else could she learn if her research was any good?
  4. So is the Halloween Special one available now or is it coming soon?
  5. I forget, what book was the Ghoul in? I swear I remember him from 'Invasions from Below', but none of what I'm hearing here sounds like it came from that book.
  6. I suppose this will work here -- can anyone tell me if the horrid stories I've heard about the new 'Titans' trailer are accurate? I mean, Starfire kills people like she was the Punisher and Dove yanks a guy's limbs off?
  7. Thank heavens they never brought him back just to use that 'Uncle Ben was a pedo' storyline that someone at Marvel apparently wanted to do.
  8. Three of the characters in #5 -- Buffalo, Jabberwork, and Stronghammer -- where are they from? What book?
  9. This is a bit OT but would it be possible to give someone with this power a Summon (of whatever monster or supervillain they need to be threatened by) that only works when they roll a high enough effect on their Mental Illusion power? As in they make an illusion that feels so 'real' it actually becomes real, at least temporarily?
  10. What about the guy who served as the chief assassin of VIPER? The one who controlled blades?? There's also the Asesinos, unless they've been done. And the 'Black King' and the elder vampire from The Mutant File.
  11. He was? What book did this happen in? And when and where did this 'Princess' character first show up?
  12. That is a great idea! I suppose he 'recharges' by shooting more people?
  13. Yeah, that's their names. Thanks. And whatever the names, I'd still like to see them return.
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